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#1 Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Trusted by professionals, freelance developers, and WooCommerce store owners for their product import export needs.

The Top Rated CSV/XML Product Import Export Suite

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Export to or Import Products from CSV/XML

Provisions for quick export/import from DB, based on a pre-saved mapping or a new export with advanced options. Process data in batches ensuring successful import/export.

Scheduled Import or Export using multiple FTP/URL

Multiple FTP Profiles or Scheduling options included. Dedicated FTP profile settings to manage and manipulate scheduled import/export.

Supports multiple product types

The plugin facilitates the import/export of multiple product types including simple products, variable products, group products, external products, custom, etc.

Compatible with major 3rd-party plugins

Compatible with WooCommerce Product Bundles, Yoast WooCommerce SEO, Woocommerce Cost of Goods, Advanced Custom Fields, WPML, Polylang, etc.

Simple Ajax interface and flexible API

User-friendly interface for better import/export experience. Easy drag and drop mapping columns provisions embedded within different categories.

Several filter options for custom import/export

Filter products in different ways to obtain custom import/export with provisions to include images, variations, and metadata.

Detailed History, Debug logs, Cron Schedules

History, debug logs, and Cron schedules for recording success/failure of processes, troubleshooting, and for viewing all scheduled and completed actions.

Effortless to&fro Migration

Export/import products including images, categories, custom metadata, etc. from one website to the other with the help of a CSV or XML file.

Provision for Bulk Edit

Make changes merge or update additional product information to existing products before or during the import/export.


4.82 out of 5

192 customer ratings

Ralph Manis

5 out of 5

Top notch plugin and tech support! The time saved importing thousands of product field inputs is invaluable to any eCommerce site and the Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce is just the tool for the job. Mark was very prompt to workout some ... Show more

Gary Yeager

5 out of 5

As one man in marketing working with several online resellers of our products, this has made my job so much easier in terms of maintaining a web catalog and product database for internal use. The customization is a big plus.


5 out of 5

This plugin is by far the best import/export woocomerce releated, it supports full automation import using wp-cron and with small amount of tweaking the perfect solution to for example using dropshipment business models how need multiple daily catal... Show more

Easy to Use and Affordable Plugin that Saves Your Time

Join over 100,000 store owners who use our import/export tools to ease their day to day tasks.

Export WooCommerce Products

Supports CSV/XML File Format
Export and download product data of different product types in CSV/XML file format.

Facilitates Scheduled Export using FTP/URL
The plugin helps to schedule product export using multiple FTP/URL profiles.

Supports All Product Types
Export and download different product types.

  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • Group Products
  • External Products

The plugin also supports custom product types other than the WooCommerce standard ones.

Several Filtering/Sorting Provisions
You can facilitate custom product export using several filter/sort options:

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Status
  • Images
  • Columns
  • Offset/Limit

Custom Export Mapping/Column Order
Provisions are given to map or drag the columns accordingly to reorder them within the output file.

  • Taxonomies(cat/tags/shipping-class)
  • Meta(custom fields)
  • Attributes
  • Hidden Meta

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Import WooCommerce Products

Supports All Product Types:
Plugins supports import of all types of products including,

  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products.
  • Group Products.
  • External Products.

Import via Multiple Methods:
You can import the products from a CSV/XML file via different methods

  • Import by uploading a file
  • Read and import from URL
  • Import from a file on a remote server via FTP/SFTP

Map Product Columns Easily: The columns of your file may not correspond with the WooCommerce products data fields always. You can map fields using the simple interface and then save the mapping settings for later imports.

Import Product Variations: Easily import all variable products and it’s properties from the file.

Scheduled Import using Cron Job: Schedule to import products at regular intervals from a remote server. You can set rules to skip certain products from updating.

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Export/Import Product Reviews

Export Product Reviews: You can export product reviews based on a variety of criteria.

Import Product Reviews: Easily import Product ratings from another store via a file. During import, you can edit the ratings, author name, date, verified tag, and content of the reviews.
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Make Bulk Updates

Update Existing Products: You can use the ‘merge products’ feature for adding more information to existing products or updating the existing product details. This helps the store owner to update hundreds or thousands of products with new info such as price or sale status.

Apply Rules to Modify Fields in Bulk: Modify hundreds or thousands of products by applying custom rules during import ( e.g: increase price by 10%). An Evaluation field is used to modify/update the value of product fields mapped during the import process.

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Language Support

Product Import Export plugin is WPML compatible (simple products)!
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Verified Plugin Compatibility

This plugin is tested for compatibility with many plugins including

  • WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin.
  • Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin.
  • WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin.
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Plugin.
  • WooCommerce Cost of Goods.
  • WooCommerce Price Based on Country.
  • WooCommerce Wholesale Prices.
  • WooCommerce Extra Product Options.
  • ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Advanced Custom Fields.
  • WoodMart variation gallery.
  • FooEvents for WooCommerce.

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This plugin helps you to import and export WooCommerce products, product types, and product reviews.





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  • License for single site
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support





Upto 5 Sites
  • License for 5 sites
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Upto 25 Sites
  • License for 25 sites
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  • 1 year of ticketed support

*License entitles 1 year of support & updates. Extend support & updates at 50% discount after the first year*

WooCommerce Import Export Suite is an all-in-one bundle of plugins that will enable you to import and export WooCommerce products, product reviews, orders, customers, coupons, and subscriptions. View product.





Single Site
  • License for single site
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support





Upto 5 Sites
  • License for 5 sites
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support





Upto 25 Sites
  • License for 25 sites
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support

*License entitles 1 year of support & updates. Extend support & updates at 50% discount after the first year*

Plugin Version: 3.8.2

Last Updated: 2020-11-05

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I import multiple images and categories to the products?

Yes. You can import multiple images and categories of data per product using the plugin.
You can import multiple categories and category hierarchy by the following format. Main1 > Sub1 > Sub2|Main2 > Sub3
You can export them by enabling the Include hidden metadata checkbox under export options.
Yes. You can set up a cron job to import from a CSV file to update price, stock, and similar details regularly at scheduled time and interval.
Yes. You can import custom fields to products using this plugin.
Yes. Refer to the article and follow the instructions to config.
You can install the plugin on both sites and activate the license on either one to receive updates, preferably in your new site.
Yes. You can use the include meta data option to export the fields and use the corresponding columns in the CSV to import the data back.


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