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Create Advanced WooCommerce Coupons for Better Conversions

Create BOGO coupons, giveaways, gift vouchers, store credits, and more - everything that you need to boost sales for your WooCommerce store.

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Make Smarter and Better Coupon Promotions
for Your WooCommerce Store

Get hold of advanced discount rules and coupon conditions to create smarter marketing campaigns for your WooCommerce store.

Create a variety of offers and discounts

Use different combinations of coupon types, features, and restrictions to create a variety of offers and discounts.

Set up buy one get one deals

Create BOGO offers with any products and make your customers feel like they are getting more than what they paid for.

Configure advanced coupon conditions

Configure different rules and conditions for creating coupons that are applicable only when the conditions are met for maximum conversions and revenue.

Create store credits and gift cards

Offer store credits and gift card coupons for your customers and allow them to gift to their loved ones.

Offer exclusive coupons based on purchase history

Create exclusive coupons for your customers based on their previous purchase history in your store.

Recoup lost sales with cart abandonment coupons

Set up abandoned cart coupons to motivate your customers to complete the purchase.

Show count-down banners for discounts

Create a sense of urgency and FOMO by showing a count-down banner for coupons with expiry.

Offer signup coupons to new customers

Welcome your newly registered customers with signup coupons and encourage them to make their first purchase.

Generate coupons in bulk within a few clicks

Create hundreds of coupons on your store within a few clicks and export them to a CSV file.

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Fantastic service. I needed bespoke code to automatically email customers, each with their own unique discount code. Mark revised the code for me wit... Show more
After a lot of research and testing Smart Coupons Pro plugin was exactly what I wanted. Easy to configure and the only plugin that allows me to contro... Show more

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Get Better Conversions with WooCommerce
Smart Coupons

Join over 20,000 store owners to build better marketing strategies with
advanced coupons, discount rules, and sale promotions.

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Create Coupons of All Types and Explore the Endless Possibilities of Coupon Promotions

When it comes to increasing sales, nothing works better than coupon promotions. Our plugin is designed to empower you to build better marketing strategies with coupons. You can create different types of coupon promotions for your WooCommerce store.

Fixed discounts, percentage discounts, fixed product discounts, BOGO, store credits, giveaways, recurring discounts (for subscriptions) & more. Combine these coupons with various rules and conditions, you have endless possibilities for coupon promotions.

All you have to do is find what kind of coupons work best for your business, and the plugin is offering it already!

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Create all types of advanced WooCommerce coupons on your website

Make Your Customers Feel Like They’re Getting Something Extra

BOGO Offers (Buy One Get One) are one of the most popular and proven ways to make your customers happy. Create different variations of WooCommerce BOGO discounts that fit your store.

  • Buy One Get One
  • Buy Two Get One
  • Buy Three and Get One at 50% off
  • & More….

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Create WooCommerce BOGO coupons on your website

Set up Advanced Conditions for WooCommerce BOGO Coupons

Create various conditions for BOGO coupons to encourage your customers to spend more with a free product as a reward. Allow them to choose the free product from a pool of products or categories you’ve set.

You can set the following conditions for giving free products:

  • Any product from the store
  • Specific product
  • Products from specific categories
  • The same products as in the cart
  • Products from the same category as in the cart
  • Cheapest product in the cart

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Setting up advanced options for WooCommerce BOGO coupons

Streamline Your Coupon Promotions with
Advanced Cart Conditions and Coupon Rules

The plugin offers extensive coupon rules and usage restrictions to give you more control over your store coupons. You can set various purchase conditions for using the coupons, and the coupon will only be applied when the conditions are met.

You can use various combinations of these coupon rules to create targeted coupon promotions on your WooCommerce store.

Here are some examples:

Your customers can use the coupons only if they:

  • Purchase a certain product/s for a certain quantity
  • Purchase for a certain amount of products
  • Pay using a specific payment method
  • Choose a specific shipping method
  • Choose a shipping country or billing address
  • Belong to specific user role

Here are some examples:

Cart condition coupon with 10% sales on Shoes category

Buy for $50 from Shoes category and get 10% off

Cart condition based on the product quantity

Buy two Converse Shoes and get $50 off

Cart condition based on payment methods

Get $10 off for PayPal payments

Reward Your Customers with Giveaway Offers on Your Store

You can create coupons to offer free products as giveaways in your store. The free products are added automatically to the cart when the customers apply the coupon.

Also, let the customers choose what product they’d like as a giveaway from a pool of products you’ve selected.

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Create WooCommerce Giveaway coupons

Build Loyalty Programs with Gift Cards and Store Credits

With this plugin, you can set up a fully functional store credit system on your WooCommerce store. It helps you create loyalty programs for your customers. You can reward your customers with store credits for referrals and promotions. Also, offer store credits for refunds and for other compensations.

You can let your customers buy store credits as gift cards or vouchers from your store. Create store credit coupons of unlimited and/or pre-defined values. Allow your customers to purchase gift cards for themselves or gift them to their loved ones. Your customers can use the store credit to make payments in your store.

The plugin offers extensive templates for gift cards, so you can make the gift cards more appealing to your customers. Your customers can also schedule when the gift will be sent – a great way to give birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc.

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WooCommerce loyalty programs with Gift cards and Store credits

Save Lost Sales with Cart Abandonment Coupons

A significant majority of eCommerce site visitors leave without making a purchase. This gives you an opportunity to create targeted offers that your customers can’t refuse. Create abandoned cart coupons that you can send to potential customers’ emails to encourage them to make a purchase. Reel in the customers who are on the verge of converting.

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Create and send WooCommerce abandoned cart coupons

Welcome Your New Customers with Sign-up Coupons

First purchase is always crucial. Offer sign-up coupons to newly registered customers and motivate them to make their first purchase. This can be a nice welcoming gesture to make the customer happy and loyal to your store.

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Create WooCommerce sign up coupons

Save Time and Effort Creating Multiple Coupons with Bulk Generate

Create hundreds of coupons within a few clicks using the bulk generate feature. You can create multitudes of coupons with the same coupon rules and unique coupon codes.

All you have to do is

  1. specify the number of coupons to be generated,
  2. configure the coupon rules, and
  3. click on Generate coupon.

These coupons can be added to your store or exported as CSV for later use or even mailed to the recipients directly.

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Bulk generate WooCommerce coupons

Create Convenient Sales Campaigns With URL Coupons

URL Coupons are a very convenient way to create sales campaigns. Convert any coupon codes to URLs that can be easily shared on social media, embedded in blog articles, or added to a button. The possibilities are endless.

No more copy-pasting coupon codes; instead, they can be configured to auto-apply when the user clicks a URL.

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Create WooCommerce URL coupons

Display Coupon Banners for Flash Sales or Seasonal Sales

Boost your sales with attractive coupon banners on your website and notify your visitors about the incredible offers.

Create a sense of urgency with limited-period offers for the users to make the purchase quicker by adding the countdown timer.

Choose the way you want the coupon banner to look with its customization options. You can add the banner as a notification bar or as a widget.

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Display WooCommerce coupons

Encourage Repeated Purchases by Offering Coupons Based on Purchase History

You can offer exclusive coupons to your customers based on their previous purchase history. The plugin lets you choose various conditions for offering purchase history-based coupons. You can offer coupons based on:

  • Number of orders placed
  • Order date range
  • Order Status
  • Total amount
  • Purchased products

Here’s an example: You can give a $10 discount to customers who have completed 10 orders in your store.

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WooCommerce coupons based on purchase history

Customizable Coupon Styles and Templates

Assign a style for all your coupons and discount vouchers. Choose different styles depending on the status of the coupon – active, used, and expired.

You can display the coupons on the customers’ account page, checkout page, or cart page for improved visibility for the coupon.

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Customizable virtual coupons in WooCommerce

Easily Import Coupons to Your Store Using a CSV File

The plugin allows you to import coupons from a CSV. You can add multiple coupons to the store with the help of a CSV file.

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Import WooCommerce coupons to a CSV file

Supported Languages

The following are the languages currently supported by the plugin by default:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

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Multilingual support for WooCommerce coupons
Technical info PHP WordPress WooCommerce
Minimum Version 5.6 or higher 3.3 or higher 3.0 or higher
Tested upto 8.0 6.2 8.2

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The plugin license comes as a 12-months subscription. The license is valid for one year and will renew after that automatically unless canceled. You can use the plugin for lifetime, but support and updates of the plugins will be available as long as the license is active.
If your license expires, you can still use the plugin on your site for as long as you like, but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the plugin.
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Once your order is complete, you should receive an email notification with a download link. You may also go to your account page and click the Downloads tab to find all available products.


Yes. You can easily set up product giveaway coupons using this WooCommerce smart coupon plugin. Refer to the article to know how to set it up.
Yes. You can set up a gift coupon/gift certificate/gift voucher type coupons that are available to the users when they make an eligible purchase.
Offering free shipping is a great way to increase conversions in a WooCommerce store. Smart Coupons plugin allows you to easily create coupons that allow free shipping for your customers.
Yes. You can create coupons that auto-apply when the customers check out of the store with a purchase.
Yes. The plugin supports clicking to apply from the cart page.
Yes. You can choose to display the coupons on my accounts page/cart page/checkout page.
The plugin will help you create coupons that can be used in combinations with some and coupons that can’t be used in combinations with other coupons.
You can create product giveaway coupons for which the taxes will be applied only on the discounted price.
You can choose the import feature of this WooCommerce coupon plugin to assist you to add all the coupons to your store.
Each coupon has a shortcode associated with it that you can add to any page on your website and you can show the coupon code.
The plugin does not have any particular options to manage subscription coupons. The recurring discount coupon is added by the Subscription for Woocommerce plugin and not the Smart Coupons for Woocommerce plugin.

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