Comparison between Advanced Coupons and Smart Coupons

Comparison between Advanced Coupons and Smart Coupons

If you are running an eCommerce business, you might have been depending on coupons a lot. Coupons can be beneficial to your business in many ways. But, unfortunately, the default coupon system in WooCommerce is so limited that it offers only some basic functionalities. Still, users rely on the limited coupon system in WooCommerce.

In this article, we will compare two of the most popular coupon plugins for WordPress. Smart coupons by WebToffee and Advanced Coupons by Rymera Web Co.

Before we begin, let’s look at the limitations of WooCommerce’s default coupon option.

Limitations of default coupon option in WooCommerce

  1. No URL Coupons
  2. No BOGO deals
  3. No option for Auto apply coupons
  4. No Giveaway
  5. No Store Credit
  6. No Cart Conditions
  7. Limited Coupon usage restrictions

Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

Developer- WebToffee

Smart Coupons is another leading coupon plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin is exclusively made for those who look for features that WooCommerce missed out on. The plugin satisfies all your coupon needs for enhancing your store. It covers the ABCs for a must-have coupon plugin.

In which A stands for Auto apply coupons, B for BOGO features, and C for Customization. This plugin also comes with a giveaway feature that too made available with the free version.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

Developer – Rymera Web Co

This is one of the popular coupon plugins available in WordPress. The plugin has both free and paid versions.  It offers some extra features that you can use to enhance your online store’s marketing efforts. The main USP of this plugin is that it offers advanced cart conditions. This allows the store owners to specify conditions regarding the coupons, how they are to be used, and who can use them. Also, the free version comes with the BOGO feature, which gives a major advantage to using this plugin. 

No doubt that both of these plugins are very competitive in offering the best features to their users. But we will measure various parameters to compare both of these plugins to find out which one is best.

Smart Coupons v/s Advanced Coupons

Here are the parameters we use for the comparison. You can use these parameters to compare any other plugins by yourself.

  1. Features
  2. Pricing
  3. Compatibility
  4. Average Rating
  5. Support and Documentation

1. Features

For Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons features

As said earlier, this coupon plugin has numerous features even in the free version. It offers BOGO coupons, store credit, and cart conditioning options. The premium version has extended cart conditioning features and payment gateway restrictions. Apart from these features, the plugin also has other features like URL coupons, coupon usage restrictions, role restrictions, etc.

For Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons features

This plugin offers everything you are looking for from a coupon plugin. The free version of Smart Coupons offers more usability when compared with the features of Advanced Coupons, as it offers coupon auto-apply features and giveaway coupons. While there is no BOGO coupon in the free version, it is available in the premium version with some additional features. The premium version has exclusive features like import coupons, duplicate coupons, coupon expiry, and email coupons to customers.

One advantage of Advanced Coupons over Smart Coupons is the availability of BOGO coupons in the free versions. Whereas Smart Coupons offers more usability with auto-apply coupons and giveaway coupons also it has BOGO coupons in the premium version. Smart coupons take one step ahead in terms of features.

2. Pricing

Both plugins have free versions and paid versions. What we are trying to do is analyze both free and paid versions of these plugins to find out which gives the most for the price and for free.

Advanced Coupons vs Smart Coupons free version comparison

For Advanced Coupons

The free version of this plugin has 4 main exclusive features.

  • BOGO deals- The plugin allows you to offer Buy X Get X deals in your WooCommerce store.
  • Cart Conditioning- The plugin supports a cart conditioning feature that lets you add various conditions for the cart page for coupons to be applied. There is extended cart conditioning with the premium version which we will discuss later.
  • Store Credit – This plugin allows you to offer store credit to your customers. You can manually award store credits to your customers. There’s also an option to give refunds as store credits so that you can make sure the amount will be spent only on your cart.
  • URL Coupons – You can share discount links to specific products in your WooCommerce store. This makes applying coupons easier and speeds up the order-placing process.

The premium version of Advanced Coupons will cost you $119 for the starter plan. Here is what you’ll get with the premium version.

  1. Extended Cart Conditioning – There are extended cart conditioning options available in the premium version. You can set various conditions based on the cart value, total spent, shipping zone and region, etc.
  2. Giveaways- Giveaways can be a very useful feature for marketing and promotion. The premium version of this plugin has giveaway options that let you offer giveaways in your WooCommerce store.
  3. Auto Apply Coupons – This is a major feature that misses out on the free version. The premium version has an automatic coupon apply option.
  4. Payment Gateway Restrictions- The premium version also allows you to restrict coupon usage on specific payment gateways.

For Smart Coupons

Let’s see what are the main features available in the free version of this plugin

  • Auto Apply Coupons – The plugin lets you create coupons that will automatically apply when a product is added to the cart. This saves a lot of time for the customers to manually add the coupon code.
  • Giveaways – It supports giveaway options in the free version.
  • URL Coupons – You can use discount links specific to a product which will automatically apply on the checkout page.
  • Payment Gateway Restrictions- The plugin also allows you to restrict coupon usage based on payment gateways.

There are many other features of the plugin as well, but we just touched on the main ones for the free version here. Now let’s check out the features for the premium version.

Advanced Coupons v/s Smart Coupons premium version comparison

The premium version will cost you $69 for the starter plan.

  1. BOGO offers – You can add Buy One Get One deal in your WooCommerce store using the paid version of this plugin.
  2. Store Credits – The plugin lets you give store credits to your customers.
  3. Coupon Customization – There are multiple coupon templates available with this plugin.
  4. Cart Abandonment coupon – The plugin allows you to offer cart abandonment coupons, this will decrease the cart abandonment in your WooCommerce store.
  5. Email coupons to customers – This helps in direct marketing as it allows you to send email coupons to your customers.

Considering both free and paid versions, it is clear that Smart Coupons provides more features. Smart coupons are also roughly half the price of Advanced Coupons.

3. Compatibility


Advanced Coupons supports WordPress version 5.2 or higher whereas Smart Coupons extends its compatibility with older versions of WordPress, 3.3 or higher.

4. Average Rating

Average Rating for Advanced Coupons  4.7 out of 5
Average Rating for Smart Coupons 4.8 out of 5

At the time of writing this article, Advanced Coupons has an average rating of 4.7, and Smart Coupons has an average rating of 4.8 which gives the advantage to Smart coupons.

5. Support and Documentation

Both of these plugins have detailed documentation and tutorials that help in setting up the plugin easily. Also, both of these plugins have efficient Support teams. One doesn’t outstand the other in terms of Support and Documentation.


Considering the above parameters, we would like to conclude that Smart Coupons offers more features at a lesser price when compared to the premium version of Advanced Coupons. A major advantage of Advanced Coupons is the inclusion of BOGO deals in its free version. No doubt that both of these plugins have amazing features when compared with the limitations that WooCommerce has with its default coupon options.