Smart Coupons for WooCommerce, the All-in-one Advanced WooCommerce Coupon Plugin

WooCommerce BOGO coupons, Giveaways, gift vouchers, store credits, and more - everything that you need to boost sales for your WooCommerce store.

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Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

  • Create BOGO coupons
  • Configure auto-apply coupons
  • Set up product giveaways
  • Generate sign up coupons
  • Set up store credits and gift cards
  • Create cart abandonment coupons
  • Bulk generate coupons
  • Create coupon banners with count-down timers

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

Managing Coupons and Offers made easy and effective

Create smarter marketing campaigns with smart coupons using its powerful set features and functionalities.

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Advanced WooCommerce coupon rules

Configure different coupons and offers with the advanced coupon rules that can only be applied if certain conditions are met at purchase.

BOGO offers icon

Create BOGO offers

Create a Buy One Get One offer with any products on your store or products in any category and reward the customers with more than what they pay for.

Offers and discounts icon

Variety of offers & discounts

Use different combinations of coupon features and restrictions to create a variety of offers and discount options to maximize the sales in your store.

behavior based coupon icon

Behavior-based coupon creation

Create coupons based on customer behavior that will increase the chances of converting and keep the customers returning.

store credits icon

Offer Store credits

Allow the users to purchase store credit that they can use for later purchase or gift it to their loved ones or store credits in place of refunds.

gift coupons. icon

Gift coupons in attractive designs

Allow the customers to purchase gift coupons that they themselves can use or gift them to their friends via email with attractive gift card designs.

Count down discount sales banner icon

Count-down discount sales banner

Create a FOMO effect and a sense of urgency in your customers to make the purchase as soon as possible by adding a countdown timer banner.

email store credits icon

Email store credits/coupons

The customers can send store credits or gift coupons from the store straight to the recipient’s inbox by simply entering the email address.

Bulk coupon generation icon

Bulk coupon generation

Create thousands of coupons all at once and add them to the store. Email the coupons generated to your selected customers or export them to a CSV file.

Plugin to Create a Successful Business and Valued Customers

Used by more than 10,000 stores to create more sales and revenue for their online business.

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Easily Create and Manage WooCommerce Coupons for Every Campaign

Increase conversions with smart discounts like giveaways, free shipping, flash sales, and more

The success of your online store depends hugely on how well you market your products. People always love getting more than what they pay for. Hence, coupons without a doubt will help your store to improve sales and retain your existing customers.

  • Create different kinds of coupons – Fixed amount, percentage, Fixed product discount, subscription discount, etc.
  • Create Different types of BOGO discounts with coupon conditions and restrictions
  • Create a combination of coupons that can be used with some coupons and can’t be with others.
  • Ensure a maximum or minimum sales with restrictions to the number of products in the cart for applying coupon
  • Increase conversion with customizable coupons and coupon banners
  • Automatically generate coupons with a format that you specify

Create and manage smart sales and marketing campaigns with advanced WooCommerce coupon features.

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Manage advanced WooCommerce coupons using Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart WooCommerce BOGO offer and cart page

Get the Customers to Spend More on Your Store With BOGO Coupons

BOGO Offers (Buy One Get One) are one of the most popular and proven ways to get more customers to purchase from your store. Enjoy having more happy customers getting more than what they pay for. Create different kinds of WooCommerce BOGO discounts that fit your store.

Create WooCommerce BOGO coupons with endless possibilities. Some of them are:

  • Buy 1 T-shirt and get 1, Buy 2 T-shirts and get 1, Buy 2 T-shirts and get 2, and so on
  • Let customers buy 2 sunglasses and get 1 at 60% off
  • Add screen protector automatically to cart when a customer purchases a phone
  • Allow the customer to choose from a phone case from the “phone case” category when they purchase a phone
  • And more…

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Create Advanced BOGO Discounts that Help you Make More Profit and Move Inventory

Design BOGO offers to achieve your business goals as well making customers happy. Create conditions for the coupons so that customers are tempted to purchase and you can get them to choose from products or categories that you decide.

You can create the coupons that let the customers choose from:

  • Any product from the store
  • Specific product
  • Products from specific categories
  • Same products as in the cart
  • Product from the same category as in the cart

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WooCommerce BOGO Offer with products from specific category

Advanced coupons settings with coupons rules and restrictions

Increase Effectiveness of Coupons With Purchase Conditions and Coupon Rules

Get Extensive usage restriction and checkout options

You can use the plugin to create coupons with restrictions. The coupon will only be applied when a condition or a combination of conditions is met. You have the following options for restricting coupons:

  • Set a minimum/maximum quantity and/or subtotals of the products
  • Apply the discount only if the cart contains all the mentioned products.
  • By the method of payment selected
  • By method of shipping opted by the user
  • The country of the shipping or billing address
  • By the user roles of the purchasing customers

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Save Time and Effort Creating Multiple Coupons with Bulk Generate

Create as many coupons as needed in bulk at once

Create hundreds of coupons in a click using the bulk generate feature. Create multitudes of coupons with same coupons rules and unique coupon codes.

Just specify the number of coupons that need to be generated, and configure how the coupons are to be used and generate!

These coupons can be added to the store or exported as CSV for later use or even mailed to the recipients directly.

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Bulk generate smart WooCommerce coupons

Cart abandonment and sign up coupons

Cart Abandonment Coupons and Sign-up Coupons

Create coupons that are proven to improve sales

A significant majority of customers on your WooCommerce online store leave without making a purchase. This gives you an opportunity to create targeted offers that your customers can’t refuse. Create abandoned cart coupons that you can send to potential customers’ emails to encourage them to make a purchase. Reel in the customers who are on the verge of converting.

Sign-up coupons will help you keep your customers happy by giving them coupons for signing up for your service. This will create a strong base of repeat customers to your store.
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Create Convenient Sales Campaigns With URL Coupons

Easily shareable, one click coupons

URL Coupons are a very convenient way to create sales campaigns. Convert any coupon codes to URLs that can be easily shared on social media, embedded in blog articles, or added to a button. The possibilities are endless.

There is no need for copy-pasting coupon codes and can be configured to auto-apply when customers make a purchase.

You can also create custom URL coupons and generate QR codes for coupons with the URL Coupons for WooCommerce plugin available in our store.

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Smart WooCommerce URL coupons

WooCommerce smart coupons giveaway offers

Reward Your Customers with Giveaway Offers on Your Store

Easily create coupons with products that can be given away for free

You can create coupons that can be used to give away free products. The free products are added automatically to the cart when the customers apply the coupon.

Also, let the customers choose what product they’d like as a giveaway product from the products that you define.

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Create Gift Coupons/Vouchers on Product Purchase

Have customer loyalty programs on your store for a happy customer base

You can create coupons that customers can get when they purchase the product. This can be especially useful when used as a part of a promo or a launch. Give customers the choice to use the gift voucher themselves of gift it to someone else.

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WooCommerce gift coupons

WooCommerce store credit

Let Your Customers to Purchase and Gift Store Credit

Smart way to retain existing and gain new customers

Create store credit type coupons of unlimited and/or pre-defined values. These credits can be purchased by the customers for themselves or as gifts to others. The customers can choose from attractive templates to gift to their loved ones.

The customers can also schedule when the gift will be sent – a great way to give birthday gifts, or anniversary gifts, etc.

The customers can use the store credit to make payments instead of using cards or other payment gateways. They can make multiple purchases in the store until the limit is exhausted and the credit is valid.

As an admin, you can also manually gift a store credit to your customers or a chosen few to boost sales. This way you can use store credits as a mode of refunds or other compensations.

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Display Coupon Banners for Flash Sales or Seasonal Sales

With an attractive sales countdown timer

Boost your sales with attractive coupon banners on your website and notify your visitors about the incredible offers.

Create a sense of urgency with limited period offers for the users to make the purchase quicker by adding the countdown timer.

Choose the way you want the coupon banner to look with its customization options. You can add the banner as a notification bar or as a widget.

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Display coupons banners

n-th order discount in WooCommerce

N-th order coupons

Create discounts based on customers’ purchase history

An n-th order coupon is a popular sales tactic used by many popular stores to keep the customers return to the store. You can create coupons that can be given to the customers after they complete a certain number of orders.

This feature will allow you to give a 1st order discount, or give a discount when they complete their 10th purchase on the store.

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Customizable Coupon Styles and Templates

Show coupons on cart, checkout, and account pages

Assign a style for all your coupons and discount vouchers. Assign different styles depending on the status of the coupon – active, used, and expired.

You can display the coupons on the customers’ account page, checkout page, or cart page for improved visibility for the coupon.

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Customizable WooCommerce Coupons

Save profits by offering the cheapest item as the BOGO giveaway

Save your profits by offering the cheapest item in the cart as the BOGO giveaway

One of the key drawbacks of a basic BOGO offer is that customers can claim a higher-priced product for free by adding a lower-priced product to the cart. This can have a severe impact on the net revenue generated by the business.

By automatically charging customers for the higher priced product and offering the lower priced item as free, you will be able to generate profit and build customer loyalty.

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Easily Import Coupons to the Store Using a CSV File

Migrate coupons data efficiently

The plugin allows you to import coupons from a CSV with a pre-defined header.

You can add multiple coupons to the store with the help of a CSV file.

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Import WooCommerce coupons

Create WooCommerce duplicate coupons

Create Duplicate Coupons in a Single Click

Time-saver for creating similar coupon configurations

Duplicate the existing coupons so that you don’t have to go about configuring them from scratch again, especially if most of the rules are similar.

This option will clone an exact copy of the chosen coupon and you can make only the essential changes to it.

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Language support

Supports multiple languages

The following are the languages currently supported by the plugin by default:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian

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WooCommerce coupons language support

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Technical Info

Minimum version Tested up to
PHP 5.6 or higher 8.0
WordPress 3.0 or higher 6.1
WooCommerce 3.0 or higher 7.1

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I provide my customers with free giveaway products using this plugin?

Yes. You can easily set up product giveaway coupons using this WooCommerce smart coupon plugin. Refer to the article to know how to set it up.
Yes. You can set up a gift coupon/gift certificate/gift voucher type coupons that are available to the users when they make an eligible purchase.
Offering free shipping is a great way to increase conversions in a WooCommerce store. Smart Coupons plugin allows you to easily create coupons that allow free shipping for your customers.
Yes. You can create coupons that auto-apply when the customers check out of the store with a purchase.
Yes. The plugin supports clicking to apply from the cart page.
Yes. You can choose to display the coupons on my accounts page/cart page/checkout page.
The plugin will help you create coupons that can be used in combinations with some and coupons that can’t be used in combinations with other coupons.
You can create product giveaway coupons for which the taxes will be applied only on the discounted price.
You can choose the import feature of this WooCommerce coupon plugin to assist you to add all the coupons to your store.
Each coupon has a shortcode associated with it that you can add to any page on your website and you can show the coupon code.
The plugin does not have any particular options to manage subscription coupons. The recurring discount coupon is added by the Subscription for Woocommerce plugin and not the Smart Coupons for Woocommerce plugin.


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