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Schedule Order Import At Regular Intervals For A WooCommerce Store

Last updated on September 14, 2023

The orders in an e-commerce store require frequent imports. Using the Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce, you can easily import all the WooCommerce orders. To schedule the order import at regular intervals:

  1. Select the post type as Order.
  2. Select an import method.
  3. Map the import columns.
  4. Use advanced options and click on Import/Schedule and schedule the import to finish.

Scheduling at regular intervals

To begin, download, install and activate the plugin. From the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the menu WebToffee Import Export (Pro)> Import.

  • Specify the post type as Order.
  • Select your import method and Import from location.
  • Map the import columns as required.
  • In the last step, use the advanced options and Click on the Import/Schedule button. For a detailed step-wise import procedure, refer to How to import WooCommerce Orders.
Import the order
Import/Schedule button
  • Hit the Schedule option, and you will be taken to the cron schedule window as shown below:
Scheduling via WordPress cron
Scheduling via WordPress cron

The plugin supports two different schedule types:

  • WordPress Cron: Upon a visit, WordPress Cron will check to see if the time/date is later than the scheduled event/s, and if it is– it will fire those events.
    • schedules your job at the specified time. 
    • is dependent on your website visitors.
  • Server Cron: You may need to trigger the URL every minute depending on the volume of data to be processed.You can use this option :
    • to generate a unique URL that can be added to your system in order to trigger the events. 
    • if you have a separate system to trigger the scheduled events.
Scheduling via server cron
Scheduling via server cron
  • Also, the import/export can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, custom basis. One can also configure the time at which the import has to be scheduled.
  • Click on the Custom option, and enter the interval in minutes. You can also specify the Start time to schedule the import. This will import the orders every ‘120’ minutes.
  • Click on Schedule now. Now the orders will get imported at regular intervals.