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Subscription Synchronization Guide

For most of you, synchronized subscriptions and proration would be new topics. Getting familiar with these topics will help you a lot if you wish to incorporate these features into your online store. The below article has explained it in a very simple way for you to get started.

What is synchronized renewal of subscriptions?

By default, WooCommerce subscription renews periodically depending on the subscriber’s plan. Ie; If a customer signs up for a monthly subscription on 25th May the subscription gets renewed on 25th of each of the upcoming months until the subscription expires.

If a store owner wishes to have the same renewal date for all or some of his subscription products he can do so easily by enabling Synchronization of subscription renewal against the respective products. For example, a store selling cosmetics on a monthly subscription might ship the products on the first of each month. Thus normally, if a customer signs up on 12th September the first renewal would be scheduled for 12th October. But, if a renewal synchronization has been enabled for the product lets say for the 1st of every month, the customer’s first renewal will happen on 1st October then 1st November and so on irrespective of the date of purchase.

This feature will help a great deal to manage and track subscriptions and their renewals in your WooCommerce store, especially if your store has to deal with a large number of subscriptions.

How to enable synchronization of subscription

For enabling synchronization follow the below steps,

  • Go to WooCommerce > settings> WebToffee Subscriptions
  • Enable Subscription synchronization  checkbox
  • Click save changes

Here is the screenshot of the page.

enablling synchronization

Enabling synchronization

Creating a synchronized subscription Product

For creating synchronized subscription product,

1. Go to: Products > Edit Product

2. In the Product Data meta box, select a day in the Synchronize Renewals field.

  • For weekly renewals, you can choose any day of the week. Eg: Wednesday.
  • Monthly renewals can be set from 1st to 27th of the month and since there are months having 28,30 and 31 days another option “last day of the month” is also given. Eg: 27th
  • For yearly renewal, you can choose a specific day of the year. Eg: 15 January.

3. Click the Publish button to save the product.

Simple subscription synchronization

simple subscription

Variable subscription synchronization

variable subscription

Prorating first payment

After enabling synchronization you also have the option to prorate the first payment of the subscription.

enable proration

When you enable the prorate option you will be able to charge the subscriber for the initial days up to first renewal. The prorated amount is calculated based on the per day price of subscribed product and the number of days from sign until the first renewal date.

For example, lets assume that the monthly subscription charge of a synchronized subscription which renews on 15th of every month is 30$. If a customer subscribes for this product on 6th June, he would be charged 9$(per day subscription costs 1$) at the time of signing up since there are 9 days up to the first renewal. If another customer signs up on 10th June he will only have to pay 5$ because there are only 5 days left until the renewal of the subscription.

Even though, you can choose to prorate any type of product, proration is most useful when virtual products are subscribed. Unlike other products, subscribers get access to virtual products as soon as they sign up for the subscription. Hence charging them for the days of use until the first renewal makes sense !


Coupons work on synchronized subscriptions almost the same way it works on standard subscriptions. The only difference is that default WooCommerce coupons can only be applied if the subscription has been prorated.

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