Why include a WooCommerce delivery note with your orders

Why include a WooCommerce delivery note with your orders

Several businesses are now considering whether to offer delivery services or how to make the delivery process more effective and professional since deliveries have grown from a popular alternative to now being the only option for some businesses.

There are a lot of strategies to guarantee a great delivery experience for your customers, even while some factors (such as transit durations, parcel handling, and weather) may ultimately be beyond providers’ control.

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t support the feature of delivery notes, by using a third-party plugin, it’s easy to configure and print those delivery notes.

Let’s dive in and explore more about delivery notes in WooCommerce

What are WooCommerce delivery notes?

The delivery note is an enclosed document when a customer receives a shipment of products. It lists the kind and number of the things that are part of the shipment. The price of the products being delivered is typically not listed on the delivery note; instead, it will be on the invoice that follows next.

The recipient may sign a copy of the delivery note and give it back to the seller as evidence that it was delivered.

What is the purpose of WooCommerce delivery notes?

WooCommerce delivery notes are usually used primarily to guarantee that the customer receives the products. It includes a list of the products in the package, typically with a description and how many of each. The pricing of any items is normally not listed in delivery notes; instead, the PDF invoice contains this information.

Delivery notes in WooCommerce assist in reminding customers of their orders and/or informing them of the contents of the most recent shipment (For example, in the case of individual delivery of specific items).

Nevertheless, delivery notes in WooCommerce can be helpful from the seller’s perspective as well. When a delivery note is made directly from an invoice, it acts as a precise checklist of everything that has to go in a shipment. This could help to avoid mistakes or missing products, giving the customer a better overall experience while dealing with your company.

When is delivery notes need to be provided?

When sending products to customers, WooCommerce delivery notes are necessary.

Prior to sending a package to a customer, confirm that:

  • the package contains all the items specified on the delivery notice.
  • there is no damage to or deterioration of the products.
  • the delivery note lists all the items included.

After receiving the package, the client will:

  • compare the package’s contents with the delivery note.
  • confirm receipt of the goods by signing the delivery note.

If a customer discovers a missing or damaged item, they should get in touch with the company right away. The person delivering the package on the customer’s behalf should indicate any damaged items on the WooCommerce delivery note. The store owner will either ship a replacement or issue a WooCommerce credit note for the damaged products at that point.

It is recommended to have two copies of each delivery note, one for your records and the other for the client.

What details should the WooCommerce delivery note contain?

The delivery note in WooCommerce needs to include the quantity and other information about the products that are part of a shipment.

The document should also clearly show:

  • name and address of the business receiving the products, along with any product order number.
  • your company’s information, including how to reach you if there are any concerns
  • date of product delivery.
  • document issue date

Additionally, it may be helpful to list the things that are missing; for instance, the customer might have requested an item that is now out of stock.

You might also want to include delivery instructions if you hire a courier service or another third party to deliver your items. For example, if you are selling items to a restaurant that doesn’t open until 10 am, specify that the products should be delivered after 10 am; otherwise, you risk losing money on the trip!

Why send WooCommerce delivery notes along with your orders?

A customer may easily grasp what should be in the package with the help of WooCommerce delivery notes. It also adds another level of professionalism to your company’s image and gives you the chance to reintroduce your brand to the customer, which may increase the likelihood that they will do business with you again.

When a customer or client accepts a package, they typically sign it in the signature field on the delivery note (often after checking that the contents match the items on the delivery note). The client, for example, cannot claim that something was damaged or missing from the delivery after signing the delivery note. For both the buyer and the seller, this offers some protection.

A delivery note is a document that assists in professionally concluding a sale. With the appropriate instruments, they’re also easy to make.

Creating delivery notes using WooCommerce PDF invoice & packing slips plugin

WooCommerce delivery notes must always include a specific set of details, including the date, the recipient’s name and address, the supplier’s name and address, a list of all the products being shipped, a description of each one, and the quantity of each product.

Other components, like a signature area and individual product prices, are optionally addable to delivery notes in WooCommerce. Delivery notes typically vary in content and structure beyond the above fundamentals since specific businesses may decide to include additional information about them.

Even while it may seem like a lot to add to the delivery note in WooCommerce, if you’ve already made the invoice, it should speed up and simplify the process. Using the delivery notes plugin, you may quickly create a delivery note from your invoice by making a few clicks.

pro version of delivery notes in WooCommerce plugin

You can configure the Woocommerce delivery notes settings in detail by following the instructions in this article.
Once you generate delivery notes using the above mentioned plugin, you can also print those delivery notes by using the same plugin and an extension add-on.  To know more about how to print delivery notes in WooCommerce, refer to the article.

Wrap Up

It is important not to ignore delivery notes because they play an important role in the delivery process. You should preserve a copy of each one even if it’s not necessary. By doing this, you can document that the customer has received the delivery.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to mention them below.