Schedule on Import

One can either import the data directly into the store or schedule the action for later. To schedule the import:

  • Navigate through WebToffee Import Export (Pro)> Import.
  • To initiate import, select the post type and import methodmap and reorder import columns.
  • On reaching step 4, click on Import/Schedule button.
  • Hit the Schedule option, and you will be taken to the cron schedule window as shown below:

The plugin supports two different schedule types:

  1. WordPress Cron: Upon a visit, WordPress Cron will check to see if the time/date is later than the scheduled event/s, and if it is– it will fire those events.
    • schedules your job at the specified time. 
    • is dependent on your website visitors.
  2. Server Cron: You may need to trigger the URL every minute depending on the volume of data to be processed.You can use this option :
    • to generate a unique URL that can be added to your system in order to trigger the events. 
    • if you have a separate system to trigger the scheduled events.

Also, the import/export can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, custom basis. One can also configure the time at which the import has to be scheduled.

  • Click on Schedule now to finish.

For more details about the plugin, visit the product page and read the product documentation.

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