How to Send Invoices For Paid WooCommerce Orders Instead of Processing Orders?

The blog discusses how to attach customer invoices to WooCommerce order emails sent out when payment is completed instead of when the order is still processing. It explains the steps you should follow to set this up in your store. This requires the use of free WooCommerce pdf invoice plugin.

WooCommerce is flexible to extend functionalities according to the user’s need. You can use plugins to generate and send WooCommerce PDF invoices.

In most cases, you don’t have to send invoices to customers for each and every order status. You may want to send customer invoices for all paid orders only.

How can we achieve this? The answer is the free WooCommerce PDF Invoices, and Packing Slips plugin. Using this plugin by WebToffee, it is a simple process to send customer invoices on paid orders in WooCommerce instead of processing order emails.

Install The Plugin

Let’s begin with the installation process:

  1. Log in as a WordPress site admin.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for the WebToffee PDF invoices plugin and find it.
  4. Click on Install Now and then on Activate, corresponding to the plugin.

How To Send Customer Invoices On All Paid Orders?

After successfully installing the plugin, click on the Invoice/Packing menu from the sidebar. Navigate to the Invoice tab.

  1. Enable invoice

    Enable invoice to permit admin as well as customers to have access to print, download, and attach invoices to the mail.
    Click on Update Settings button

  2. Automate invoice creation

    Select order status as Completed instead of Processing for which an invoice should be generated from the Automate invoice creation multi-select combo box. automate invoice generation

  3. Attach invoice to customer email

    Choose the order status as Completed for which an email is to be sent to the customer with an invoice attached to it from Attach invoice pdf in customer email multi-select combo box.attach WooCommerce invoice pdf to customer email

  4. Update the changes

    Click on the Update Settings button.

Note: You can enable the print invoice option for customers. Enabling the print invoice option for customers will allow them to print the invoice (via the print button) from their order mail as well as after checkout.

add print button to invoices

After completing the above settings, your customers will receive an order email with an attached PDF invoice only for the paid order. The customer email will be like this, as given below


In conclusion, sending customer invoices on paid orders is an essential feature for online stores that want to improve their customer communication and streamline their payment process.

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, WooCommerce store owners can easily customize when the customers will receive the invoice. This can help to reduce confusion, and improve the process flow.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to generate, print, and send customer invoices on all paid orders, this plugin is a great option.

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