WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

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#1 Plugin to Import and Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers

CSV/XML/Excel Support. Import and export all user roles.

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Top Rated CSV/XML/Excel WordPress Users Import Export Suite

The import and export plugin with the most active installs and ratings on WordPress.org

Export to or Import Users from CSV/XML/Excel

Provisions for quick export/import from DB, based on a pre-saved template or a new export with advanced options. Process data in batches ensuring successful import/export irrespective of its size/count.

FTP/URL/Scheduled Import or Export

Multiple FTP Profiles or Scheduling options included. Dedicated FTP profile settings to manage and manipulate easy scheduled import/export.

Simple Ajax interface and flexible API

User-friendly interfaces for better import/export experience. Easy drag and drop mapping columns provisions embedded within distinct categories.

Several filter options facilitating custom import/export

Filter user export on the basis of user role, email, date range, etc. The import/export of a set of users marked between an offset and limit value is made possible.

Retain user password on import/export

Migration of existing or even custom user passwords during import/export.

Custom User Metadata

The ability to import or export custom user metadata especially from BuddyPress, UltimateMember, etc.

View detailed History, Debug logs, and Cron Schedules

Success/Failure processes are keenly recorded and viewed from the History section. Debug logs are included for identifying and resolving issues easily. Upcoming, ongoing, and completed actions can be viewed from the scheduled section.

Facilitates effortless to&fro Migration

Export/import orders including images, categories, custom metadata, etc. from one side to the other. Merge or update additional information to existing user details before or during the course of import/export.

Provision for Bulk Edit

Merge or update additional information to existing product details before or during the course of import/export.


4.96 out of 5

27 customer ratings


Johannes Link

5 out of 5

Great support with good response time and good plugin. I needed to export custom user data from another plugin (ultimate member) and costumer support was very interested in finding a solution for me. At the end the support provided me filter funct... Show more



5 out of 5

had to import 14'000 users, made some tests and was in contact with support upfront, when i finaly imported users, took a while but went totally smooth - great plugin, great support!



5 out of 5

I purchased three of the WebToffee plugins to allow me to copy orders, products and customers from zen cart over to woocommerce - I have used other companies previously but often found that it never was a smooth as you expected. I asked a couple of q... Show more

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Export WordPress Users / Export WooCommerce Customers

Supports CSV/XML/Excel File Format
The plugin allows to export and download Users / Customers as CSV, XML, Excel (XLS, XLSX) and TSV files on your computer.

Facilitates Scheduled Export using FTP/URL
The plugin helps to schedule user/customer export using multiple FTP/URL profiles.

Several Filtering/Sorting Provisions
You can facilitate custom user export using several filter/sort options:

  • User Roles
  • User Email
  • Date Range
  • Offset/Limit
  • Guest Users
  • Ascending/Descending Sort

Export User Meta

The plugin comes with an option to export custom fields and hidden meta in addition to the essential/default/customer data.

Map user data

Set up a mapping file by selecting only the required columns/fields for use in future exports, especially if it involves a scheduled process. You can also customize the column names to a more generic term for readability.

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Import WordPress Users/Import WooCommerce Customers

Import via Multiple Methods

You can import the data from a CSV/XML/Excel file via different methods

  • Import by uploading a file
  • Read and import from URL
  • Import from a file on a remote server via FTP

Retain Password on Import

The plugin ensures that the existing user passwords are supported in the new store to ensure a seamless login upon a successful import.

Update Existing Users

This feature is useful to add more information/update existing data. When the existing data within your store needs to be modified, you can update it by importing the updated CSV file to get the latest details into your store.

Notify via Email

The plugin has a provision to email the customers/users upon a successful import in the new store. The mail content can be customized by using filters.

Map User Columns

You can map the fields (WooCommerce fields) with column headings( CSV file header). For mapping, select the required field under Column Header by using the drop-down list for a particular Map to field. An Evaluation field is used to fix/update the required value for a particular field.

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Scheduled Actions, Debug Logs, and Detailed History

Scheduled Actions: Lists all the scheduled processes for import and export. You can disable or delete unwanted scheduled actions to reduce server load and reduce the chances for the failure of actively scheduled actions.

Debug Logs: Lists developer logs mostly required for debugging purposes. Options to view detailed logs are available along with delete and download (that can be shared with the support team in case of issues).

History: Lists the runs and the status corresponding to every import/export with options to re-run, view a detailed log, or delete an entry. Re-run action will take the user to the respective screen depending on the corresponding action type and the user can initiate the process accordingly.

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Multiple Import and Export Methods

Options to choose a convenient import and export method

You can import and export the data using three different methods.

Quick import/export: The quick import/export allows you to download the most essential user data without having to go over the endless options that the plugin offers. Be done with your export and save time if you just need a dump of the user data with the quick export.

Pre-saved Template: Use a pre-saved template for the import/export without having to configure the previous settings again.

New import/export: Do a fresh import/export with all new configurations.

Furthermore, you can choose the location of the CSV file for the import:

  1. Using CSV on your local computer
  2. Using the URL where the CSV can be fetched
  3. Using the FTP location of the CSV file

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Scheduled Import/Export using Cron Job

Ensure regular batch import and export of data

You can auto-import the users at regular intervals from CSV which is present on FTP/SFTP Server by providing starting time and intervals between import. You can also auto export the data to FTP/SFTP in a CSV file at regular intervals.

You can create and manage multiple FTP profiles for use either on a one-time import/export or for a scheduled process.

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Bulk Modification of Data

Update or merge data during import

Modify hundreds or thousands of entries of users by applying custom rules during import (e.g: change user role etc).

An Evaluation field is used to modify/update the value of user fields during the import process. Data related to an existing entry in the site can be modified during an import.

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Support Different File Formats

Export and import data using CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, and TSV files

You can import and export data in many different formats including CSV, XML, Excel and TSV. Each post type that can be imported and exported supports all these file formats.

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Language Support

The plugin supports the following languages out-of-the-box:

    • Arabic
    • French
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • Italian

Moreover, the plugin is WPML compatible (simple products).

Note: The translations have been done using Google and Translation memory suggestions based on previous similar poedit records with little or no manual work.

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multilingual compatibility

Technical info

Minimum version Tested up to
PHP 5.6 or higher 8.0
WordPress 3.0 or higher 5.9
WooCommerce 3.0 or higher 6.4

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Easily import and export WordPress users and WooCommerce customers.

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Plugin Version: 1.1.8

Last Updated: 2023-05-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the 'Users/Customers Import Export'? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please visit the support page.


Is buying the plugin a one-time charge?

The plugin license comes as a 12 months subscription. The license is valid till one year and will renew after that automatically, unless cancelled. You can use the plugin for lifetime, but support and updates of the plugins will be available as long as the license is active.
If your license expires you can still use the plugin on your site for as long as you like but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the plugin.
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee whatever is the reason. If you find the product does not work the way you need, we can issue a refund.
Once your order is complete, you should receive an email notification with a download link. You may also go to your account page and click the Downloads tab to find all available products.
Yes, they are compatible. However, you will need a license for every site. E.g., if you have subsites as, www.domainname/site1www.domainname/site2, and www.domainname/site3, you will have to activate the license on every subsite ( site1, site2, site3). Our system recognizes the name of the URL www.domainname/site1 is different from www.domainname/site2 which means you will need to buy a license for every subsite in order to activate them on all sites.
Since the license is valid per site, you can only activate it on one site at a time. During testing, you may activate in the staging site and once you decide to go live, you can deactivate from staging and activate in the live site.


Will the plugin send email to new users when importing?

You can choose to send a user registration email at the time of import if required. By default it is disabled.
Yes. You can export guest user details too using the plugin.
Yes. Password will remain intact upon import so that users can log in with the same password.
Yes. The plugin allows us to filter export based on user role, date, email, etc.
Yes. You can import/export all WooCommerce related fields like billing/shipping address, phone number, etc.
Yes. You can use the date filter during export to sort out users registered on a particular date.

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