General Settings

The General Settings tab helps to configure all the basic settings of the plugin.

Let us navigate through this section:

  • Click on  WebToffee Import/Export(Pro) > General Settings. 

This tab consists of four different sections: 

  1. General
  2. FTP settings
  3. Help Guide
  4. Licence


Here, you can configure the basic settings.

  • Enable history auto delete : You can enable auto-delete of history by choosing ‘Yes’.
  • Maximum entries : Here you can specify the maximum records to retain in history. It will limit the number of records with the status ‘Finished’ to the number you have specified. E.g: if you input a count of 50 the system will retain only the most recent 50 number of records with the status ‘Finished’. All other records of any other status e.g In Progress (that may be active as a part of the cron operation) will not be impacted by this count.
  • Default Export method : Here you can choose a default export method from the three given options:
    1. Quick export (chosen by default).
    2. Pre-saved template
    3. Advanced export
  • Default Export batch count : Here you can give the default count for the records to be exported in a batch.
  • Save Import log : Here you can choose ‘Yes’ to save the import log as a text file and to make it available in the history section. If not you can choose ‘No’.
  • Default Import method : Choose an import method from three options Quick import, Pre-saved template, and new import.
  • Default import batch count : Provide the default number of records to be imported in a batch. 100 is given by default.

Once the configurations are done, click Update Settings.

FTP Settings

The plugin is equipped to handle multiple FTP profiles. These dedicated FTP profile settings can be used to manage and manipulate easy scheduled import/export.

Import or Export-Add new FTP profile

Help Guide

provides direct links to resources like documentation and support.

Import or Export - Help


After you have installed and activated the WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import-Export plugin on your website, you need to activate the plugin license to get notified about the plugin updates.

To do so, from the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Click WebToffee Import Export(Pro)> General>  License.

Know more about WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin.

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