How to Set up Free Shipping in WooCommerce

How to Set up Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Do you remember the situations where you tried to make more purchases just to avail yourself of free shipping? That’s the power of offering free shipping. It can help increase the average order value, reduce cart abandonment, among other things.

Thus helping you generate large revenue for your store.

This article will explore the benefits of offering free shipping, how to configure free shipping in WooCommerce, and how you can create WooCommerce free shipping coupons.

So let us dive into it.

Why You Should Offer Free Shipping in your WooCommerce Store?

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According to a study done by smart insights, the percentage of people who left without placing an order due to shipping cost was a whopping 68%. Customers are even willing to wait for even longer delivery times if that avoids shipping costs. 

As pointed out in the introduction, free shipping has magical effects when it comes to persuading people to purchase. When people finally are ready to check out and learn that the shipping charge is a bit high, chances are high for them to abandon their carts.

How your WooCommerce Store can Benefit from Offering Free Shipping

Here is more detailed information on how a WooCommerce store benefits from offering free shipping to its customers.

Reduces cart abandonments

According to a study done by Baymard Institute, the top most reason for cart abandonment was the high shipping cost. A staggering 60% of users abandoned their carts to avoid having to pay huge shipping costs. This shows you how important it is to offer free shipping or at the least reducing shipping costs.

Increases average order value

Most of the time free shipping is allowed on a minimum spend. If a customer doesn’t reach that amount they will have to pay the shipping cost. This makes the shopper purchase more to meet the condition of free shipping (Eg: Purchase for $300 and avail of free shipping) thereby increasing the average order value for your store.

Improve the competitivity

If your competitors are offering free shipping already, it’s high time you do the same within your store and in a different way than they do. Once the shopper has information about your free shipping or has been once benefited from that program, your store will spring to their minds first, and give your site a chance instead of considering other major players.

Boosts sales and revenue

When all the three above points go well, it will definitely reflect on your sales and its revenue. If you are selling physical items there is no better and easier strategy to increase your WooCommerce store’s sales.

How to Configure Free Shipping in your WooCommerce Store?

Do you want to set up free shipping for all the products you sell in your store? Here is a step-by-step process of how you can do it easily.

Step 1: Navigate to the shipping section in WooCommerce

You can go to the shipping section by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings.

Shipping settings section to add a shipping zone
Add a shipping zone

Step 2: Add a shipping zone and choose a shipping method

Now you can assign a shipping method to the zone.

Choose a shipping method
Choose a shipping method

Now you can click the Save changes button.

Settings to enable free shipping in WooCommerce
Free shipping enabled

Now you have successfully configured free shipping within your WooCommerce store.

This sets free shipping globally for all your store’s products. What if you want to allow free shipping only for selected products in your WooCommerce store. The next section will show you how to do it.

How to Allow Free Shipping per Product in WooCommerce

WooCommerce by default allows you to set free shipping per product using shipping classes. Here are the steps you need to follow for it to work.

Step 1: Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping class

This is where all your existing shipping classes appear. You can add new shipping classes by clicking on the ‘Add new shipping class’ button.

For those of you who are not familiar with Shipping classes, it is a feature offered by WooCommerce to charge different shipping rates depending on the products purchased. This way you can set your store to automatically change the shipping rates based on the product.

For example, if your store sells home appliances there will be both lightweight and heavy ones. Like a cloth dryer and refrigerator. You can group all the lightweight ones to one shipping class and all the heavyweight ones to another. This way shipping costs will be covered evenly.

Now let us add a new shipping class.

Step 2: Add a new shipping class by clicking the ‘Add Shipping Class’ button

You can name the shipping class anything you prefer. I am going with ‘Free shipping’ within the example.

WooCommerce settings to add a new shipping class
Add shipping class

Once you save the newly entered shipping class, open the Shipping zone tab.

Step 3: Add a shipping zone if you don’t have one already

Here you can add a shipping zone if you don’t have one already.

Adding shipping zone
Add shipping zone

Step 4: Add the ‘Flat rate’ shipping method

Add ‘Flat rate’ shipping method to the selected shipping zone.

Add flat rate shipping method
Flat rate shipping method

Now edit the flat rate method as shown in the below screenshot.

Change the method title to ‘Shipping charge’ and set the ‘Free shipping’ class cost to zero. Click save changes.

Configure flat-rate shipping settings
Flat-rate shipping method settings

Step 5: Open the product edit page

Open the product edit page of the product you want to offer free shipping in your store.

Product edit page
Product edit page

Step 6: Choose the shipping class as ‘Free shipping’ within the product data section

In this step, you can assign the newly created shipping class ‘Free shipping’ to the product.

Assign shipping class to product
Assign shipping class

Now you may update the product.

Here is how the product price looks once it’s added to the cart. It doesn’t display any shipping charge.

Cart total having zero shipping charge
Cart total having zero shipping charge

How to Set up Free Shipping Coupons in WooCommerce

Normally people become aware of the shipping costs when they are at the checkout point. But you can create free shipping coupons and use them as a marketing strategy to bring more shoppers your way.

For that, you need to know how you can create shipping coupons in your store. Here is what you need to know for creating free shipping coupons in your store.

Step 1: Enable coupons

You can enable coupons in WooCommerce by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > General.

Once you have enabled the checkbox, click the Save changes button at the end of the page.

Now you need to navigate to the coupon section (Marketing > Coupons).

Step 2: Click ‘Add coupon’ to create a new coupon

Here you can configure the necessary details to create a new coupon.

Create a new coupon in WooCommerce
Create coupon

If you need step-by-step instructions on creating coupons, you should check out this guide on creating WooCommerce coupons. You can create a coupon for your desired configuration.

While creating coupons you need to enable the allow free shipping check box to enable free shipping. Now you have configured free shipping coupons in your WooCommerce store.

Now that you have created free shipping coupons you can start promoting them to make the most out of those coupons.

Following are some of the ways you can use to promote free shipping coupons in your store.

Top Ways to Promote Free Shipping Coupons within your WooCommerce Store

  1. Put up a limited-time free shipping banner on your website

FOMO effect has its way of getting people into doing what you want. Plus, since it is added as a banner, it captures your website visitors’ attention quickly. You can either code it to your website or use a coupon plugin such as Smart coupons for WooCommerce to easily customize and create count-down coupon banners.

  1. Leverage the popularity of your social media followers

Social media is a great platform to get the word out, whether it’s about coupons or deals. You can send coupons to your social media followers and let them spread the word.

  1. Make the most out of your email subscribers

Email marketing campaigns can also be used to promote your coupon campaigns. You can add coupons to your newsletters and bring in potential customers to your store.


Even if your WooCommerce store provides a state-of-the-art checkout experience, you will lose sales if you are unable to reduce their shipping costs. No amount of coupons or discounts can avoid the bitter consequence caused by higher shipping costs. I hope this article helped see the clear picture of offering free shipping.