The What, Why, and How of WooCommerce BOGO Coupons

The What, Why, and How of WooCommerce BOGO Coupons

BOGO or Buy One Get One Free coupon is one of the most popular eCommerce marketing strategies used by everyone from small businesses to big corporations.

This article is aimed at answering some of the basic questions related to WooCommerce BOGO coupons. It includes – what WooCommerce BOGO coupons are, the reason for their popularity, how to create such BOGO coupons, and more.

Basics of WooCommerce promotional coupons

Promotions are at the heart of online shopping! It is what drives customers and even users without purchase intent to buy your products upon visiting your website.

A good way of promoting your WooCommerce store and its products is by offering promotional coupons. One of the most effective and commonly used coupons in the market is BOGO. Not only does the coupon create a boost in sales but also helps in increasing customer loyalty.

WooCommerce BOGO coupons can also be a good tactic employed to clear out your inventories. It helps you take out excessive items from your inventory all the while making new customers and building a brand impression.

BOGO is a win-win situation for both the parties involved and is therefore highly recommended for your business. Take a look at the article to further understand WooCommerce BOGO deals.

What are WooCommerce BOGO coupons and why do you need them?

A WooCommerce BOGO coupon is a promotion deal in which customers are offered a product for free when they purchase other products from the store.

However, contrary to popular belief, the BOGO is so much more intricate and heavily customizable than giving out a single product for free to reward a customer for their purchase. We will dig deeper into this in the following sections.

All stores around the globe, from time to time, roll out promotional campaigns like WooCommerce BOGO to attract new buyers and retain existing customers.

This way of incentivizing purchases even helps improve the sales of a specific product. For example, you can provide a ‘buy a pre-set product, get 1 free”, this encourages customers to buy the specific product rather than its counterparts.

Buy one get one for WooCommerce stores

WooCommerce BOGO coupons can also be used in case of cart abandonment. BOGO encourages customers to follow through on the purchase by offering them a product for free or at a discount.

Nevertheless, when comparing the cost and the time required by a PPC or a social media advert to produce results with that of a properly set up WooCommerce BOGO coupon, there is no doubt that the latter wins. WooCommerce BOGO like other coupon strategies generates almost instantaneous results. You can even impose time-based restrictions on these coupons to encourage customers to purchase faster.

The benefits of using the BOGO strategy

BOGO deals are highly beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.

For buyers or customers, BOGO is a great way to get items for free or at a low cost. And for sellers,

  • WooCommerce BOGO coupons attract new customers 
  • Motivates customers to buy more products
  • Improves the average cart subtotal or the transaction size
  • When effectively implemented, can help reduce cart abandonment
  • It is a great way for you to clear out your inventory

WooCommerce BOGO with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

BOGO is not available on your WordPress WooCommerce stores by default. You will need a coupon-oriented plugin to add WooCommerce BOGO coupon features to your online retail business. 

Though there are several coupon plugins available for WordPress, Smart Coupons for WooCommerce stands out in the crowd because of its bold and powerful BOGO-specific capabilities.

In addition to the WooCommerce BOGO coupon customizations, Smart Coupon for WooCommerce also offers several special coupons like URL coupons, cart abandonment coupons, and store credits.

The BOGO discount coupon in Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is not just a buy ‘one’ get ‘one’ free offer, it is essentially a buy ‘X’ get ‘Y’ for free or at Z discount. The X and Y in this situation are customizable and you can also have the option to give the product away for free or at a discount. A simple example of this is a Buy 2 Get 1 at a 20% discount.

The BOGO coupon settings in Smart Coupons offer several coupon possibilities including, but not limited to,

  • Buy X, Get Y or Z% off on the next item 
    Eg:  Buy a bed and get a pillow for free, Buy a bed and a pillow and get an 80% discount on the bedspread
  • Buy X items at least worth A, and Get Z or Z% off on the second item
    Eg: Buy a bed worth $1100 and get 1 free

How to Create WooCommerce BOGO Offers?

Creating BOGO coupons is a seamless process and does not demand any technical expertise.

The first thing in creating the BOGO coupon is installing and activating the plugin itself. Refer to the Smart Coupon plugin installation guide to learn more.

To create BOGO coupons with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce,

BOGO coupons with Smart Coupons plugin
  1. Navigate to Smart Coupons > Add Coupon from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Provide a coupon code (or use the automatic coupon code generator) and a description (optional). 
  3. Now, move to the Coupon data panel and change the Discount type under General to BOGO (Buy X Get X/Y) Offer
  4. Then provide a coupon apply frequency under Number of times. The coupon application can be limited to one time or can be repeatedly used by the customer. That is if you have a Buy 2 Get 1 free coupon and you have chosen Apply once, even if the user adds 4 items to the cart they will only receive 1 free item. However, in the case of Apply repeatedly, if the user adds 4 items to the cart, they will receive 2 free items.
  5. Now, set up the coupon based on your requirements before publishing.

We will see how you can configure the qualifying products and the free products in WooCommerce BOGO coupons next. 

How to configure the X in Buy X Get Y?

When should a cart become eligible for the BOGO coupon?

It can be when a specific product is added to the cart, when a product belonging to a specific category is added to the cart, or when any products in the store are added to the cart.

You can set this up from the Usage restriction tab under the Coupon data panel. Here are some of the available features,

  1. Product/Category restrictions: Check this box to limit the application of the BOGO coupon to only when the product and category conditions set on this page is satisfied.
  1. Individual quantity restriction: Check this box if you want to enable quantity restrictions for individual products and product categories instead of the entire cart.
  1. Products: Specify which all product or products (and their quantity) should be available on the cart for you to become eligible for the coupon. You can also choose if all the items specified here should be in the cart to qualify for the coupon or if any of the items would suffice.
  2. Product categories: Specify the product categories. The cart will only be eligible for this BOGO discount if it contains the specified number of products housed under the selected categories. (Use WooCommerce Smart coupons premium to access this feature) 
Configure WooCommerce BOGO

In this example, the BOGO coupon will become applicable if the user adds at least 2 items with a minimum worth of $1000 to the cart. This is a basic Buy 2 Get Y offer.

How to configure the Y (giveaway) in Buy X Get Y?

Giveaways here refer to the items that are to be offered to the customers as rewards as promised in the BOGO deal.

Take special care to select the free or discounted product that you are offering your customers. Because the quality of the giveaway will directly affect the purchase volume.

To set up the giveaway products with WooCommerce coupons, navigate to the Giveaway products in the Coupon data panel. Here you can configure the following options:

WooCommerce giveaway product configuration
  • Customer gets: Choose what should be the items that the customer gets when the BOGO coupon is applied. You will have the following options:
    • Specific product
    • Any product from a specific category (pro)
    • Any product in store (pro)
    • Same product as in the cart (pro)

Specific product

This option lets you specify a product (or a group of products) that is to be automatically added to the cart when the customer applies the BOGO coupon. 

Configure specific giveaway product

To access more giveaway customizations, install and activate the advanced WooCommerce smart coupon extension. 

The giveaway product configuration page of the premium plugin would look like this. 

giving away specific products

Here you can set the Product condition as Any or All from below section. Any means that when a customer cart qualifies the BOGO conditions, any of the products specified in the product field below will be added to the cart. In the case of All, all the products added in the product field will be added to the cart.

The Apply tax only on discounted value field enables you to specify whether to charge tax on the provided discount. For example, in a Buy 1 get 80% off on the next item BOGO deal with this box checked, the tax will only be calculated on 20% of giveaway product sales price.

In this example, a single Canvas shoe will be offered for free (100% discount) when the user qualifies for the set BOGO cart eligibility. 

Specific product bogo discount

Any product from a specific category

Here users have the option to select an item/items from a specified category that they are going to receive at a discount through the BOGO deal.

You can specify the product categories that customers are allowed to choose from. In this example, if the cart is eligible customers can add a product from the accessories category to the cart and get a 60% discount on it.

configure WooCommerce BOGO as a product from specific category

If you want to offer the cheapest item in the cart as the WooCommerece BOGO giveaway instead of giving away any product that the customer chooses, you can do so with this last option.

Any product in store

This option enables customers to add any product from the store to the cart and avail of the BOGO discount.

Here you can specify the number of giveaway items and the discount rate. In this example, if the BOGO conditions are satisfied on the cart, customers can add two additional products at a 20% discount to the cart.

Also, the plugin can dynamically convert the product with the lowest price as the giveaway with this Apply the cheapest item in the cart as giveaway option. 

Customer gets any product in store

Same product as in the cart

When the coupon is applied, the same product in your cart will be automatically added again and will receive the specified discount.

giveaway same product as in the cart

In this example, if the customer qualifies for the coupon, they will be offered the same product in the cart at an 80% discount.

BOGO to get the product in cart again

If you want to offer the cheapest item in the cart as the WooCommerece BOGO giveaway instead of giving away any product that the customer chooses, you can do so with this WooCommerce smart coupon plugin.

Wrap Up

WooCommerce BOGO deals are highly beneficial coupons used by store owners to drive sales. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a simple and comprehensive platform that offers a reliable platform for store owners to set up BOGO strategies.

BOGO is an effective tool proven to work with new and existing customers is really advantageous. So what are you waiting for!, get your WooCommerce site ready with BOGO promotional coupons.

A Note to all WooCommerce developers and owners
The focus while setting up a BOGO coupon should be on customer satisfaction rather than on sales because, in the long run, dedicated customers are worth a lot more than the profit from a single sale.