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How to create and use Shipping Coupons in WooCommerce

Shipping is an important process in an ecommerce business. Many brands start their business with a simple approach to shipping such as free shipping, fast delivery etc. But a successful brand always uses strategic shipping options. Offering shipping coupons is one of them. It also helps to reduce cart abandonment. Woocommerce supports three shipping methods […]

How to Add CSS to Order emails

You have set up a wordpress site and designed it in the way you want to highlight your brand and your business. Now, you want to customize your order emails to match with your store. WordPress is a great platform for almost all your online businesses, but there are some solutions that require further enhancements. […]

PDF invoice with product images in WooCommerce

Invoice is an essential document when you are running a business. Properly designed invoices help to keep legal record of the sale, payment tracking, easy tax filing and develop effective marketing strategies. Adding product images in the invoice allow your customers to immediately identify the products in their order as well as it gives an […]

How to avoid duplication of products on import

Most of the time importing products is an essential part of the ecommerce business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new store-owner or an existing store owner. Whether you need to move a few simple products or thousands of variable products. Importing products can always be a hectic process.  One of the hurdles you […]

How to Use Coupons, Discounts, and Deals to Boost Your E-commerce Store’s Sales

How to Use Coupons, Discounts, and Deals to Boost Your E-commerce Store's Sales

An e-commerce store requires conversions, and it can only happen if the visitors spend their money. It should be every e-commerce store’s aim to turn visitors into customers. There are several ways to do that as covered in this article. One way to lure customers in and boost sales of your online store is to […]

How to Import Users with Hashed Passwords to WordPress

What is hashed password? It is very important that you take the proper precautions not to expose your data, when you are developing a website or web application that needs to store user data. Storing user passwords is a very sensitive process for any web application. When you store a user’s password, you must ensure […]

How to export users from WordPress and preserve passwords

Why do we need to export WordPress users? Suppose you are having a huge amount of user data in your WordPress site then, it’s likely that you may come across certain scenarios as stated below:  You are merging two sites. Then you can export users from one site and import to the other.  You may […]

How to auto apply coupons using custom URLs in WooCommerce

Providing great deals to customers results in better conversion and customer retention.  URL Coupon is a better way of doing it by passing a coupon through a link. The coupons will be automatically applied for customers visiting the embedded link.  Automatically applying the coupon to cart simplifies the checkout procedures enhancing additional convenience for purchasing […]

How to add Your Brand Name and Logo in WooCommerce Emails

It’s important to reinforce your brand value consistently. One way to accomplish this is to customize all your emails to match with your store style with brand name and logo added into it. WooCommerce email templates are so generic and plain, this may affect your brand’s credibility. So how do you make sure that you […]

How to setup sales countdown timer for WooCommerce

Smart coupon for WooCommerce, an extended coupon plugin will allow you to set up a stunning sales countdown timer in banner/widget display formats. Do you want to have a countdown timer as the ones displayed below? Then, read on to know how it can be achieved for your WooCommerce store. Countdown timer/Coupon banner for WooCommerce […]