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Automatically Apply Discount to the Cart With a Public Coupon URL

The e-commerce world is growing day by day, new online stores are sprouting up everywhere and the competition has become so intense that these stores are in constant need of changing their marketing strategies from time to time. Out of a number of promotional options, discount coupons are found to be the real people puller. […]

How to Apply Discounts Based on Payment Methods

Encouraging payment via specific payment methods is a great way to bring more profit to your WooCommerce store. As it enables you to avoid certain payment gateways that cost you a lot in terms of payment gateways charges. The built-in WooCommerce coupon features do not support applying discounts to customers who choose specific payment methods. […]

How to Apply Discount in WooCommerce Based on User Roles

Does your WooCommerce store/WordPress website contain multiple user roles in it? In addition to the customer; subscriber, premium user, elite user, etc., are other user roles a WooCommerce store might contain. You can also add custom user roles to your store by making a few changes in the function.php file of your WordPress website. Allowing […]

How to Apply Discount in WooCommerce Based on Shipping Address

Imagine your WooCommerce store’s sales are awfully low in a specific country, say “the United States” due to tight competition. How would you tackle this situation? One effective way to improve the situation is by giving special discounts and incentives exclusively to customers from the United States. But unfortunately, the default WooCommerce system doesn’t provide […]

How to do an Automatic Scheduled WooCommerce Product Import Export

What would you do if your WooCommerce store requires you to go through the import and export of products on a frequent basis? This could cause you a lot of trouble as you may not be around to take care of it all the time. Then how about an option that automatically exports and imports […]

How to Import WooCommerce Products Reviews with Verified User Tag

A lot of people these days make purchases solely based on the reviews a product or service has garnered over time. Hence reviews are important for an online store to sell their products or services and for improving their product quality to a better standard. Having said that people do not trust all the reviews […]

How to Start a Subscription Box Service in WooCommerce

How to start a subscription box in WooCommerce - Featured image

Subscription boxes are one of the popular services customers enjoy today. Delivering products periodically on a subscription basis builds a good customer relationship. Many WooCommerce stores out there are opting for this as one gets good customer engagement and recurring revenue from it. Subscriptions are personalized, convenient and cost-friendly services, that can be classified into […]

Top Ways to Improve WooCommerce Store Conversions

To write something that attracts an audience and bring in traffic to your Woocommerce website is one thing and to make those people buy stuff from your website is an art that every WooCommerce store needs. To stir more customers towards the cart and make them click that buy button one ought to use conversion […]

How to Earn More Sales By Reducing Cart Abandonment

A study conducted by Baymard Institute on cart abandonment that revealed that every 7 out of 10 customers make it to the cart in e-commerce stores and just leave from there. That is the average cart abandonment rate is around 70 percent! This habit of shoppers to add items to the cart or begin with […]

Impact of GDPR on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Impoact of GDPR on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager - Featured Image

GDPR has taken the internet by storm and those endless emails spamming your inbox on data records and safekeeping are the proof. Ever since General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th, 2018, most of the Internet services are still struggling to get in compliance with the new standards and Google is […]