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How to issue refund using PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway

Store owners can issue refund automatically in just a click using PayPal Express Payment Gateway. The automatic refund can be issued directly from the WooCommerce Order’s page. The charges will be refunded to the customer via the payment gateway itself.

Upon refunding, the WooCommerce order status will be changed and the refund log will also be updated in the order notes.

Automatic Refund

To refund an order automatically:

  1. Go to  WooCommerce > Orders.
  2. Select the order to be refunded.
  3. Go to the order summary, and select “Refund” to start.
  4. Specify the quantity of the product(s) to be refunded in the text box(es) that appear for each line item. The refund amount will be automatically adjusted based on the products refunded. If inventory levels are not managed, you can also enter the Refund amount, without adjusting the product quantity.
  5. If the quantities of items are not set when issuing a refund then the order is not marked as refunded and the email that is sent will say “partial refund.”
  6. Add reason for the refund, if desired.
  7. Select “Refund $XX.XX via PayPal Express”.

Note: In Manual Refund (basic version), the store owner will have to issue the refund to the customer manually by any other means.

Refund logs

All the refunded details will be logged in the Order Notes section of the WooCommerce Orders window. The order notes can be viewed from the right hand side bar as shown below:

Full or Partial Refunds

PayPal Express Payment gateway also allows you to issue full or partial refund. To issue a full or partial refund,

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Orders.
  2. Select the order to refund.
  3. Go to PayPal Express Action placed at the right hand side bar of the orders page.
  4. Choose Full Refund or Partial Refund from the drop down.
  5. Upon choosing partial refund, you can specify the amount to be refunded and click on Refund.

Managing stock on refund

You can easily manage the stock on refund by enabling the option Restock refunded items from the orders window.

To know more about the payment gateway, please refer here.

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