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Automatic Cookie Scan

Automatically scan the cookies used on the website and add the cookies to the cookie list. Show the cookies list in the cookie policy of your website using a simple shortcode.

Automatic Script Blocking

Automatically blocks the scripts of third-party cookies until the visitor consent. The admin can decide the third-parties that are blocked prior consent.

Manage Cookie-List

Cookies on the website are identified and added to the cookie list automatically. The cookies are categorized into different categories based on the purpose of their website.

GeoIP Based Consent

Configure the GDPR cookie banner to be shown only to the visitors of the EU based on their IP address. The cookies will be blocked only for the EU visitors prior to consent.

Consent Log

It helps you keep a log of all the visitors’ consent and its details like cookies consented to, timestamp, anonymized IP of the user, etc. for record-keeping purposes. The consent log can be exported to a CSV file.

Fully Customizable Banner

Every banner layout is fully customizable to match the theme of your website. The plugin also comes with pre-styled and pre-built templates to choose from for the banner.

Granular control for Cookies

Allow users to give consent for only selected cookies based on their category. Users can allow users to give consent to a certain category of cookies and block unwanted categories

Cookie Policy Generator

Cookie Policy Generator gives a template for the cookie policy of the website that the admins can modify and use to help visitors give informed consent about the use of cookies.

Multilingual Support

Support multilingual websites with translations for 10 languages out-of-the-box and is compatible with most multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang, and qTranslate.


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Bobby sAP

5 out of 5

I buy for the moment just one license to see if is so powerfull like ppl says. I want to thank you very much for this plugin and i will continue to buy more license, what i buy from other was not so complete and easy plugin for gdpr. Keep this perfec... Show more

Noam Maital

5 out of 5

I purchased the Single Site license and had a really easy time installing it. I was also able to customize it to only show notifications to EU website visitors. The customer support was responsive and quick to reply to my questions. Great plugin.

Mathias Ritter

5 out of 5

We have tried a bunch of other plugins before we discovered the GDPR plugin by Webtoffee. In our opinion, it is the best! First of all, it could not be easier to set this up. It allows you to customize your cookie notice in ways you would not even ... Show more


5 out of 5

The Best GDPR and Cookie plugin ever! WebToffee is always there to help and answer any of your question. For the rare issues I had support has always been the best I have ever had. Real help, competent, quick and totally effective. I am total... Show more

5 out of 5

As a newbie to all things web and cookie related, even I was able to install this plugin and get it working correctly with the help of the super responsive support team. It works automatically with Google Ads and I was able to add our third party tr... Show more


5 out of 5

Perfect plugin for applying GDPR for websites that serve EU customers, get their explicit consent (or rejection) for cookies and collected data. It is very easy to use! The implementation went smoothly and the support was impeccable - fast and effici... Show more

Make WordPress GDPR and CCPA compliance easy and hassle-free!

Get a step closer to achieve GDPR and CCPA compliance for your WordPress website.

Display Cookie Banner

Display a cookie consent banner and get explicit cookie consent

The key to GDPR is transparency. And a website needs to be transparent about their use of cookies and inform the visitors as they come to visit the website.

GDPR Cookie Consent when installed and activated will add a banner that can be seen across the website until visitors act upon it. The banner can be used to inform the user about the use of cookies and prompt them to take explicit and informed action (accept, reject, or partially accept).

You can also add a link to the privacy policy page from the banner which also adds to the transparency of your website.

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Automatic Scan of the Cookies

Scan all of the websites in the click of a button

GDPR Cookie Consent crawls and scans all the pages on the website and check cookies automatically.

The cookies thus identified are then added to the cookies list in the plugin along with the other necessary details.

Along with the cookies added automatically by the scan, you can also add the cookies manually.

The details of the cookies can also be changed manually so that you can add any additional information that you want your visitors to be aware of. The details of the cookies can also be exported to a CSV file for later use.

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Automatic Script blocking

Automatically block all cookie script prior to the consent

To be compliant with the Cookie Law, your website requires to take consent before the cookies are set.

The automatic script blocking feature allows you to block cookies before the consent is given with as little effort as installing and activating the plugin.

The plugin gives you the option to select which scripts need to be blocked automatically prior to consent and the scripts that need not be blocked.

The list of third-party scripts that are blocked automatically include: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar Analytics, Google Publisher Tag, Youtube, Vimeo, Google maps, Addthis widget, ShareThis widget, Twitter widget, Soundcloud, Slideshare, Linkedin widget, Instagram, Pinterest

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Manage Cookies and Cookie Categories

Easily categorize and manage cookies

GDPR Cookie Consent plugin helps to scan the entirety of the website to detect the cookies used in all the pages of the website.

The cookies detected are categorized and automatically added to the cookie list.

The cookie list contains the details of the cookies like the purpose of the cookies, the duration of the cookies, the category of the cookies, etc.

The cookie list can be displayed to the visitors with the help of a shortcode to help them give informed consent for the cookies.

Categorization of the cookies helps the visitors to give consent to only those cookies that they like to accept and reject the others. The plugin by default has two categories – Necessary and non-necessary.

After a cookie scan, categories will be added according to the purpose of the cookies identified. Also, you can add and manage categories manually.

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Customizable banner

With multiple layouts and pre-designed templates

Our WordPress cookie consent plugin provides multiple layouts and predesigned templates that will help you add a unique banner to your WordPress website in a matter of clicks.

In addition to that, the plugin gives you extensive customization options that can help you make the banner unique to your website match with the theme of the website and stand out.

The customization options are not just limited to the font, color, size, and position of the banner but also its behavior. You can also decide how the banner behaves when a user clicks on accept, scroll on your website, how it appears when the website is loaded, etc.

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GeoIP Based Cookie Notice

Location-based exclusion of the cookie notice

GDPR requires you to take consent from the visitors from the EU. So, if you need your website to only display the banner to the visitors from the EU, you can do that.

When you enable the GeoIP feature, only visitors from the European Union will see the banner and have cookies based on consent. Ideally, it is better to obtain cookie consent from all the visitors as a growing number of countries are adopting stricter privacy laws.

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Consent log

Keep a detailed consent log

Article 7(1) of the GDPR states: “Where the processing is based on consent, the controller shall be able to demonstrate that the data subject has consented to the processing of his or her personal data”.

This means that you need to have proof of how and when consent was given if you are challenged with infringement.

This feature of the GDPR plugin allows you to record details like the time at which the consent was given, to which categories of cookies was the consent given, the masked IP address of the visitor, and the user ID if the user is a logged-in user.

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Granular Opt-in

Consent to only the cookies needed

When visitors only need to allow certain cookies on the website, they should have the option to select only those cookies. This WordPress cookie plugin allows the users to only allow the category of cookies that they find is okay to be used by the website and give consent to only those cookies. This way users have more control over the cookies they wish to allow or not on the website.

The control on the cookies is given on the basis of the category of the cookies.

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Cache plugin compatible and Multilingual Support

Supports most multilingual and cache plugins

When a website supports multiple languages it is also important that the consent banner also change its language depending on the language of the website. For this, the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is made to be compatible with most of the popular multilingual websites like WPML, qTranslate, Polylang, etc.

The plugin supports the following languages out-of-the-box: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Croatian, Icelandic, Dutch, Slovenian

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Protect your website from potential heavy fines

Complying with the online privacy laws will protect your website from lawsuits and hefty penalties.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the 'GDPR Cookie Consent'? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please visit the support page.


Does installing the plugin make your website GDPR compliant?

GDPR cookie consent plugin helps you to meet all the requirements that you need to implement on your website for compliance with the Cookie Law. The plugin also automates tasks like identifying the cookies and blocking third-party cookies based on users' consent and other features that are required for compliance with the law for your website. However, It is important to note that not all websites are alike and the website admin needs to ensure that their website ticks all the boxes for compliance.
The General Data Protection Regulation means that you need to take accountability for the cookies used on the website. This means that the cookie policy needs to be revised so that it is in accordance with the regulations.
The law requires that the users must have a choice. The choice to consent to the cookie usage on the website; to withdraw the consent at any time; to delete any user data so recorded by the cookie usage that was once consented.
This means that you should take accountability for the user data that will be shared with the third party services obtained by the cookies used on the website. In view of the same, we can ensure a few things that would make your life easier. Below are the key points you need to have for your Cookie Law compliance.
Transparent cookie policy – Have a clear and concise Cookie Policy. You can list the cookies and their purpose in a clear and simple language so that the users know what they will be agreeing to.
Accountability for the user data – Since the onus is on you for sharing user data with the third parties it is important to be well informed as to what kind of cookies you are using in the website.
Definite user consent – It is important to obtain a definite user consent from the user prior to enabling the respective cookies.
Cookie categorization – Categorise your Cookies as ‘Necessary’ ( strictly necessary for providing an “information society service” requested by the user) and ‘Non-Necessary’ (cookies used for analytical purposes or cookies used by first-party or a third party such as advertisers). Only set Necessary cookies before getting user consent. Set Non-necessary cookies only after getting user consent.
Consent audit log – All user consents should be stored securely so that they can be produced should there be a need in the future.
Consent withdrawal – Users must be able to withdraw their consent at any given point.
The duration of viewed_cookie_policy is 365 days. It will automatically be deleted after one year. The cookie will be reset when the user accepts or rejects it again from the website.
You can search for the script in the page source using the content of the script via a simple search and find tool. Refer link.
Yes. Once configured as per the documentation, cookies/scripts will be rendered only if the user clicks the Accept button.
Yes. You can mix and match the text style, color, button color, etc. Also, it supports further customization via CSS coding.
If the youtube embed is enabled under Script Blocker, it will block the youtube script until the user gives consent since it sets cookies. Once the user clicks accept, it will run the youtube script without any issues.
If you are required to run a YouTube embed script without respect to user consent, meaning it will run without consent, please disable the youtube embed in Script Blocker. This would run the youtube script before consent and also sets the cookies for the same. Refer the article to know how to set up the script blocker.
Try clearing the site cache and hard refresh the page (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift +R). Contact support if it doesn't help.
Add a cookie manually to the cookie list and add the script in respective header/body fields. Also, remove the script from anywhere else on the site. Refer article.
Kindly ensure that you have assigned a category for the google analytics under Script Blocker settings and there is at least one cookie from the Cookie List assigned to this category. Refer article.
Yes. You can enable consent logging under plugin settings. Go to Cookie Law Settings > General > Other > Enable consent logging. Logging user consent information is allowed by GDPR laws.
Consent log data is stored in your WP database. The log contains user IP, visited date, category preferences, and user ID.
Yes. The plugin is WPML compatible.


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