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PDF Invoice with Product Images in WooCommerce

PDF Invoice with Product Images in WooCommerce

An invoice is an essential document when you are running a business. Properly designed invoices help to keep legal records of the sale, payment tracking, easy tax filing, and develop effective marketing strategies.

Adding product images in the invoice allows your customers to immediately identify the products in their order as well as it gives an impression of your store.

Unfortunately, WooCommerce alone cannot accomplish this. But don’t be disappointed, by using the extension plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels we can add product images to the PDF invoice.

Add product images to the PDF invoice

Let’s begin with the installation of the plugin. Firstly you have to download the plugin from the API Downloads tab of the My Account page. Now install the downloaded plugin into your WooCommerce site. Then, log in as site admin and go to the settings page of the plugin, you can activate it using the email and API key that was received in your email.

Upon activation, follow the below steps to add an image to your invoice.

Step 1: Open Invoice settings page

After successful installation of the plugin, click on the Invoice/Packing menu from the sidebar. Navigate to the Invoice Settings page from the Documents panel. You will be taken to the invoice General settings page

In the basic setup, you can configure invoice-specific generic items and the invoice number.

The settings included in the general tab are as shown below:

Step 2: Save an invoice template

After configuring the general settings required for the invoice from the General settings page, go to the Customize tab. Click on the Change layout link and select a predefined invoice template which is available in the plugin. After selecting the template enter a name for your template, click on the Save button.

Step3: Enable product images in the invoice

From the customizer, sidebar navigate to the Product Table panel. This table contains information related to products.

Enable the Image column to display product/ item images in the invoice. you can also change the image label and image label alignment. The changes you made will be reflected in the sample invoice template on the left-hand side. See the below illustration for a clear understanding.

You can even print or download the pdf invoice from the WooCommerce Orders page as shown below:

A sample invoice will be as shown below:


A well-designed PDF invoice is not only a legal record of the sale, it also helps to build trust among customers. Adding product/ item images in the invoice is a simple but effective design to grow your business along with loyal customers. The plugin WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels helps you to achieve this within a few steps. For detailed information, you can refer to the Product Page.