Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions related to the license, installation and activation.

Is buying the plugin a one-time charge?

You can use the purchased plugin as long as you want. While purchasing a plugin license, you become eligible to receive updates and support for a period of one year. To get support and updates after one year, you need to renew the License.

What happens if the license expires or is deactivated?

If your license expires you can still use the plugin on your site for as long as you like but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the plugin.

How much does it cost to renew the license?

Your license needs to be renewed annually. We usually provide a 50% discount if you renew the License before the expiry date. Contact support for renewal discount coupon.

What do I receive when renewing my subscription?

You will be entitled to support and updates for another year. You will get new API keys in your account which you can use to activate the license to receive regular updates until it expires.

How do keys work with a multisite network?

On a WordPress Multisite, all plugins are stored in one location. When you update your plugin in the Network Admin, all sub-sites receive the update. However, to access support and updates to each of the sub-sites, you need one subscription key for each site where the plugin/extension is activated.

How can I transfer My API Keys to live site from dev site?

You need to deactivate the license from the dev site and then activate the same key in the live site.

Would I be able to activate the license in another site if I used it in a dev site?

As the license is valid per site, you must deactivate it from a dev site to activate it in the live site. You can keep the plugin without license activation in the dev site for testing.

I haven’t received my receipt or order details?

Order details are emailed the moment your payment is processed, and that should be almost immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes, please check your spam or junk e-mail folder and mark the e-mail “not spam”, which should allow future messages to get through. Also, check for any typo in the billing email. If you don’t receive an email receipt or login information soon after, please contact us and we’ll check it up for you.

Where can I find the purchased plugins?

Login to My Account with your account credentials. Go to API Downloads tab. Click on “download” link to download the plugin. You will get the activation key from API Keys tab. Refer article for detailed instructions: How to download, install, activate and update a WooCommerce plugin

I can’t find my products!

If you don’t see your purchased products on the My Account page, please contact us. If you have another WebToffee account or bought the product on behalf of a client, be prepared to provide that information.

Which payment types do you accept?

We use and PayPal as our payment gateways and accept all major payment cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club, and American Express card. All prices are charged in US Dollars (USD) and this will be exchanged to your local currency by your bank or card issuer.

I can’t purchase anything. There is an error during checkout!

Please reach us via support and we will help you with the issue.

Is it possible to upgrade my purchases?

All products have 3 subscription types. As we do not have an option to directly upgrade, you may please purchase the multisite licenses and contact support requesting a refund for the previous single-site purchase. Make sure to request a refund within 30 days of the single site order.

Does the order automatically renew upon expiry of a one-year period?

No. You should manually renew the license by making a new order.

How do you provide support?

We create and maintain resources to help you with the plugin setup and the know-how. Hence, the best way to get help is to look through our documentation first.If you need additional assistance, you can go to the support link and submit a ticket directly related to the product you need help with.  

Product support via phone or chat is unavailable at this time. However, we try to reply to all support tickets within 24 hours.

Do you have a phone number?

We don’t. As mentioned above – all support is via email, this way you can refer back to it later if needed. If you have pre-sales or support questions, contact us here!

Do you take up paid customization jobs?

As much as we want to keep the customers happy with our plugin, we do not accept paid customization jobs. Rest assured, we will help with tweaks and modifications that we deem feasible for us within an acceptable timeframe. Contact support with details.