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How to create WooCommerce COMBO coupons

Creating coupons that can be used in conjunction with other coupons is a compelling feature that will drive sales. Smart Coupon for WooCommerce plugin empowers its clients to benefit from coupon combos for their purchases wherein two or more coupons can be applied for a solitary purchase. By default, WooCommerce allows you to only restrict the coupon […]

How to Boost Sales with WooCommerce Coupons

Who doesn’t love free stuff and discount coupons? The first thing any online store should have is a way to lure customers in, and coupons have been a marketing technique for ages that still works like a charm. Most people just view coupons as just discounts but in reality, it does a lot more than […]

How to Download, Install, Activate & Update a WooCommerce Plugin

WebToffee provides you the options to purchase the license for a single site, up to 5 sites, or up to 25 sites. The plugin installation process consists of 4 simple steps. Step 1: Go to My Account > “API Downloads” tab and download the plugin. Note: If you have the basic/free version already installed, please Deactivate and Delete the Basic Version before […]

How to Do a WooCommerce Customers and Customer Orders Export Successfully

The customers and the customer orders are the heart and soul of a WooCommerce store. You need to regularly manage, maintain, and update the users and orders in the shop. When the store has a large user base, these tasks become difficult doing manually. In cases where you have hundreds or thousands of users on your […]

The Best WooCommerce Print Invoice Extension

There are numerous extensions available for printing invoices and shipping related documents for transaction and shipping purposes. Installing one of these plugins on your store site will enable your store to automatically print them and send to customers. Thereby saving a huge amount of time for customers. Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label […]

Modify Strictly Enabled Cookie Categories Using WebToffee GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

The below code snippet allows you make any cookie category a strictly necessary category using GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin. The user can not disable the categories that are strictly necessary from the settings pop-up. To achieve this simply add the below code snippet to the active child theme function.php and enter the name of the […]

Remove Tab Menus in My Account Page Using Subscriptions for WooCommerce

The following code snippet allows you to remove the tab menus from the users’ My Account page using Subscription for WooCommerce plugin. The below code removes the Subscription and Payment tab from the My Account page. To achieve this simply add the code snippet to the active child theme function.php file. Was this article helpful […]

Redirect to a Custom Page After Successful Purchase of a Subscription Using Subscription for WooCommerce

The below code snippet allows you to redirect to a custom page after the user has successfully completed a purchase when using Subscription for WooCommerce plugin. Simply add the below code snippet to the active child theme function.php and replace the URL in the function wo_redirect() to the desired page. Was this article helpful ? […]