How to Apply Discounts Based on Payment Methods

How to Apply Discounts Based on Payment Methods

Encouraging payment via specific payment methods is a great way to bring more profit to your WooCommerce store. As it enables you to avoid certain payment gateways that cost you a lot in terms of payment gateways charges. The built-in WooCommerce coupon features do not support applying discounts to customers who choose specific payment methods. That’s when the free smart coupon plugin for WooCommerce comes to your rescue. This article explains how you can easily configure your WooCommerce store to give discounts to your customers for using certain payment methods you prefer. Checkout our tutorial to know how to offer discounts for specific payment methods.

[gap] At first, you need to install this plugin in your store to get started with the whole process.

Installation of the Plugin

For installation of this plugin, go to Plugins > Add new. plugin installation path In the opening window, you can search the keyword “smart coupons”, which will bring you the below list of plugins. add new plugin Choose the highlighted plugin namely, Smart coupons for WooCommerce and click Install Now and then Activate.

Configuration of the Plugin

Once you are done with the activation of the plugin you can navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons in your WordPress dashboard as shown below.plugin naviagtion path Let’s understand the process by going through the configuration of a coupon which applies discount for payment via “Stripe”. For this, the stripe payment gateway should be activated in your WooCommerce store. add new coupon Click Add coupon. test coupon In this window, Give a name/code to the coupon and add details like discount type, coupon amount, coupon validity, etc., in the appropriate fields. The next two tabs usage limit and usage restriction can also be filled as per your preferences or you can check out a relevant article for the same. Open Checkout options from the coupon data panel. apply payment method Now, you may click the Publish button and you are all set to go. Checkout the tutorial which demonstrates how coupons or discounts can be offered for specific payment method.


I hope this article has been simple and informative enough for you to understand how the feature works and how it can work wonder for your store.