How to import and export users into WordPress from excel

How to import and export users into WordPress from excel

Are you looking for a way to export and import WordPress users? Building a new customer base for your business would require starting from scratch, which could be challenging.

Anyhow, you won’t have to worry about losing your customers since you can easily import and export WordPress users.

Importing & Exporting users is not currently available in WordPress. Therefore, to access this capability, you must install a third-party plugin like Import and Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers on your WordPress website that supports it.

In this article, we’ll explore how to import and export your WordPress users from an excel file.

When do you need to import and export users in WordPress

Some of the most typical scenarios where you’d need to import and export your WordPress users are as follows:

  • When you decide to combine two separate websites and their user bases and content.
  • When you buy a new website and incorporate its content and target market into your primary website.
  • To build an email list or CRM for your company.
  • When you require a copy of your subscriber list for a brand-new website or another business website
  • In cases where a website cannot operate independently, it must be removed from a multisite community

Additionally, If you run a membership site or a WooCommerce store, you might want to maintain all of your customer data and ensure a seamless experience.

Exporting Users in WordPress to Excel

Step 1: Install the plugin

WordPress users & WooCommerce customers Import Export

To export WordPress users to .xls files, you should first purchase, install, and activate the plugin Import and Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers. The pro version is currently the only one with this feature.

For a better understanding of how to purchase, install and activate the plugin – Refer to this article.

Step 2: Navigate to the Export page

From the WordPress dashboard, go to Webtoffee Import Export (Pro) > Export.

Exprot from Webtoffee import export pro

Select User/Customer, as the post type to export and then click the Step 2: Export method button.

User export type in import export user in wordpress

Step 3: Select an export method

User advanced export to import export users to wordpress

From the available options, select Advanced export. Then click Step 3: Filter data button.

Step 4: Filter Data

Filter the data according to the below criteria. If you do not need to change the default settings, click on the Step 4: Mapping & reorder export columns button.

User filter data option to filter users to export in WordPress

Step 5: Map & reorder export columns

Once you filter the data, it’s time for renaming and reordering columns to export. Here you can reorder the columns according to the priority, rename the columns, and enable or disable the columns you wanted to add to your export excel file.

User reorder method to export in wordpress

Once you’re done with the necessary changes, click Step 5: Advanced options/Batch export/Scheduling button.

Step 6: Export the Excel file

Finally, the final part of the User/customer exporting. – Here you can simply export the users and customers by providing a file name and selecting the export file format.

user export in excel option

Most importantly change the file format to XLS from the drop-down menu list before exporting. Then click the Export button

Step 7: Download the excel file

By clicking the Export button, a pop-up will appear – click the Download file button.

download the excel file of users to export in wordpress

Your excel file of exported users will be downloaded to your computer.

Below is the Sample excel file:

User export sample in excel sheet

Other Free Plugins to Export WordPress users

  1. WP All Export
WP All Export

This free WordPress plugin simplifies even complex user exports. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies choosing the user data to export, and the export process consists of three steps.

You can quickly edit user export data, arrange your CSV or XML file, and rename it whenever you like with WP All Export. Since many plugins and themes store custom data in WordPress, you can export any custom post type or any custom field using the plugin. WP All Export enables you to export almost all data in your WordPress console.

2. Simple CSV/XLS Exporter

Simple CSV/XLS Exporter

With the help of the tool Simple CSV/XLS Exporter, you may customize the contents of your export.

Choose from a variety of common or custom post types, and fields, or go more specific by picking posts created by a particular user ID. Orders from WooCommerce may also be included in an export.

Importing Users in WordPress to excel

Step 1: Navigate to the Import page

Go to Webtoffee Import Export (Pro) > Import.

Import option in Webtoffee import export pro

Select User/Customer as the post type to import and then click Step 2: Select an import method button

User/customer as import type

Step 2: Select an import method

Upload the file you want to import into your site. Before uploading makes sure that the file you’re importing file contains the user’s email ID for a successful import.

Import the file of users using quick import method

Note that the Advanced import option also supports excel file format, but let’s go with the first option for easily and quickly importing users/customers.

Once you’re done – click the Import button. When an import is successful, a pop-up window displaying the import status and the number of successful and unsuccessful imports will show (if any).

For a detailed overview of the configuration of the Import and Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers plugin – Refer to this article.

Other Free Plugins to Import WordPress users

  1. Import Users from CSV with Meta
Import users from CSV with meta

Import Users from CSV with Meta is indispensable if you need to import a large number of users. It may update user info for current users as well as add new users to your WordPress installation. Additionally, you can generate your own custom information or it will import Meta from plugins like WooCommerce.

A role can be assigned to each user, and you can decide whether or not to send new users an email.

2. WP Import Export Lite

WP Import Export Lite

The ideal option for those who require a solution that supports many file formats is WP Import Export Lite. File formats supported by the plugin include CSV, XLS, XLSX, JSON, TXT, ODS, and XML.

You may easily pause, resume, and stop the import process using the plugin. Additionally, the plugin supports background import. With the background import, numerous imports can be completed at the same time. The plugin also lets you export user data in addition to importing it.

Summing Up

Whether you are merging websites, using data to improve customer or subscriber relations, or something else altogether, understanding how to export-import WordPress users is a valuable skill. It is not a default functionality in WordPress to import or export users, but you can find a number of plugins to do so.

Following the steps carefully, we’re confident you were able to export and import WordPress users as well. This article may be useful in the future if you anticipate needing the functionality.