Top Ways to Improve WooCommerce Store Conversions

Top Ways to Improve WooCommerce Store Conversions

To write something that attracts an audience and bring in traffic to your Woocommerce website is one thing and to make those people buy stuff from your website is an art that every WooCommerce store needs. To stir more customers towards the cart and make them click that buy button one ought to use conversion rate optimization.

Now if you’re astounded by these big words, fret not! Let me break them down for you. So what really is this conversion rate optimization? To understand that one needs to know what conversion is.

Conversion happens when a visitor does what they are expected of on any webpage. Like making a subscription or registration on the website, clicking on “read more” to get more information, sending an inquiry or obviously buying a product. Conversion rate is the percentage of visits that resulted in these actions, which makes conversion rate optimization a process or a means of persuading people to take action on the website.

Conversion rate optimization can be applied to target people who are in the following stages of purchase:

  1. Visitors discovering about the website, products, brand, and the services your website provides.
  2. Visitors who are interested in purchasing and moving towards the final page or cart of your website.
  3. Visitors who are actually purchasing the products available in your WooCommerce store.

Here are a few ideas which can help you improve your WooCommerce store conversions.

  • Reduce the page load time as much as possible. A study shows that more than 40 percent of visitors leave the website if it does not load in 3 seconds. The e-commerce company Amazon even experienced a loss in their sales when there was an additional 0.1 second time increase in their load time. So yes, load time is indeed a factor that can help you keep the customers interested.
  • The path to the checkout page can be made short. Often known as a checkout funnel, the process to the final page for checkout can be shortened, the shorter the path, the more likely the visitor will proceed till the end page.
  • How the call-to-action buttons are placed play a huge role in customer engagement. The CTA button is the one you want the visitor to click to proceed with the checkout process. These buttons can be placed at the bottom as well as at the top of the page. The color and text of the button must also be taken care of, it should be created in such a way that it is the highlight of the page and the visitor doesn’t have to search for it.
  • Add customer reviews on your webpage. Customer reviews are the first thing a visitor notice while buying a product. Think about it, while shopping we all are drawn to that section to know other customers reviews. Customer reviews are what gives a certain level of credibility to a website.
  • Who doesn’t love promotions? We see an advertisement for a sale or a price drop or a new deal, the first thing we do is rush to that website. Commercial promotions are indeed a very good way to increase sales. You can highlight the extra benefits provided on your website too, like free delivery, a full refund, and warranty, etc.
  • Try the scarcity effect, that is the limited availability of existing benefits. For example, a deal on a product that ends on an hour, a price drop as “deal of the day”, mention the limited number of items remaining in the store. This would provide a greater desire in the user to buy the product.   
  • Providing multiple payment options would make a good impact on user experience on the website. When provided with different options the user is tempted to try the website out more. Money being an important factor, the customer will obviously look for a transaction method they trust. Hence, providing options for transactions and assistance ensures the user that they can trust your website and also opt for an alternative method if the first one doesn’t work.
  • Mobile responsive websites are preferred more than the ones only accessible on desktops. Mobile commerce is what is trending today and is gaining popularity by the day. With this generation glued to smartphones, everyone prefers it all available on their fingertips. Making your website mobile-responsive will definitely be a good step towards increasing sales.     

These are some of the tips that will prove to be effective in increasing your WooCommerce store sales. Hope these help you make a profit and skyrocket your sales.


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