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Update Single Field for Products in a WooCommerce Store with CSV Import

Last updated on June 14, 2024

The products in an e-commerce store may require frequent stock and price updates. This brings the need to update a single field of the products rather than updating them as a whole. Let’s see the detailed steps to make that happen using the Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce. To update a single field for WooCommerce products:

  1. Select the post type as Product.
  2. Select an import method.
  3. Map the import columns.
  4. In the advanced options section, choose Update for the option If the product exists in the store.
  5. Click on Import to finish.

To begin, click on WebToffee Import/Export (Pro) > Import from the WordPress admin panel.

Step 1: Select post type

As a first step, you need to choose the post type as Product.

Importing product
Importing product

Step 2: Select import method

Choose Advanced import from the below options to continue with your import. The advanced import option allows us to select a particular column for import. This option will take you through a detailed process of filtering/column selection/advanced options that may be required for your import. 

Selecting importing method
Selecting importing method

Step 3: Map single field

  • From the Product fields listing, one can map the required single field with the column. Then select the corresponding mapping.
  • If the field needs to append a value/expression to an existing item while importing, Click on the transform Icon and enter the expression. It basically selects/maps the particular column from the input file and computes the values with expressions and creates output.
    • Expression: Any of the operators +*/-()&@ or string constants can be used along with the attributes to manipulate the respective value. 
    • Input: Select the column from the dropdown which has to be modified.
    • Output: Sample value will be created based on the first record from input file.
mapping single field
Mapping single field
Adding expressions while mapping
Adding expressions while mapping
  • Click on Step 4 to proceed.

Step 4: Advanced Options/Batch Import/Scheduling

  • On reaching Step 4, the following window will appear, from where you can update products by setting the If product exists in the store option to Update.
    • If product exists in the store: One can either Skip or Update the entry.
      On updating the existing products, you can even choose to update the product data even if some of the columns in the input file contain empty values. This will update even the single field for products.
  • Click on Import/Schedule to finish.
Updating existing fields
Updating existing fields

You can either import the products directly into your store or schedule it.

Import the product
Import the product