How to Import WooCommerce Products Reviews with Verified User Tag

How to Import WooCommerce Products Reviews with Verified User Tag

A lot of people these days make purchases solely based on the reviews a product or service has garnered over time. Hence reviews are important for an online store to sell their products or services and for improving their product quality to a better standard.

Having said that people do not trust all the reviews that appear on the website. They look for some sort of signs that say those reviews are genuine. Verified user tag is one such way to bring genuineness to customer reviews.

If you are running a WooCommerce store and looking for an easy way to import product reviews with verified user tags, Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce would be a great choice. This article focuses on explaining to you the steps involved in importing product reviews with the verified user tags with this plugin.

Once you have installed and set up this plugin in your WooCommerce store, you can get started with the product review import process. At first, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Product Reviews Im-Ex tab.

The opening window takes you to product review import/export settings of the plugin. The product review import settings page looks as shown below.

product review import window

The first two options are for uploading CSV formated file containing product reviews, you can either import them via,

  • Selecting a file from your computer or
  • by providing FTP details

But, for the import process to take place, there is a pre-requisite that the CSV file should contain details in the structured format as given below.

  • The first row must contain the column headers which are used for mapping the fields. The details about WooCommerce mapping field is given as below:
    Column Heading Explanation Accepted value or format
     Comments ID  Identification Number of the Comment  Numerical
     Product SKU  Stock Keeping Unit of Product  Alphanumeric
     Comments Post ID  Identification number of the Product  Numerical
      Comments Author Name  Name of the Comment Author  Text
     Comments Author Email  Email ID of Comment Author  Text 


     Comments Date Date on which the comment is posted  MM/DD/YYYY H:i:s
    e.g  9/6/2016  6:29:00
     Comments Date(GMT) Date on which the comment is posted with Greenwich Mean Time  MM/DD/YYYY H: i 

    e.g. 9/6/2016  6:29

     Comments Content  Content of comment  Text
     Comments Approved or Not?  Indicates whether the comment is approved by the authorized person. 1 means the comment is approved and 0 means the comment is not approved.  Numerical
     Comments Parent  The parent comment’s ID. And it will be empty for the normal comment.  Numerical
     User ID  The comment author’s ID if he is registered (0 otherwise)  Numerical
     Rating  Indicates the star rating of the product.  Numerical 

    Range is 1 to 5

     Verified or Not? Indicates whether a commenter is a registered customer who has bought the product or not. 1 means verified user and 0 means not a verified user.  Numerical

Following is a screenshot of the CSV to be imported. The highlighted column denotes whether a customer is verified or not.

product review csv

The rest of the options include selecting a mapping file for import if you have any saved ones. The update reviews if exists option, if selected will import reviews having the same ID as given in the CSV. You can leave it empty if you do not want to import reviews having the same Ids as in the CSV. The next option allows you to choose a Delimiter that separates field values within the CSV. The plugin takes “,” as default. The final option Use SKU can be used to link products and reviews using SKU instead of product ID.

Now when you click the Upload file and import button, you will be taken to the import mapping window as shown below.

review import mapping page

Proceed to Submit the mapping to get over with the import task.

Following is a screenshot of a comment displaying verified user tag on the front-end of your website.

verified user tag


I hope this article was clear enough for you in understanding the verified review import process of the above plugin. You will be able to save a lot of your time if you chose to go with the import option provided by this plugin.

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