How to set up Facebook catalogs for WooCommerce?

How to set up Facebook catalogs for WooCommerce?

Are you planning to set up Facebook catalogs for your WooCommerce store? Having landed on this page means you are looking for help to set up WooCommerce product catalogs on Facebook.

In this article, we will be discussing how to set up Facebook catalogs for your WooCommerce store. With its rising popularity, Facebook has been reaching new heights and opening new horizons for e-commerce and product marketing. Showcasing your WooCommerce products on Facebook is a great idea to get new visitors to your store site.

What is a Facebook catalog?

The Facebook catalog is an option provided by Facebook that allows you to display advertisements for your WooCommerce store products. It also lets you sell your products through Facebook and Instagram shops. You can showcase your WooCommerce store products and promote them to millions of users.

It helps you gain more visibility for your WooCommerce site. You can add multiple products and display them as carousels. Adding product catalogs to Facebook can benefit you in many ways. You can create targeted ad campaigns for your products. Run multiple ad campaigns for different target audiences, and more.

Why you should set up Facebook catalogs for your WooCommerce store?

Here are some reasons why you should set up Facebook catalogs for your WooCommerce store.

Create dynamic ads:

You can display dynamic ads on Facebook for your WooCommerce products. Utilize Facebook’s advanced network to market your store. Show ads to users who have searched for your store or products. This way you can get more leads for your WooCommerce store site.

Tag products on stories and posts:

You can integrate your WooCommerce store with Facebook and Instagram shops. Make use of the interactive features of these platforms to promote your products. Tag products from your shop, on posts and stories listing the product information and pricing details. Your customers will be able to find out about your products and the pricing info from your posts and stories.

Sell products on Facebook shops:

Setting up WooCommerce product catalogs on Facebook allows you to sell your products through Facebook and Instagram shops. Your customers can purchase from your store site while chatting or texting. Facebook shops also create a way to create social proofs for your website.

Allow customers to share product details:

You can get more reach for your business by allowing your customers to share your products with their friends and family.

Dynamic remarketing:

Through Facebook shops, you can upsell and cross-sell your products. Promote your products with those users who have shown interest in your products.

How to set up Facebook catalogs for WooCommerce? Step-by-step guide

To set up Facebook catalogs you will need a third-party plugin. We will be using the WebToffee WooCommerce Product Feed & Sync Manager plugin for this purpose.


Create a business account with the Facebook shop.

Use this reference to view the product fields that will be synchronized via this plugin.

Step 1: Install the plugin

WebToffee WooCommerce Product Feed & Sync Manager
  • Install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Connect with the Facebook catalog

  • Go to WooCommerce > Facebook/Instagram Catalog Sync from your WordPress dashboard.
Facebook Catalog Sync
  • Under the Manage Connection tab, click on the Connect Facebook button.
Connect Facebook
  • You will be prompted to log in to Facebook. If you are logged in, continue with the logged-in user account.
FB Login request
  • Click on Choose what to allow to select the Facebook shop that you want to sync with your WooCommerce store.
Allow access to FB
  • Then give permission to WebToffee Product Feed to manage your business and product catalogs.

Step 3: Configure Products Sync

  • Go to the Sync products tab.
  • Select a Facebook Catalog from the dropdown.
  • Add any product tags or categories to exclude from syncing with Facebook catalogs.
  • Then, enter a batch sync count for product catalog syncing.
FB Catalog Sync options
  • Click on Next to continue to the Next step.

Step 4: Category Mapping for Facebook catalog

Facebook has a set of predefined categories for product catalogs. It is important that you map your store categories with the available categories on Facebook.

Category Mapping is a one-time process. Moreover, the plugin will auto-detect the saved preferences for future syncs. If the plugin identifies a new category for mapping, you will be notified in the mapping section.

You can see your store categories from here and the option to select a predefined category from Facebook.

  • Click on the dropdown menu to choose a category for your store categories.
  • After mapping the categories, click on the Map FB categories and Sync button.
Catalog product mapping
  • Now click on the Check FB catalog button to view the Facebook catalog.
Check FB catalog

As you can see, your WooCommerce store products are synced to Facebook shops.

You can view detailed logs for product catalog syncing from the Logs tab.

Facebook catalogs sync logs

WebToffee WooCommerce Product Feed & Sync Manager – Plugin Overview

WebToffee WooCommerce Product feed plugin

This WooCommerce product feed plugin allows you to easily set up your WooCommerce store products on popular sales channels like Facebook, Instagram shops, Google Shopping, and more. You can generate WooCommerce product feeds for 15+ sales channels using this plugin. It also enables you to integrate your WooCommerce product catalogs on Facebook and Instagram shops using product feeds and catalog sync manager.

You can sync your WooCommerce products on Facebook shops and show dynamic ads to promote your products to Facebook and Instagram users. Allow your customers to purchase your store products from Facebook. Showcase your products on Google Shopping to get more visitors and clicks to your store site. 

The plugin comes with smart filtering options and category mapping fields. You can exclude product categories and tags from syncing with the Facebook catalog. Easily map your store categories with Facebook’s predefined categories using dropdown lists.

You can enable batch sync options to sync thousands of WooCommerce store products with Facebook and Instagram shops effortlessly. The plugin also displays log history that lists detailed logs of product syncing.


Setting up product catalogs on Facebook can help you get new visitors to your store site. You can make your store visible to more targeted customers. It also helps in creating dynamic remarketing and advertising campaigns.

The FB catalog sync plugin we used in this article offers a simple way to integrate your WooCommerce store products with Facebook shops.  If you are looking for an alternative to Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, read our article here.

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