How to Add Wishlist to WooCommerce Store?

How to Add Wishlist to WooCommerce Store?

A WooCommerce wishlist is a great tool that keeps your customers engaged with your store. Wishlists keep the commitment between your store and your customers alive. There are even instances where customers just return to your store for purchasing products on the wishlist.

Wishlists are designated locations where customers can save the products (that they are not currently purchasing) for later. For instance, if the customer finds a product interesting while browsing for another in a store, they might not have the potential to buy that product right away. However, locating the product during the next return could be challenging if there are several products with matching descriptions. Adding such products to the wishlists enables the users to easily identify the required products without any time waste.

Even though wishlists are a highly powerful and advantageous feature, WooCommerce does not offer it out-of-box. You will need to use third-party plugins to set up WooCommerce wishlists. Wishlist for WooCommerce is a simple plugin from WebToffee with which you can add WooCommerce wishlists to your store. 

In this article, we will look into setting up WooCommerce wishlists using the WebToffee plugin. So, keep on reading!

Why do you need wishlists on your WooCommerce store?

People may add products to wishlists for several reasons. It can be because of the immediate lack of funds, non-immediate requirements for the product, the time required to make a decision, etc. So, if you do not offer wishlists, chances are that your customers will forget about the products or may find it difficult to track/locate them. This means that a probable future sale is now sabotaged. This is why wishlists are important.

Wishlists are a win-win for both you and your customers. They let your customers keep track of the products they like and at the same time improve your sales potential. Also, most first-time site visitors might not buy anything. So the next best thing is to keep them engaged and committed. Adding the products they like to the wishlist keeps the bond strong. This interest in the product may bring the visitor back to the store finally resulting in conversions

Wishlists also help customers easily identify whether the product is currently available for purchase or is out of stock. Similarly, wishlists enable store owners to identify the most trending products in the store. This will give you a heads-up on the potential surge in the demand. You can restock these products in a timely manner so that you will not miss out on any sales.

Trending products also help to identify which products are the best performing. This helps you to offer the products that the customers want to buy. Moreover, you can even create different variants of the product to improve product inclusivity.

How to create WooCommerce wishlists?

You can create wishlists for your store with just a simple and free WooCommerce plugin – Wishlist for WooCommerce. The plugin offers a wishlist page inside the WooCommerce store. You can set this wishlist page up with several wishlist-related customizations in the plugin.

Let’s see how you can add a WooCommerce wishlist and customize it using this free plugin. 

Step 1: Install the plugin to add WooCommerce wishlists to the store

You will need to first install and activate the WooCommerce wishlist plugin in WordPress to use it.

To install the plugin,

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for the plugin ‘Wishlist for WooCommerce’ from WebToffee.
  3. Click on Install Now.
  4. When the plugin gets installed, activate it.
wishlist for WooCommerce

Step 2: Customize your WooCommerce wishlist

Once you have activated the plugin, tap on the WooCommerce Wishlist in the WordPress menu bar. Here you will have several options to customize the look and feel of the wishlists. Let’s look at these options one by one.  

Customize the general settings

Let’s look at the features available in the General settings tab.

  • Show ‘Add to wishlist’ only for logged-in users: Enable this option if you only want to offer the wishlist feature to the users who have logged into your store.
  • Show ‘Add to wishlist’ in pages: Add the pages where you want to show the Add to wishlist icon. You can choose either or both the Shop and Product pages.
  • Show ‘Add to wishlist’ for product categories: Choose which categories of products should have the Add to wishlist option. Only the products belonging to the chosen category could be added to the wishlist.
  • Show ‘My Wishlist’ in My account: Enable to add the wishlist page to the My accounts menu bar.
wishlist general settings

As an example, let us add the wishlist icon to the Shop and Product page. Also, allow only the products in the clothing category to be added to the wishlist.

Set up WooCommerce wishlist page 

The Wishlist page tab houses the features associated with the My Wishlist page in your store. The available customizations include,

  • Wishlist page: Choose which page you want to make the wishlist page. By default, it is the My Wishlist page.
  • Enable wishlist table contents: Choose the content to be added to your WooCommerce wishlist table.
  • Remove item from wishlist after adding to cart: Choose whether or not to remove the item from wishlist after adding it to cart.
  • Enable ‘Add all to cart’ button: Enable to add a single button that can add all the products in the wishlist to the cart.
  • Redirect to cart: Choose whether to redirect the users to the cart upon adding a product in the wishlist to the cart.
wishlist page settings

Here, product variations, price, stock status and Add to cart option are selected as the wishlist table columns.

Personalize the wishlist buttons

Style your Add to wishlist button/link/icon settings as per your convenience using these settings.

  • Show ‘Add to wishlist’ as: Determine how you want to style the Add to wishlist option. You can choose an icon, text, or normal button.
  • ‘Add to wishlist’ position in loop: Choose where you want to add the wishlist icon on the WooCommerce shop and product category page. You can either add it after the Add to cart button or you can place it on the top of the product thumbnail.
  • Enable ‘View wishlist’ link: If enabled, a View wishlist link will be available for all products that are already on the wishlist.
add to wishlist options

Here, an “Add to wishlist” text is chosen instead of the wishlist button. Once a product is added to the list the button text is configured to change to “Product in wishlist”.

Note: Make sure to save the changes that you have made to the settings before navigating to a separate tab in WooCommerce wishlists.

This is how the Add to wishlist icon will appear on the product page.

add to wishlist icon

The text changes when you add the product to the wishlist. Shown below is the available link once you add the product to the wishlist.

product after adding to wishlist
My wishlist

A customer’s My wishlist page in WooCommerce.

Monitor wishlists

One of the main advantages of using this wishlist plugin is that it records the products that are most frequently added to the wishlist. That is, the products that the most number of people added to their cart. This information is vital from a marketing perspective. You can use this information to promote your store. For instance, you can add this product to your home page or you can include it in your emails to make more people aware that you offer this product. You can also send stock reduction updates to the customers via email to create product FOMO. Customers tend to purchase more when there is a sense of urgency.

You can view these popular products from WooCommerce Wishlist > Popular products.

popular products in wishlists


The productivity features such as wishlists are the characteristics that will give your website a competitive advantage over the other players in the niche. Wishlists help to improve the loyalty and the average purchase value of your customers. It can also help with retaining leads and measuring the popularity of your store items. Offering wishlists is always a good idea to improve the acceptance of your store and products.

You can set up WooCommerce wishlists in your store with ease using a simple free plugin Wishlist for WooCommerce. Do check out the plugin and let us know what you think in the comments.