Please read this before you submit a ticket

Help in setting up the plugin

We have detailed documentation for the setup of all our plugins. It is useful to go through the documentation first before submitting a ticket. You might find your question already answered in the docs.

Ticket updates

Please do not update the ticket unless necessary. Your tickets are queued on a first-come-first-served basis. Updating a ticket multiple times will take it to the end of the queue and will lose priority

Errors, conflicts, and bugs

Before you submit a ticket regarding errors, conflicts, and bugs, there are some troubleshooting that you can do yourself

  1. Make sure that your WordPress, theme, and plugin versions are up-to-date.
  2. Try and disable all the plugins except for WooCommerce, and enable the plugins one by one. This will help you find out the culprit in case of any plugin conflict.
  3. To find out if the conflict is with the theme, please switch to the WordPress default theme and check whether the issue persists.

Share all the relevant details

When submitting your ticket, make sure to share all the details that can help us understand the issue without much delay. The following will help in drafting the most effective ticket

  • Use the Subject line of the message to describe the issue briefly. 
  • Explain the issue in a clear and concise manner. Screenshots or screen recordings also help.
  • Share the affected URL of the website in cases where the issue is related to the front end of the website. If your site is not published yet, please provide the relevant credentials that can help us take a look at the issue. 
  • Include the system status report, which can be found on your site under Tools > Site health > Info. Click “Copy site info to clipboard” and paste it into the message field.

Sharing confidential information

While sharing CSV/ sample invoice files related to issues, ensure to strip off any user-sensitive data like user email, addresses, payment details, etc.

Instruction on how to provide access.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Users > Add New
  2. Create a new user with an admin user role with the email ID and send a welcome email directly so that we can reset the password and login
  3. Share the login URL and username via the support ticket so that we can identify the welcome email sent in the previous step.
  4. In case the welcome email is not delivered and requested to share the password directly, kindly use a service like to share it.

Note: Once the issue is resolved, please delete the account from your WordPress website for security reasons.

While sharing theme or plugin zip files, either share the files using Gdrive (make them accessible to anyone with the link) or use tools like Wetransfer (do not send directly, instead, copy the link and reply in the ticket).

Be courteous and polite

It goes without saying please be polite, respectful, and considerate in your communications. We can understand your feelings when something doesn’t work as expected. But please know that we will do our best to help you get the best experience from all our products.

Posting Code

Posting huge lines of code could make the ticket difficult to read. Please use tools like Pastebin or similar to share code in the tickets.