How to set up a ‘Customers also bought’ product bundle in WooCommerce stores?

How to set up a ‘Customers also bought’ product bundle in WooCommerce stores?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress, and it offers you endless opportunities to market your products better to earn more sales. The ‘WooCommerce customers also bought’ is one such opportunity with which you can upsell, cross sell, or even relate custom products.

The WooCommerce customers bought is a widget that you can add to your product pages to showcase the products that your customers might like while purchasing a product. For example, if you recommend a laptop stand as a ‘commonly purchased together’ item with a laptop, chances are, your customers would at least consider buying the stand along with the laptop.

The WooCommerce customers also bought widget is, therefore a tool, that you can rely upon to drive product discovery and to increase the average order value (AOV). Such recommendations also help reduce sudden customer exits and keep your users engaged and satisfied.

In this article, we will be looking into creating a WooCommerce product recommendations widget for showcasing the most relevant products to your customers. How do you do this? Well, let’s cover that first then!

How to recommend relevant products in WooCommerce?

There are several ways for recommending products that are relevant to your customers. In this article, we will be looking into recommending the ‘Frequently bought together’ products in your store using a dedicated widget on individual product pages.

You can add any item as a ‘Frequently bought together’ product in your store. So, choose the products that you find relevant. For example (as mentioned earlier), recommend a laptop stand while looking to purchase a laptop, instead of recommending unrelated products like a shoe.

There are several tools in WordPress to ease the process of setting up such WooCommerce frequently bought recommendations. In this article, we will be looking into using the Frequently bought together for WooCommerce plugin from WebToffee. The plugin enables you to set recommendations based on

  1. Custom products
  2. Upsells
  3. Cross sells
  4. Custom product relations set up using the third-party plugin Related products for WooCommerce

So, you can manually add custom products that you would like as the ‘frequently bought together products. Or, you can use the recommendations that you have already made under upsells, cross sells, or related products.

Moreover, since you can manually select the products that can be added to the widget, try selecting the products that are not highly promoted or the products that are not selling as much as you would like. The widget helps to improve the visibility of the product and also makes the customers engage with those products more.

Is the ‘WooCommerce customer also bought’ widget beneficial?

The simplest answer to that question is Yes!

Such product recommendations increase the odds of bigger customer carts and an increase in sales. Moreover, since you are giving personalized recommendations, you have full control over the products to be displayed. This will give you the opportunity to test, identify and implement the product bundle combination that would generate optimal results.

One of the biggest benefits of using a ‘Customer who bought this product also bought’ widget is that it allows you to increase your average order value. Since you will be offering complementary and supplementary products customers are most likely to buy them too. Also, the easy-to-use UI of the plugin reduces the risk of sales loss.

The ‘customer also bought’ promotion is centered around the customers who are already on your site to purchase. So there is no risk or need of attracting new users. You are just relying on your most valuable customers to land more products in their carts.

Another major advantage of using this WooCommerce product bundle recommendation is that – it is a non-intrusive way to communicate with your customers. It doesn’t have any disadvantages that we usually associate with common marketing tactics such as pop-ups and ads. It also helps instills social proof and even reminds or advises customers of the products that they would have to buy.

How to set up a widget for a product bundle in WooCommerce?

You will need a third-party plugin compatible with WooCommerce to set up WooCommerce ‘Customers also bought’ product bundles in WooCommerce. As discussed earlier, we are using the WooCommerce frequently bought together plugin for this process.

Now, let’s look into how to set this widget up.

Step 1: Install the plugin

Once you purchase and download the plugin from WebToffee > My account > Downloads, you can proceed to install the plugin in WordPress.

To do that, go to your WordPress admin console and click on Plugins > Add New. Upload the plugin zip that you downloaded earlier and click on Install Now. You can then activate the plugin.

Step 2: Select the widget layout

Go to WooCommerce > Frequently Bought Together > General Settings.

Scroll down to Display and select a layout. You have three available layouts.

  1. Table View
table view of customers also bought product bundle
  1. List View
list view product bundle
  1. Gallery View
Gallery view of customer also bought products

Select a layout that seems appropriate for your store.

Step 3: Customize the widget

Once you are fixed on the layout, go to the Settings section of the same page. Here you have several customization options available including,

  • Enable frequently bought together: Option to enable the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget.
  • Set based on: Select which product types to add to the recommendation widget.
  • Select the number of products to show: Select the number of products to add to the widget.
  • Show ‘this product’: Enable showing the currently viewing product along with other recommendations in the widget.
  • Allow unchecking ‘this product’: Whether to allow customers to disable the unselect viewing product in the widget before adding to the cart.
  • Default state of products as checked: Choose whether to keep all the products in the widget selected by default.
  • Behavior on clicking individual products: Decide what should happen when the customer clicks on a product in the widget.
  • Hide unavailable products: Choose what should happen when the product goes out of stock.
frequently bought together general settings

Configure the required settings here. After completing that, move down to the Texts section and personalize the label, button, and title texts in the widget. It includes,

  • Frequently bought together section title: Set a name for the widget title as ‘Customers also bought.
  • Add to cart button text for a single product: Select the button text if the customer has only selected one product in the widget to add to the cart.
  • Add to cart button text for two products: Add a custom button text if two products in the widget are selected to be moved to the cart.
  • Add to cart button text for multiple products: Set the button text when the customer selects more than two products to add to the cart.
  • Total price section label: Change the ‘Total price’ label.
set up texts in the customers also bought bundle

After configuring the required settings, click on Save Settings.

Step 4: Add the widget to the product

Now that the settings are done, we can proceed to set up product recommendations.

Note that, you will only have to do this if you have selected Custom product under Set based on. If you have selected Upsells, Cross sells, or Related products the plugin would use the respective recommendations that you have set up earlier (provided they were already set up). Follow this article on adding related products to WooCommerce to add related products to your store (if not already set up).

If you have selected ‘Custom products’,

  1. Go to Products > All products and click on the product for which the product bundle recommendation should be set up.
  2. Go to the Product data widget and click on the tab Frequently bought together.
  3. Select the products that you want to add to the ‘Customer also bought’ widget in the section Set custom products.
  4. If you want to apply a bundle discount check the corresponding box.
  5. Now select the Discount type as a Percentage discount or Fixed cart discount.
  6. Set the Discount amount.
  7. Click on Update to save the changes to the product configuration.
Set up the custom product configuration in product page

Now, repeat the same for all the products to which the widget is to be added. That’s it!, you have now completely configured the ‘Customer also bought’ product bundle.

Sample widget

Sample layout of the WooCommerce customers also bought product widget

Here, the customers can unselect the products that they don’t need by clicking on the checkbox. Also, they can change the product count using the quantity counter corresponding to each product. However, note that the discount would only be applied if all the products in the widget are selected.

Add ‘Customer also bought’ widgets to your store

Adding such sections to your WooCommerce store will not do any harm. Due to its non-disruptive nature (when compared to pop-ups and modals) it won’t overwhelm your customers. Moreover, since you can set up discounts on the bundle, users might take you up on the offer.

Also, you only need a single plugin and just a few hours of your time to set it up. So don’t miss out and give ‘WooCommerce customers also bought’ a go.

Hope this article was of interest. Let us know what you think about the article and the plugin in the comments below.