XAdapter to WebToffee Migration Instructions


WebToffee has moved its plugins that were sold on XAdapter.com to our website www.webtoffee.com. This will help the WebToffee team to give better care for its users in a single location.

What happens if I had purchased a WebToffee plugin from XAdapter.com?

If you had purchased WebToffee plugins from XAdapter.com, you can access your plugin downloads, order details, and plugin activation keys at https://www.webtoffee.com/my-account/ using your existing username and password.

To see the list of plugins developed and supported by WebToffee please visit WebToffee plugins page. If you have purchased a plugin that is not owned by WebToffee, you can contact the respective plugin developer by checking the details at the XAdapter plugins page.

What happens if I had purchased a WebToffee plugin from WebToffee.com?

You can only purchase our plugins from webtoffee.com from 1st October 2018 onwards. If you have purchased the plugin from webtoffee.com you should access the plugins, license keys and order details at https://www.webtoffee.com/my-account/

Please bear with us if you face any glitches while we transition to the new website.

If you have any queries please contact us via our support page

WebToffee Team