WooCommerce Order Emails: Change the Style of the Order Items

You may have set up a professional looking website to sell your products. Your product page and checkout page may have outstanding features.

But, what if your customers are receiving a totally generic order email that doesn’t match the style of your shop? Then you can’t impress your customers. Customizing the content of your emails, like using your own colors, fonts, and style, strengthens your brand and helps you be remembered.

WooCommerce has a built-in functionality that automatically sends customer emails based on their order status with limited customisation options for all types of emails. At times, it may be inadequate for your store.

One of the easiest way to customize order emails is by using the extension plugin Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Get started with the Decorator-Email Customizer

Get started by installing Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer to your WooCommerce store and activate the plugin.

Customisation options could be accessed after logging in to the WordPress Admin. From the dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. Scroll down in the Email notifications panel. There, you’ll find the Open Decorator button. Click on the Open Decorator button and you will be taken to the customisation page as shown below

How to change the Style of the Order Items?

Order items will be displayed in the order emails for the customers of your WooCommerce store. Here we’ll discuss how to customise order items in the WooCommerce Order Emails. Follow the given steps

Customise Background colour and Padding

  1. Click on the Content sidebar menu
  2. Navigate to Content container sub-menu
  3. From here you can customise Background colour and Padding

Customize text style

  1. Go back to the Content menu
  2. From content menu click on the Text Style sub-menu
  3. Customise font size, font type, text color and link color as per your needs

Customize order items

  1. Go back to the Content menu
  2. From content menu click on the Order Items sub-menu
  3. Customise background color, padding, border width, border color, total separator width and total separator color

Publish the changes and your customers will receive a customised email from you. An example of a Customised email will be as given below:


Customizing the style of the Order Items will help you to successfully update your customers on order progress, promote brand, and encourage repeat sales. Customize your transactional emails and increase sales.

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