How to Import line items with Product SKU

Order/Coupon/Subscription Export Import Plugin for WooCommerce allows importing of orders along with line items in CSV/XML format. While importing orders, elements in the line items are separated using the pipe ‘|’ symbol. A sample format for inserting elements in the line item column is as given below:

Line item with ProductID

By default, the line items in an order are identified by product ID. There can be instances where the user needs to use SKU instead of a product ID. In those cases, just remove the product ID from the CSV before importing it.



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2 thoughts on “How to Import line items with Product SKU

  1. kevin49
    kevin49 says:

    If you are trying to import 50 products, that are all different product ID’s, what is the easiest way to enter that information on the CSV prior to importing?

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      Hope you are trying to import orders. If you are required to import 50 different products into the line item field of orders then you may please specify the ID’s of those 50 products in the line item column of corresponding orders.

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