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Scale Your Store With Subscriptions for WooCommerce

The best WooCommerce subscription plugin to ensure a recurring revenue for your WooCommerce website.

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Easily Create Subscriptions on Your WooCommerce Store

One of the best WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins for creating and managing recurring payments/billing in your store.

Simple & Variable Subscriptions

Easily create simple and variable subscriptions with recurring price, interval, and subscription length, and different attributes/variations.

Set Free Trial and Sign Up Fee

Set a free trial period for a defined number of days/weeks/month/years and set up a signup fee exclusive of the actual subscription price

Manage Renewal Interval & Expiry

Set up subscriptions with renewals daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly renewal for every 2nd, 3rd, etc. up to 6th interval and set expiry for each subscription

Offer Recurring Discounts

Easily provide recurring discounts in every subscription renewal. Create recurring fixed value or percentage subscription discount coupons

Stripe, PayPal Supported

Both major payment gateways are supported for regular recurring revenue and recurring subscription discount coupon, that will be applied for every renewal order

Supports Synchronization, Pro-Rate.

Synchronize subscription renewals to the same day for all subscribers. Allows to use prorate to charge for the subscription till first renewal

Email notifications

Send automatic emails for various statuses – canceled, expired, suspended, completed, and renewal reminders of subscriptions, to customers and/or site owners

Free Trial and Signup fee

You can set a free trial period for a defined number of days/weeks/month/years and can also set up a signup fee or a fixed fee for your subscription products

Multilingual Support

Support multilingual websites with translations for 10 languages out-of-the-box and is compatible with most multilingual plugins.


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5 out of 5

The service from Webtoffee is really top notch. They respond really fast, always helpful and friendly. The plugin has worked perfectly without any glicthes. I would highly recommend these guys, theyr'e doing an excellent job!



5 out of 5

I have been using this plugin for over a year now, works great and is backed with top class support from Mark and his team. Just this week I had an issue after an upgrade and we went back and forth, Mark and his team worked patiently with us and fi... Show more



5 out of 5

This plugin is incredible. The ROI (return on investment) is off the charts! In other words, for a very small and reasonable investment, you can implement the subscriptions, course enrollment, and other options on your site. Prior to this plugin, ... Show more

Best subscription plugin to increase revenue on you WooCommerce store!

Successfully move your store to subscription model to ensure a predictable income.

Create simple subscriptions

Increase your revenue by creating subscription products that can generate a predictable income in your store.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin allows you to easily create simple subscriptions for your customers. Create simple subscriptions to include subscription price, interval, and a subscription period.

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Create simple subscriptions using WooComerce subscriptions by WebToffee
Create variable subscriptions using Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Create subscriptions for variations

Give your customer the choice to choose from a variety of your products or subscription plans.

This WooCommerce recurring payments plugin will help you create variable subscriptions with variations for your products, subscription renewal periods, prices, etc. for your WooCommerce products and services.

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Synchronize all the subscriptions

You can synchronize/align all subscription renewals to occur on the same day of the week or month for all subscribers irrespective of the date of purchase. This will help you ensure a predictable recurring revenue on a particular day (of the month/week/year).

Additionally, you can also prorate the payment for the subscriptions. An initial amount will be charged for use based on the number of days until the first synchronized renewal.

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synchronizing subscriptions for WooCommerce
multiple schedules for recurring renewals for WooCommerce subscriptions

Set different billing schedules for subscription renewals

The WooCommerce subscriptions plugin gives you considerable flexibility in setting up renewals for the subscription products.

You can set a billing period of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly for every 2nd, 3rd, etc.. up to 6th interval for subscription renewals.

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Give free trials & charge a signup fee

Build trust and let your customers try out your products before making a purchase. You can set a free trial period for any number of days/weeks/month/years to your WooCommere subscriptions.

Similarly, you can also set up a signup fee for the subscriptions. This fee is charged in addition to the regular subscription price of the product.

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set up free trial and signup fee for WooCommerce subscriptions
subscriptions for WooCommerce customer management

Convenient subscription management for customers

The subscribers can view and easily manage their subscriptions from ‘My Account’ page. They can suspend, reactivate, cancel, and resubscribe their subscriptions from their account.

Subscribers also have the option to change the shipping address if required.

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Subscription management for store owners

All subscriptions created on your WooCommerce store can be viewed and managed from the Webtoffee Subscriptions dashboard.

The plugin allows the store owner to create a new subscription, cancel, set pending cancellation, suspend a subscription, put it on hold, or change the status of a subscription to ‘expired’.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce also gives the store owners the options to resend a new order notification, create a pending renewal order, process renewal, and more.

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admin dashboard for WooCommerce subscriptions
Set recurring discounts for subscriptions in WooCommerce

Recurring subscription discount coupon

The plugin adds two additional coupon types to the WooCommerce coupons. These coupons can be created as a fixed value of a percentage discount on the subscription.

This allows you to create a recurring subscription discount coupon that can be will be applied for every renewal.

This works pretty much like a normal coupon, except that it will be applied to every ongoing payment related to the parent order.

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Email notifications

Automatic emails have been configured to notify the customer and/or the site owners for various statuses – canceled, expired, suspended, completed, and renewal reminders of the subscription product.

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subscriptions for WooCommerce email notification
Subscriptions for WooCommerce language support

Language support

Subscription for WooCommerce supports the following languages out of the box: German, Spanish, Mexican, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Russian.

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase.


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1 site
  • License for 1 site
  • 1 year of plugin updates
  • 1 year of ticketed support
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Plugin Version: 3.2.6

Last Updated: 2021-11-12

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about 'Subscriptions for WooCommerce'? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please visit the support page.


Is buying the plugin a one-time charge?

The plugin license comes as a 12 months subscription. The license is valid till one year and will renew after that automatically, unless cancelled. You can use the plugin for lifetime, but support and updates of the plugins will be available as long as the license is active.
We have extensive documentation on our website (tutorials, knowledgebase, FAQs, and sample code snippets). If you need any assistance you can create a new support ticket and our team will respond as quickly as possible. We usually respond within 1-2 business days. Product support via phone, Facebook, or Twitter is unavailable at this time.
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee whatever is the reason. If you find the product does not work the way you need, we can issue a refund.
Once your order is complete, you should receive an email notification with a download link. You may also go to your account page and click the Downloads tab to find all available products.
Yes, they are compatible, however, you will need a license for every site. Eg: If you have subsites as,www.domaninname/site1 www.domaninname/site2www.domaninname/site3 You will have to activate the license on every subsite ( site1, site2, site3). Our system recognizes the name of the URL www.domaninname/site1 is different from www.domaninname/site2 meaning that you will need to buy a license for every subsite in order to activate them on all sites.
Since the license is valid per site, you can only activate it on one site at a time. During testing, you may activate in the staging site and once you decide to go live, you can deactivate from staging and activate in the live site.


Does this plugin support recurring payment for a subscription product?

Yes. You need to configure plugins like WooCommerce Stripe plugin or PayPal Standard etc, to support recurring payment in your site.
Yes. It supports Paypal and Stripe payment gateway plugins.
Yes. You can use the synchronization feature for a specific purpose.
Yes. The customer/subscribers will receive emails regarding their subscription activities like renewal, activation, renewal, payment failure, etc.
Yes. Using the change payment method option available under the user my-account page, a user can always change their credit card for an active subscription.
No. You will need to create separate product pages for subscriptions and regular products.

Subscription plugin to take your store to the next level!

Easily reate niche of loyal customers and ensure guaranteed recurring income