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10 Ways to Promote your WooCommerce Store

Despite the fact that the first online shopping session took place about 25 years ago (in 1994), the significant progress of the e-commerce sector is dated from the period of 2010-2011. According to Sleeknote research, the sound jump in statistics is seen in 2014. The e-commerce sector generated $1.3 trillion in total sales. This number was predicted by Statista analytics in 2010. All the next predictions were also correct. The growth of the e-commerce sector was stable and demonstrated geometrical progression from 2014 up to 2020.

According to the next Statista projections for 2022-2023, the annual revenue worldwide that might be gained by online shops could reach up to $12,1 trillion.

Chart showing annual revenue trend for e-commerce websites

More and more people around the world are beginning to shopping online. According to Oberlo statistics, about 63% of modern purchasers decide to order anything on the Internet. It means that the e-commerce sector continues to gather pace. Buying online became the new normal because of several reasons. The most evident of them are presented by the research-based company Nielsen Norman Group:

  • Ease of use – today’s shoppers are for 100% convenience. In an online shop, you can purchase any goods without leaving your home. Present-day ecommerce websites offer everything necessary for comfortable purchases (product descriptions, high-quality imagery with the zooming option, physical characteristics of the item, etc.).
  • International online presence – it is possible to order goods from other countries without visiting a physical shop. Online chats with shop assistants, 24/7 customer support, and other helpful options for seller-buyer interactions are presented by 80% of online retailers.
  • Large selection of products – even if some special-purpose item is desired, search becomes easier through the Internet. It saves the time and effort of purchasers. There is no need to cruise about local markets and malls to find what you need. The order proceeds in several clicks.
  • The opportunity to compare prices – numerous ecommerce websites offer the same item at different costs. There is a chance to capture a discounted product of your interest without any reason to overpay for it. Additionally, online shopping is free from impulsive decisions caused by mega sales, recommendations of assistants, and other factors.
  • Availability of other shoppers’ reviews – mouth-to-mouth marketing is an awesome tool. Especially when it comes to ecommerce websites. People can leave positive or negative reviews that will become a reason to order on a specific site or pass by the seller.

With the increase of more and more e-commerce businesses around the world, it is important to stand out in the online race. To make your project capable and hit the market, it is critical to follow trends and meet your target audience’s requirements. According to a BigCommerce survey, there are several win-win approaches and online store marketing ideas in 2021:

  1. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence improves online shopping experiences and helps marketers learn more about buyers.
  2. On-site personalization really matters to provide shoppers individualized services on the Internet.
  3. Chatbots simplify communication and interactions with users. Implementation of chatbots improves the speed of seller reactions to requests.
  4. Subscription-driven ecommerce websites promote shopper retention. People come back for more shopping if the seller offers a subscription and special offers.
  5. Mobile-friendliness of an online store is necessary because more and more users prefer to order goods and services via their handheld screens.
  6. Video content improves the user experience and position of an ecommerce site at once. Video marketing is essential in 2021 (product reviews, video testimonials, unpacking clips).
  7. The flexibility of payments and safety of transactions encourage customers to buy more frequently. Your task is to provide numerous options to pay for an order online.
  8. Conversions become more dependable on digital solutions and improve the sustainability of an ecommerce business.

Speaking about a digital feature-rich shopping solution, WooCommerce is considered one of the most favored today. This platform obtains many helpful options for online stores and the opportunity for sellers to customize their business and turn it into a customer-oriented one. Among key benefits of a WooCommerce store are:

  • This is a free WordPress plugin that is installed easily and fast.
  • WooCommerce offers the creation of a custom online shop without huge investments and effort.
  • There are many themes and templates to customize a WooCommerce store.
  • The plugin includes many supplementary options for better online shop performance (product ratings, built-in blogging, etc.);
  • Improved SEO with the WooCommerce plugin.

Additionally, WooCommerce is about flexibility and affordability. A big number of extensions, built-in analytical tools, and cost-efficiency of the plugin characterize WooCommerce the best way. But even with a comprehensive set of available tools, your online shop marketing strategy should be focused on a well-thought e-commerce promotion.

10 Ways to Promote Your WooCommerce Store

If you are interested in motivating shoppers to act on impulse, increase the product’s organic positions in search, and improve your ROI rates, it is necessary to advertise an online store the best way. First, it’s better to start with in-store promotions that play a fundamental role in your marketing. According to Mabaya research, about 70% of decisions are made on a site. An e-commerce website needs a comprehensive approach to an advertising strategy that includes SEO-driven practices, customization, and digital marketing tricks.

A WooCommerce shop is not an exception when it comes to the importance of promotion. Here is a list of the most helpful tips on how to promote an online store properly in 2021. Do the work for the long run and be pleased with your online performance and advertising results.

#1 Show the Safety of Your Website

Even with a sound desire to switch from offline shopping to an online purchasing experience, any user is searching for a risk-free store to buy from on the Internet. That is why security is the number one priority when it comes to your in-store WooCommerce promotions. Start with these essential steps to protect your website:

  • Update everything on time. If a new WordPress version has just appeared, it is high time to refresh your system settings and improve your website safety. For example, there are WP security releases like version 4.7.2 with a security-driven patch. Do not miss the opportunity to make your store safe with the help of such default procedures as WordPress version updates and refreshing WooCommerce themes and plugins.
  • Decide on a reputable hosting provider to protect your online shop. According to the information presented on the official WooCommerce website, the list of available hosting companies has increased.

You can read more about all the solutions and choose the most suitable pricing plan for your business (startup, scaling-up, enterprises). Today, you can select hosting from such reputable partnering companies as BlueHost, SiteGround, GoDaddy, WordPress, Pressable, WP Engine, etc.

  • Add SSL certificates for improved safety. According to a Cloudways survey, Google considers non-SSL WooCommerce stores as non-secure. To add free SSL certificates, open the main menu (WooCommerce Settings) and enter the command button Force Secure Checkout. Note that many of today’s hosting providers offer SSL certification for websites by default.

Speaking about the client-side of your WooCommerce online shop, there are several other methods to make your site safer and show your security-driven approach to Internet users.

  1. Create strong passwords. Set up parameters to make any password in your store more reliable (ask about a mixture of capital letters, symbols, numbers and prioritize the minimal length of the password).
  2. Enable 2FA (2-factor authentication). Do not be afraid to make your login procedure a little bit longer. The two-factor authentication requires a second stage of verification via email letter or SMS code). This way you will safeguard user accounts and show potential and existing customers the safety of your website.

To make arrangements for the sake of exceptional safety for your WooCommerce store simpler and faster, use special-purpose security plugins. Here is a list of the top 5 for you:

  • UpdraftPlus – automates backups of your online shop.
  • MalCare – auto-cleans the website with a scanning option.
  • Sucuri – audits and security hardening for WooCommerce sites.
  • All-in-One Security WordPress – checks vulnerabilities in the store.
  • Clock Bad Queries (BBQ) – blocks malicious requests.

#2 Make Sure Your User Experience Is More Than Simple

First, put yourself in the shoppers’ shoes. Do you feel comfortable on the website? Your data in the WooCommerce store should be well-structured and navigation should be far from complicated. You can help Internet searchers fall in love with your online shop. According to Visiture statistics, great UX leads to 85% of cases of shopper retention. To make the user experience exceptional for your target audience, take a closer look at this checklist:

  1. Improve UX with the help of personalized recommendations. Suggest visitors some special catalog items according to their in-store behavior (searching tendencies, other factors).
  2. Make the website structure easy to navigate. Add filters, customize your product categories, make your top menu user-friendly, and use quick search options.
Example of a website with easy navigation
  1. Be focused on customer feedback. Request people to leave comments after their shopping experience in your store. Be sure that new reviews will be positive and become a perfect word-of-mouth WooCommerce promotion tool.
A product/service review form
  1. Add a Wishlist and Drop A Hint options on your website. Note that people need some time to decide on the goods they would like to buy for themselves or present as a gift to someone. Give a good alternative for adding catalog items right in the shopping cart.
  2. Offer an omnichannel experience for better UX. Tie all the marketing, promotional, and communication channels together to improve the user experience. For example, Disney exemplifies this approach. Their online shop includes social media links, a touring category, ticket purchasing opportunities, the option of buying branded merch, etc.
An example of omnichannel experience for better UX

Do not forget to engage, reward, and entertain your customers. Be the interactive e-commerce platform with creativity and add a personal touch to each shopper.

#3 Reach Out to the Right Audience with SEO

Content marketing should be SEO-driven. WooCommerce promotion is impossible without search engine optimization to rank your website higher and overtake competitors. Speaking about the on-page content, it should be both human and search engine friendly at the same time. Answer the questions of your potential customers but do not forget about crawlers. For e-commerce sites, it is essential to start with keyword research.

Analyze the most popular queries in your niche, take a closer look at your competitors, and create your unique keyword plan. Remember that the best-matching keywords with high demand and low competition are the most powerful SEO tactic for you. To simplify keyword research and make it more precise, it is better to find an all-in-one tool. Select one that includes both options, core keyword parameter analyzing, and analyzing competitor campaigns.

For example, SE Ranking offers a keyword research tool for improved WooCommerce SEO strategies. Here you can find all the above-listed features to help you with assessing keyword competition, CPC, and checking its search volume.

Besides keyword research, pay attention to meta descriptions that should be short but full of sense. Check the titles that should include your main target keywords. Additionally, optimize all your images and add SEO-friendly ALT descriptions.

#4 Save Customers Time with Informative Product Descriptions

Add only relevant and distinctive features that will help customers to understand everything about promoted catalog items to the short and long product descriptions. It is better to use listings in the short description. Make the accent on the most catchy characteristics of the product (natural materials, bright colors, exclusive design, etc.). The long description should include more details but without wordy and senseless sentences.

An example for informative product descriptions

Save your shoppers time with exceptionally informative descriptions that arise the attention of buyers to your product.

#5 Grab Attention Through Impressive/Top-Quality Product Images

Online shopping requires the most efficient tools for product representation. That is why you need to pay attention to the images you post in your WooCommerce store. Try to make them as impressive as possible. This way you will grab searchers’ attention and motivate them to order your goods without any doubts. Add several images for a single catalog item. Try to represent it from different sides. The line of sight on the picture really matters. The shopper will be able to look at the product of interest in detail.

Add a zooming option to be sure that all the physical characteristics are well recognizable. You can also take into consideration dimensional images to complement your top-quality product images with extra volume.

#6 Engage Your Customers with the Videos and Tutorials

Helpful information presented in blog articles, tutorials, unpacking videos, and other eye-catching content will engage your potential consumers significantly. Show people that you are crazy about the goods you sell. Demonstrate your desire to help people by using your product and solving routine tasks related to the catalog items.

provide customers with helpful articles and guides

Create a resource center to post various user-friendly content. Care for your shoppers because this is one of the best forms of WooCommerce promotions. Additionally, SEO-friendly video content and tutorials are essential for your SERPs.

#7 Stay Close to Your Customers Using All Marketing Tricks

The best digital marketing approach in the context of e-commerce is to make customers one step closer to placing an order without obstructions. There are many tricks to encourage shoppers to place an order and be active in your WooCommerce store. Some of these marketing hacks will come in handy if you want to catch customers’ attention.

Running Campaigns & Contests

Who said that themed campaigns and contests take place only on social media? The most popular event customers are fond of – seasonal sales. Nevertheless, you can initiate a campaign almost every month. There are many holidays and festivals around the world. Coincide your contest, quest, or marketing campaign with Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.

For example, you can arrange an Easter egg hunt on your website and give presents to the most active participants. This is a very popular marketing trick among sellers. The Banana Republic online store decided to run an Easter campaign in 2018 and give shoppers the opportunity to get excellent discounts. If the participant manages to find a Golden egg, the product of interest is received for free!

An example of running campaigns and contests

One more example is a Mother’s Day contest. The Massage Addict online store that sells both massage certificates and goods for massage specialists, offered a lottery with a great prize – A 1-hour massage for the user’s mother. All the willing Internet surfers left their contact information and were waiting for the drawing time!

Event-based contests usually require some marketing activities to be done by the participant. Usually, sellers ask their shoppers to subscribe to their social media network accounts or undertake other actions on request.

For example, the Dolphin Swimwear shop offers contests and campaigns from time to time-related to their Instagram account. The contests are similar to the giveaways. Some people are lucky to win generous discounts and swimwear accessories. The special campaign that takes place each month allows users to get a £10 voucher for only two required activities:

  • Snap-on Instagram.
  • Add #dolphinswimwear hashtag.
  • Be pleased with your guaranteed reward.

To make people participate actively, the Dolphin Swimwear store decided to limit the number of vouchers. This way the customer will take all necessary steps faster to count on the reward.

Social Media Outreach

To continue the social network topic, one more marketing trick is to engage customers to be active in your Instagram, Facebook, and other accounts. The more attention you garner, the bigger your social media outreach is. Arrange giveaways, ask people for reposts, add a clickable button in your store to engage people to visit your social media accounts.

Present-day society is crazy about special offers. Give them to your target audience. For example, the Tombow online shop often arranges giveaways and presents branded stationery to the winner. The main requirement to participants was to add an Instagram friend in the comment. A wonderful trick to improve your social media outreach!

Email & Newsletter

This is the most essential tool for informing your customers about new product launches, interesting events, promotions, and other special offers. Send personal discounts and promo codes in newsletters to catch your target audience’s attention. Email marketing is still on horseback when it comes to your WooCommerce promotions.

For example, the ASOS retailer prefers to please customers with seasonal discounts sent via email. The newsletter is always click-friendly because the bottom panel can redirect the reader to the website according to the chosen category of goods.


Switch to an e-commerce player with a focus on a multichannel business. This way you will be able to sell your goods throughout the world and increase the number of shoppers a dozen times over. The Amazon, eBay & Walmart integration makes your business a global presence with:

  • Flexible payments (different currencies and payment options);
  • Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay listings;
  • Higher rankings through the use of channel-specific titles, descriptions & product details;
  • Real-time sync of inventory, orders, and pricing.

To explore these benefits for your WooCommerce store, it is recommended to use a special-purpose extension presented on the official website.

Omni-channel business presence

#8 Rewards Are a Must for Ecommerce

Coupons, gifts, and bonuses engage people to place orders more often. WooCommerce stores have the opportunity to manage these promotions conveniently with the help of built-in features. According to Webnus research, gift cards, coupons, vouchers, and special bonuses can push your WooCommerce store up the SERPs as well.

Here is a short review of the available rewards you can take into account:

  • Coupons – this option is activated in the WooCommerce settings, in the General section. Click the command button to Enable coupons for promotion activation. The coupons will come in handy for customer retention. You can add these special-purpose coupons on the occasion of holidays or festivals, or your online shop’s anniversary.
Providing coupons to users
  • Gift cards – a great option to provide a personalized discount or another present for a user’s birthday. The free gift option costs $49 billed annually for your WooCommerce store. There are manual and automated gifts to choose from for your audience.
  • Bonuses – usually, these are some loyalty points for a customers’ shopping sessions in your online store. These rewards can be earned and redeemed for discounts. The reward points are easily managed in the WooCommerce reward section. Use the Points Log category for updates and changes. Customers will see the number of loyalty points in their personal accounts. The WooCommerce Points & Rewards option costs $129 billed annually.
Offering reward points and bonuses to customers

#9 Create a Clear and Fair Refund Policy

Your refund policy should be well-defined. This way you will alleviate all customer concerns about your e-commerce platform. Let your potential shoppers read these regulations for free on your website. Use templates not to miss anything important. Specify all the cases, conditions, and situations to sell products hassle-free.

Return and refund policy template

#10 Do Your Best in Customizing the Checkout Page

Avoid numerous clicks when it comes to the checkout page. First, it harms your website’s UX. Second, you cannot waste all your investments by having allowed customers to leave your sales to funnel at the very last stage. Make your shopping experience the most perfect with a customized checkout page. The main characteristics you need to pay attention to:

  • Security – the checkout page should be safe (transactions, payment gateway);
  • Navigation – escape constant back buttons to previous products that annoy customers;
  • Speed of the process – the fewer clicks, the better the user experience is.

Place a fill-in form with the billing details together with a table that contains all the catalog items the shopper is ordering. Add supplementary elements as coupons/gifts/promo codes elsewhere on the checkout page not to lose this information. The payment section should also be presented on the same page.

Customized checkout page

Marketing Effort Analysis

Do not forget to monitor your WooCommerce store performance. All your marketing efforts together with time, investments, and other factors should be analyzed in detail. This way you will see the general picture, determine your placement, and continue an efficient strategy that brings sound results.

It is recommended to use WooCommerce analytics for comprehensively exploring different marketing parameters. The main metrics you can count on here are presented in the table below.

Final Word

A WooCommerce store is a great way to hit the e-commerce market. Even a startup can achieve great results with a well-thought marketing strategy and analytical background. It is important to pay attention not only to promotions when it comes to e-commerce. To propel your business with long-run perspectives, you should pay attention to SEO, navigation, UX, and marketing tricks all at once. WooCommerce promotions also require comprehensive analytics to determine the efficiency of the implemented approaches.

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