How to Set up PDF Invoices & Packing Slips in WooCommerce (Deprecated)

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Invoices and packing slips are necessary documents when it comes to shipping products from your store. Making sure that these documents are available to customers creates certain transparency in transactions and will help avoid disputes over transactions. It takes up a lot of effort to manually set up PDF invoice and packing slip in your store. You can minimize the effort by multiple folds using print invoice and packing slip plugin by WebToffee.

Setting up PDF Invoice

In order to set up a PDF invoice in your WooCommerce store, you must have the plugin installed on your website. After installation, a new menu Invoice/Packing List will appear on the dashboard.

Click on the menu to open a new page.

Here is the screenshot of the page.invoice packing slip

Invoice Settings

1. Enable invoice – Tick mark the checkbox in order to enable invoice in your store.

2. Template – Here you can choose a template and customize it to your preference.

3. Attach PDF in email – You can attach the PDF version of currently active invoice template with the order mail.

4. Order status to generate Invoice – In this field, you can enter the order status(es) for which an invoice should be generated.

5. Use order number as invoice number – You can choose whether you want order number as invoice number or not. If you leave the checkbox empty, you will have to give the information regarding invoice number. Here is the screenshot of the additional fields.Adding invoice number6. Add payment information in the invoice – If you want your invoice to include payment information you should tickmark the checkbox.

7. Add coupon information in the invoice – If there are any coupons, you can choose whether or not to add it.

8. Show print invoice option to customers – Tick mark it if you want to add print invoice button to the order email.

9. Signature in print invoice – Choose yes or no from the drop-down.

10. Tax type – Choose whether you want to exclude or include tax.

11. Custom logo – Enter a custom logo for your company or upload an image of the logo to add to the invoice. If you prefer neither, leave the field empty.

Advanced Invoice Settings

1. Additional fields on checkout page – If you prefer to add any additional information on the checkout page, you can enter them in the field.

2. Additional fields on Invoice – Add any additional fields if you prefer to display it on the invoice.

3. Product meta fields – Enter any additional information you wish to display on the product table of the invoice.

4. Custom footer – Enter the footer text to be printed on the invoice and dispatch label.

Now click Save Changes.

Setting up Packing Slip

A packing slip is a document a seller sends to the buyer along with the shipment. It is a list showing what is included in the shipment or the package. A seller can crosscheck the packing slip with the purchase order to make sure they have received the exact quantity and items they have ordered.

To set up the packing list in your store go to WooCommerce > Invoice/ Packing slip > Packing slip.

Here is the screenshot of the page.packing slip

Let’s go through the packing slip settings.

1. Enable or disable packing slip – Enable packing slip by ticking the checkbox. Standard templates – You can choose a template for your packing slip and customize it.

2. Include item/Product image – Include or exclude item or product image on the packing slip.

3. Include barcode information – Tick the checkbox if you want to include the barcode on the packing slip.

4. Include price – If you wish to include price column in packing list you can do so by ticking the checkbox.

5. Remove total weight – Tickmark the checkbox if you wish to remove total weight column from the packing slip.

6. Additional fields – If you wish to add any additional fields in the packing slip, you can enter them here.

7. Product meta fields – Product meta fields can be used to add any additional information you want to display in the product table of the packing slip.

8. Custom footer – Enter any custom footer for the print if you wish so.

Now click Save Changes.

All-In-One - Generate PDF Invoice, Packing Slip, Labels & Delivery Note.

Used by 10,000+ WooCommerce Stores

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

WebToffee Guarantee: Get Your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied With The Product

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