What Are Shopify Collections?

Shopify Collections are a group of related products in Shopify that come under the same category or have similar characteristics or attributes. They allow store owners to organize their products into groups and make it easier for customers to find relevant and related products. 

Shopify collections are organized based on various attributes such as product type, brand, material, etc. For example, a footwear store might have collections of men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear. From each collection, customers can browse through different products and find the right ones for them. This simplifies the shopping process and improves customer experience on a website.

There are two types of Collections in Shopify: automated collections and manual collections.

Automated collections

Automated collections, or smart collections, are product collections that group products based on the selected conditions. Merchants can add up to 60 conditions for selecting products to be grouped under a collection. Automated collections save time by dynamically adding and updating the product collections based on the selected conditions. 

For example, a merchant can create a collection of products that has a “sale” tag on it. This will display an automated collection of all products with a “sale” tag on the website. 

Manual collections

Manual collections or custom collections allow merchants to choose products individually to be added under a collection. They give merchants more control over the products displayed in the collections. Merchants can add or remove products based on their preferences or strategies in their minds. 

Manual collections are great for showcasing strategic recommendations, featured products, and best sellers on Shopify. 

For example, a store owner can create unique personalized product collections, such as 

“Hand-picked essentials for this summer” using manual collections.