How to send email to customers on updating WooCommerce orders with status change

Order/Coupon/Subscription Import Export plugin consists of various options to accommodate all needs for importing orders, coupons, and subscription. It facilitates easy import using CSV, FTP, or even URL very easily. In addition, the plugin is equipped with various filter options to generate output in a more concise manner.

There can be instances where the status of existing orders might have changed and you need to send email to corresponding customers notifying about the order status change on import. To achieve this, you will just have to check the Send mail on order status update option from the import window provided that the Update order if exists check box is enabled.

To import orders follow the steps below:

    1. Choose any method from among the three available options for importing the orders.
      • CSV
      • FTP
      • URL
        In this case, let us proceed with attaching a CSV for importing orders.
    2. Select a mapping file if already saved for reuse.
    3. Select Update order if exists checkbox (This is applicable only for existing orders)
    4. If the user (customer) belonging to an order doesn’t exist in the target site, a new user will be created if Create User is enabled. Leave this option unchecked if you do not want new users to be created.
    5. By default, a comma is taken as the delimiter.
    6. Then, enable Send email on order status update to send email to the concerned customer notifying about the order status change. For example, while importing orders with a change in order status from processing to complete, the change in the order status will be notified by email to the concerned customer on enabling Update order if exists and Send email on order status update.
    7. Proceed to the next stage to import mapping
      WooCommerce Order Import-Send email on Order status update
    8. Once the mapping is done proceed to import procedure.
    9. Along with the successful import, an email will be sent to concerned customers notifying about the order status change.

Refer to know more about import and export orders.

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