Simple and easy way to Import Users to WordPress

When you are migrating from a website to a new WordPress website, you would need to add a bulk of users to the new website. Or at times, you would need to update a bulk of existing users on the new website. The best and simplest way to do such tasks is to import the users and all its related data to the website. The simplest and easiest way to import users into WordPress is to get your hands on the right plugin.

With WordPress, importing user data is made a very simple task using WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin. The plugin will help you to easily import all the users and user data into the WordPress website.

The plugin imports all the data using a CSV file. You can import hundreds or even thousands of users in the CSV file to the WordPress site using the plugin. The plugin also has the option to send an email to the user email ID whenever admin imports/updates users’ details.

Using this plugin you can upload user data in a CSV file from a variety of sources. You can import the data from a remote server using FTP or from the file locally saved on your computer.

Methods to Import WordPress User Using the Plugin

First, install and activate the plugin on your website to which you are importing the WordPress users to. Then prepare a CSV file that includes all the user and user data. To prepare a CSV file you can either use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and save the file with the .csv extension.

Also, the CSV Import file must be in UTF-8 format. For more information about UTF-8 encoding, read How to save CSV / Excel File as UTF-8 Encoded?

Or, if the initial site is a WordPress site, you can export the data to a CSV file using this plugin.

Import Users

You can import all the required users by using Import Users. Click Import Users, the window appears as shown below:

Method 1: Select a file from your computer.
Click Choose File to browse a required CSV file from your computer.
Method 2: Provide FTP Details.
If your CSV file is on the server, then to import it,  you need to do FTP settings as given below:
  1. Select the checkbox to enable FTP import/export.
  2. Enter FTP Server Host/IP.
  3. Enter FTP User Name.
  4. Enter FTP Password.
  5. Enter FTP Server Path.
  6. Select the checkbox to use FTPS.

After you have chosen the appropriate method, next fill the details in the required fields.

  1. Enter the delimiter which separates the mapping values.
  2. Send Email to New Users: Select the checkbox to send an Email to a new user on importing details.
  3. Click Upload file and Import. The import window appears as shown below:
    The next step is mapping the column headers of the CSV file to match with the user data fields in WooCommerce.

  4. You can map the fields(Woocommerce fields) with column headings ( CSV file header). Map a particular field of Map to column by using Column header drop-down list as shown below:User import columns header Select a required option from the drop-down list. Here, user ID is mapped to ID.Note: Mapping is very helpful if you are importing CSV from some other e-Commerce platform like Magento.

So this way you can simply and easily import the users into a WordPress WooCommerce website using the plugin based on where the CSV file is located. When the import is being done to update the existing products in the WordPress website, do the following.

Update Existing Users

The plugin also helps you to update the existing users. This way, if you want to update a lot of users in the WooCommerce store in bulk. The user data can be easily be changed using a CSV in bulk and the next thing you need to do is reflect the changes on the website.

For this, you just have to check a little box before clicking Import Users on the plugin page. Check the Update User if exists checkbox and continue with the import.

This way you can update the existing users in the WooCommerce store with the information in the CSV.

Read more about imprting and exporting users in the plugin documentation.

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