How to Apply Discount in WooCommerce Based on User Roles

How to Apply Discount in WooCommerce Based on User Roles

Does your WooCommerce store/WordPress website contain multiple user roles in it? In addition to the customer; subscriber, premium user, elite user, etc., are other user roles a WooCommerce store might contain. You can also add custom user roles to your store by making a few changes in the function.php file of your WordPress website.

Allowing exclusive discounts to certain user roles can be a huge sales booster for your store, but as the default WooCommerce system is incapable of providing you with the feature, your next best option is to add a plugin that supports user role-based discount in your WooCommerce store.

The free version of Smart Coupon plugin for WooCommerce is best suited for your need. Apart from letting you apply discounts based on user roles, it also supports shipping and payment method based discounts in your store. This article will help you learn right from the installation of the plugin to how you can configure it to apply role-based discounts automatically in your store.

Checkout our tutorial to know how to offer discounts for specific user/customer roles.

Installation of the Plugin

For installation of this plugin, go to Plugins > Add new.

plugin installation path

In the opening window, you can search the keyword “smart coupons”, which will bring you the below suggestions of plugins.

add new plugin

Choose the highlighted plugin namely, Smart coupons for WooCommerce and click Install Now and then Activate.

Once you are done with the activation of the plugin you can navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons in your WordPress dashboard as shown below.

plugin naviagtion path

To get a better idea of the feature and how you can do it in your WooCommerce store lets go through an example in which a 15% discount is exclusively applied to the Subscriber’s role.

The new window resulting from the above action is given below.

add new coupon

Click the Add Coupon button and in the opening page, you can add all the coupon related data such as discount type, coupon amount, coupon duration, etc., collectively called general settings. Then you may add usage restriction and usage limits to it which come with the default WooCommerce options.

new test coupon

Installation of the plugin adds two extra options to the coupon data panel – Checkout options and Give away products.

Once you open the checkout options tab, you are taken to the below-shown window.

user roles

Here in the Applicable Roles field, you can select Subscriber role from the drop-down and hit the publish button. Now your store will automatically apply a 15% discount to all subscribers who satisfy the rest of the criteria assigned to the coupon.


Diversity in allowing coupons can help your store grow faster and that is exactly what you will achieve by adding this free plugin to your store. Hope you are clear about the whole process involved in it.

Checkout our tutorial which demonstrates how discounts can be offered for specific user roles.