How to Send Customer Invoices on Paid Orders in WooCommerce Instead of Processing Order Email?

How to Send Customer Invoices on Paid Orders in WooCommerce Instead of Processing Order Email?

When you have an eCommerce store it is important to keep quality in every aspect you deal with and to keep track of your inventory. Maintaining everything documented is the best way to accomplish this. Invoice is a very important document that cannot be ignored. WooCommerce is flexible to extend functionalities according to the user’s need. You can use plugins to generate and send WooCommerce PDF invoices. In most cases, you don’t have to send invoices to customers for each and every order status. Instead, you may want to send customer invoices for all paid orders only. How can we achieve this? The answer is the WooCommerce PDF Invoices, and Packing Slips plugin. Using this plugin by WebToffee, it is a simple process to send customer invoices on paid orders in WooCommerce instead of processing order email. Let’s begin with the installation process:

  1. Download the plugin from the API Downloads tab of the My Account page
  2. Install the downloaded plugin into your WooCommerce site.
  3. Login as a site admin and go to the settings page of the plugin, then activate it using the email and API key that was received in your email.

How to Send Customer Invoices on all Paid Orders?

After successful installation of the plugin, click on the Invoice/Packing menu from the sidebar. Navigate to the Invoice Settings page from the Documents panel. Now you will be on the General tab. Now do the following settings and update settings.

  • Enable invoice to permit admin as well as customers to have access to print, download, and attach invoice in the mail
  • Select order status as Completed instead of Processing for which an invoice should be generated from the Generate invoice for order statuses multi-select combo box

  • Select Yes from the Attach invoice PDF in email radio button field to attach PDF version of currently active invoice template with the order email
  • Choose the order status as Completed for which an email is to be sent to the customer with an invoice attached to it from Email invoice for order statuses multiselect combo box
  • Click on Update Settings button

Note: You can enable the print invoice option for customers. Enabling print invoice option for customers will allow them to print the invoice (via print button) from their order mail as well as after checkout. After completing the above settings your customers will receive an order email with an attached PDF invoice only for the paid order. The customer email will be like this as given below


If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to generate, print, and send customer invoices on all paid orders only, this plugin is a great option for you. If you would like to know more about the working of the plugin, please read this article on the same.