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How to set a notice toggler for cookie consent banner

Cookie consent banner is often used in websites to collect the consent from the visitors regarding the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files which are used to store information of the visitor to serve certain functionalities of the website. Usually, cookies are used to provide a better user experience by saving the relevant history of their activities in the browser. As per the cookie law, the user must be explicitly made aware of the use of cookies on the website. The visitor must be provided with the choice to accept the consent or opt-out if found malicious.

With the GDPR cookie consent plugin, you can create a customized cookie bar as per the theme of your website. It also consists of several additional features for designing the notice bar. One among them is to have a notice toggler for the cookie bar. To set a notice toggler for the cookie bar, follow the steps:

  1. Install and activate the GDPR Cookie consent plugin.
  2. From the dashboard navigate to the cookie law settings page. The cookie law settings page consists of several options to manage the look and feel of the cookie notice bar.
  3. Click on the Show Again tab from the general tab, below is the screenshot of the Show Again Tab section and its fields explained.
  • The Use Show Again Tab allows the user to revisit the message bar and alter their consent. When this option is enabled, a tab appears in place of the cookie bar, upon user’s accept/reject the action.
  • Use the From left margin to position the show again tab. Enter a value in either pixel or percentage to specify the distance from the respective margin, to place the dialog accordingly.
  • The  Show More Text field, allows you to customize the text on the Show again tab. For instance, you can key in “Cookie Notice” as a title or whatever you may like.
  • The notice toggler or the show again tab for the notice bar can be viewed from the front end in the following manner:
GDPR Cookie consent- Show again tab

GDPR Cookie consent- Show again tab

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