Product Catalog Sync for Facebook

By WebToffee

Product Catalog Sync for Facebook and your WooCommerce store

An easy way to create and sync your WooCommerce store with Facebook Business Manager.

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Get your WooCommerce Products Seamlessly integrated with Facebook Business Manager

Enabling you to sell from anywhere in your customizable online shop and reach a wider audience.

Sync products

Automatically sync your WooCommerce store products with your Facebook business catalog with all the required information.

Smart filtering

Filter the products on your WooCommerce store that you do not want to be synced with your business manager.

Sync in batches

Sync the products in batches for your store with the specified number of products in each batch.

Category mapping

Easily map the categories of your product with the Facebook product categories and save the mapping for the future.

Edit Mapping

Edit the existing mapping to add new categories specific to your store enabling smooth syncing.

Synchronization log

Automatically log all the synchronization activities to troubleshoot failed product synchronizations

Grow Your Brand and Reach Beyond Your Existing Customer Base

Engage with your customers on social media and sell your products to a wider audience.

Sync Your Products with Facebook Catalog

Connect with your Facebook Business Manager account

Easily sync your products in your WooCommerce store with Facebook Business Manager to showcase your brand and reach a wider audience.

After syncing your products with your Facebook Business Manager account, you will be able to engage with your customers directly and provide them with a better in-app shopping experience.

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Exclude Products From Syncing

Only Sync the products you want

The plugin gives you the option to exclude the products that you do not want to be synced with your Facebook business catalog.

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Sync Products in Batches

Ensure smooth synchronization process

If you have a store with a large number of products, you can ensure an effortless synchronization of the products in batches of a specified number.
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Map Product Categories

Add the right Facebook categories for your products

The plugin will allow you to map the categories of the products in your WooCommerce store to the categories of the Facebook business catalog. This will improve the discoverability of your products and lead more people to your shop.

Mapping is a one-time process and the current mapping will be saved for the future. However, you still have the option to edit your preferences for mapping.

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Synchronization Log

Get the details of failed product syncs

Product synchronization may fail at times. The synchronization log in the plugin will help you get more info on the reasons that the process and failed and debug the issue.

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Provide an Easy Shopping Experience to Your Customers

Let your customers shop without interrupting their social media experience. The single shop experience works both on Facebook and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the 'Enhanced Catalog for Facebook'? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please visit the support page.


Do I have to work with a feed file?

No, you don't have to. We are using the FB catalog API and directly sync the products in WooCommerce to the Facebook Business Manager account.
Yes. The plugin will update all WooCommerce products into Facebook in batches of 10 products each.
Currently, scheduled updates are not available in the plugin.
Currently, the attributes supported are color, size, brand, pattern, gender - these attributes along with the products are synched along with their categories. The supported fields can be seen here.


The plugin is free of charge and does not require a license to be used. You can download it from the Product Catalog Sync for Facebook in the WordPress plugin directory.
The support for this plugin is provided on the corresponding support forum.
We update our plugins frequently. This could be when we introduce a feature or fix a bug. View the changelog on the product page to check the latest version.

Provide More Information for Increased Discoverability of the Products

Enhanced catalogs contain category-specific information that will lead more customers to your shop.