How to make an invoice with WooCommerce PDF invoices

How to make an invoice with WooCommerce PDF invoices

When you say “PDF invoices,” you’re referring to a PDF file that includes your customer’s order confirmations when they make purchases from your WooCommerce store. They support business owners in managing store-level performance while keeping track of goods.

For this reason, it’s vital for creating and printing invoices efficiently.

It is not possible to create and print invoices and packing slips with WooCommerce by default. Additionally, sending PDF invoices manually to customers would just frustrate you and waste your valuable time.

A reliable and effective PDF packing slip and invoice plugin are therefore required to assist you in automating the procedure. Webtoffee’s WooCoomerce PDF invoices & packing slips is one such plugin.

Introduction to WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

With more than 30,000 active installations, at the time of writing this article, allowing several stores offer their customers the ability to secure their orders online. The WooCommerce invoices plugin automatically adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation email. This plugin is ideal for small businesses looking for a way to send invoices with PDFs.

As listed on the plugin page, these are the main features:

  • You can quickly download PDF packing lists and invoices from your order admin page.
  • Customize invoices by including your company’s name, VAT, and logo.
  • Print all labels in bulk from the ordering page.
  • Enable stores to send PDF invoices by email.
  • From the My-Account page, enable customers to print their invoices.

Creating invoices using WooCommerce PDF Invoice (Basic Version)

Business owners cannot fully control the invoice-sending process without the use of plugins. With the help of plugins, you may create an invoice for an order, send it as a PDF attachment to the customer’s email, and print the invoice for a specific order.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, then Add New and search for the ‘WooCommerce PDF Invoices’ plugin by WebToffee. Install and activate the plugin.

Woocommerce PDF invoice plugin installation

Step 2: Navigate to the plugin’s settings page

A new tab will appear in the WordPress main dashboard after installing and activating the plugin. From WordPress dashboard, Invoice/Packing > General Settings.

You will then be able to navigate to the plugin’s settings section.

Woocommerce PDF invoice plugin settings page


You can manually enable or disable each document in the Documents area by using the corresponding toggle buttons. Use this function to leave all of the provided documents in your store in inactive mode if you don’t need to generate them all.

To customize the settings for each document, click the Settings icon underneath it.


You can provide information about the company, a shipping address, etc. in the General area. All document types will display the address information provided here.

Woocommerce PDF invoice pluging general settings

Company info

Woocommerce PDF invoice company info
  • Company Name: Type your company’s name in this box.
  • Logo: For the documents, upload a unique corporate logo or image. Alternatively, enter the image’s URL. The logo always shows up by default in the document’s upper-left corner.
  • Company Tax ID: Enter your company’s tax identification number here. You may input something like VAT: GB123456789, GSTIN:0948745, or ABN: 51 824 753 556.
  • Footer: Enter your own custom footer for use in all documents.

Address (Sender Details)

Woocommerce PDF Invoice Address sender details
  • Department/Business/Sender – Type the WooCommerce shop owner’s name here.
  • Address Line 1 – Type the address’ first line, which consists primarily of the street name and number.
  • Address Line 2: Type the address’ second line, which could be the apartment number.
  • City – Type the sender’s city’s name here.
  • State or Country: Indicate the sender’s nation.
  • Postal Code: Enter the postcode of the location from which you are shipping things.
  • Contact Number: Provide the shop manager’s phone number in the contact information.

Alternately, you can click the Load from WooCommerce button to insert the pre-populated WooCommerce store address information into the appropriate fields.

Other Settings

Next, decide whether to display the state name in the billing and shipping address rather than the state code.

You can set up the plugin so that anytime a user starts a print, they can view a preview of the document.

Use our mPDF extension to support RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages.

Woocommerce PDF invoice plugin other settings

Set the tax option to either include or exclude tax in the Display price in the product table. If you haven’t already, click the WooCommerce tax settings.

To save all of the options, click the Update Settings button at the end.

Step 3: Navigate to the Invoice settings

From the WordPress dashboard, Invoice/Packing > Invoice

Invoice plugin basic version
Woocommerce PDF invoice basic settings

You can configure the basic settings of the invoices according to your preference.

Next, let’s talk about invoice settings.

Create and email invoice

Create and email Pdf invoices in woocommerce
  • Enable Invoice – By enabling, you give admin and customers access to print, download, and attach invoices in the mail, among other things, from wherever is suitable.
  • Create invoice automatically – Creates invoices for chosen order statuses.
  • Attach invoice PDF in order email – Enable to attach PDF version of the currently active invoice template in the order email.
  • Show print invoice button for customers – Have 3 options to show print invoice button for customers, which can enable according to preference.

Invoice details

Invoice date – You can choose between the order date or invoice created date.

Invoice detail section of Woocommerce PDF invoice

Order meta fields – Select to display additional order information on the invoice.

The choices are as follows:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • SSN
  • VAT
  • Customer Note

To add a custom order meta in the invoice, click the Add/Edit order meta field button.

Order meta details of invoice details

Custom logo for invoice — Here, in addition to the default logo uploaded from the general settings, you can submit a special logo for the invoice. By default, the logo was set in the General settings if the field was left empty.

Advanced Options

From the Advanced settings, you can choose extra details regarding the invoice for free orders, the PDF name format, etc.

advanced options of PDF invoice woocommerce
  • Generate invoices for old orders: This allows the creation of invoices for orders placed prior to the installation of the plugin.
  • Generate invoices for free orders: Enable the creation of invoices for orders that are free.
  • Display free line items in the invoice: Activate the option to show free line items on the invoice.
  • PDF name format: Choose a name format for a PDF invoice that incorporates the order/invoice number.
  • Custom PDF name prefix: Enter a special prefix for “PDF name format” so that it will be appended before the name. By default, it will become ‘Invoice_’

To save the settings, press the Update Settings button at the end.

Step 4: Navigate to the Customize tab

You can customize the overall appearance of the invoice with the customizer. Start by selecting a predefined template.

Customizer of PDF invoice woocommerce

Using the toggle button on the right side of the page, you can add or remove elements from the invoice. Some of these elements are only available in the premium version of the plugin.

While you edit the invoice template, you can view it live on the left side.

Once you’ve finished customizing everything, click the Save button to store the newly set invoice template (along with a name).

Creating invoices using WooCommerce PDF invoice (Premium Version)

The Pro version of this plugin can automatically create all the necessary PDF invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, shipping/address labels, and other documentation for WooCommerce.

If you’re a premium user, compared to the basic version, the premium version has similar features along with some additional ones to add to invoices.

Step 1: Install the plugin

First, you need to purchase, install and activate the WooCommerce PDF invoice/packing slips plugin from Add New plugin page.

From the WordPress dashboard, head on to Invoice/Packing > General Settings


Return policy of Premium Woocommerce PDF invoice

Apart from the basic version, the premium version of the plugin’s General settings has a Return policy option in your invoices. Enter the return policy of the company and click the Update Settings button.


With the use of the Advanced tab, you may configure extra data regarding custom data, RTL support, package formats, etc.

Premium Woocommerce PDF invoice advanced tab

Add additional fields on the checkout page: Select the required item from the drop-down menu to add additional information. Using the Add Custom Field button, you can create custom meta fields by providing a field name and meta key. Depending on whether the field is mandatory or not, you can add a placeholder.

Add additional fields on the checkout page in PDF invoice woocommerce

Depending on your needs, you can view, delete, or edit existing meta fields.

Preview before printing: Allows to preview documents before printing.

Tracking number meta: Add tracking number information to the meta field. Capture the ‘tracking number meta’ from the respective plugin used for tracking.

Transport / Sale Terms: Add additional shipping or purchase conditions to the proforma invoice.

Packing Type: Except for the invoice, all documents will be subject to the packaging type. The following three options are available for choosing the package type:

Packaging type of PDF invoice in woocommerce

Pack items individually – As an example, if an order contains two quantities of product A and one quantity of product B, three packages will contain one item each.

Single package (per order) – One package contains all the ordered items. There will be a suitable package for every order.

Box packing (per order) – A box is assigned to each item in order to correspond with the configuration of the order. Depending on the configuration, every order may contain one or more boxes.

Temp Files

File path: Indicates the storage location of the temporary files.

Total files: Displays the overall count of temporary files.

Automatic cleanup: Select whether to automatically wipe away the temporary files.

Finally, click on the Update Settings button, to save the settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Invoice Settings

You can configure the premium general settings of the plugin, some of the features are similar to the basic version.

  • Sort products by: Sort products using Name and SKU.
  • Enable print invoice button for selected order statuses: It will be possible for you to display a button for your customers to print invoices for selected order status.
  • Show variation data below each product: Enable this option to include the product’s variation information in the invoice.
General tab of Premium PDF invoice in woocommerce
  • Total tax’ column display options: any of the chosen formats are used to display the total tax column. Amount, Rate(%), and Rate(%) with amount are the formats that are offered.
  • For example, if the total cost is $500 and the tax rate is 20%, this is how the entire tax will appear on the invoice:
  • Amount-$100
  • Rate(%)-20%
  • Rate (20%) with $100 as the amount
  • Show separate columns for each tax: Allow for separate tax columns in the invoice. If your store has several taxes set up, each tax item will be shown separately in its own column. Amount, Rate(%), Rate(%) with the amount, and Separate columns for Rate(%) and Amount are among the different tax presentation layouts.

Finally, after the necessary changes, click on the Update Settings button to save the settings.

Step 3: Navigate to the Customize tab

Working on the customizer is simple, dynamic, and adaptable. The following images show its components:

Component of dynamic customizer in pdf invoice woocommerce

To learn more about dynamic customizer and how to customize the invoice, please refer to this detailed article.

Final Words

For all business owners, creating and sending invoices to customers is essential. In spite of the ease of the process, you cannot control them more effectively. Because of this, plugins make it easier for you to use. With the Woocommerce invoice/packing slip plugin, you can make the whole process more systematic and improve the customer experience.

Your business can benefit from this by saving time, money, and even the environment. Please share this with your friends and check back for more information.

Good luck with your WooCommerce store and thanks for reading!