How to Bulk Generate Coupons in WooCommerce

How to Bulk Generate Coupons in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a robust coupons system that allows you to create coupons for your customers. But the inbuilt coupon set up in WooCommerce doesn’t have a provision to bulk generate coupons. Therefore, we will need to have a coupon extension to provide this functionality. WebToffee’s Smart coupon for WooCommerce can efficiently generate coupons in bulk for your store very easily.

In this article, let’s see how you can create hundreds and even more coupons on your WooCommerce website in bulk in a few steps.

How Does Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Help in Generating Coupons in Bulk?

The Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin has a dedicated feature to allow you to create coupons in bulk.

Let’s see how you can generate coupons in bulk using the plugin:

Step 1: Install and activate Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Step 2: From your WordPress dashboard, go to Smart Coupons > Bulk Generate. This will bring you to the following screen.

Bulk generate coupon screen for WooCommerce in the Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin

Step 3: Specify the number of coupons you want to generate. All the coupons thus created will have unique coupon codes.

Option to add the number of coupons to generate in bulk

Step 4: Specify whether you want to generate coupons and,

  • Add to the store: This will allow you to directly add the coupons to the store when you add generate them in bulk.
  • Export as CSV: When this option is chosen, the coupons will not be added to the store, instead, they will be exported to a CSV file.
bulk export csv
  • Email the coupons to recipients: When you choose this option, the coupons generated in bulk will be sent as emails to the recipients. The recipient’s emails are to be specified in Coupon data > Usage restriction > Allowed email. The number of coupons generated will be based on the lowest number of the two fields- the number of coupons to be generated or the number of emails added in the Allowed emails field.

For example, if the number of coupons to be generated is 100 and the number of emails specified is 20, then only 20 coupons will be generated and added to the store and sent as emails. Similarly, if the number of coupons is 20, and 100 emails are added, only 20 coupons will be generated.

Coupons generated in bulk and sent as email to the customer.

Step 5: Specify the general details, usage restrictions, usage limits, checkout options, and other necessary details of the coupons.

Step 6: Click on generate coupons.

All the coupons thus generated will have the same configuration, but different and unique coupon codes.

Coupons generated in bulk added to the store coupon list

Check out the tutorial to know how coupons can be generated in bulk using Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.

How Does Bulk Coupon Generation in Your Store Help?

There are many benefits to bulk coupon generation. Many different businesses make the best use of it to earn huge profits.

  • Quick and easy management of your promotion campaign

Bulk generation helps in creating similar coupons in large numbers that save a ton of your time and effort. This helps you start a campaign faster and get faster results.

  • Create coupons that are similar in nature but can be limited to one person at a time

Bu bulk generating coupons in WooCommerce, you can create unique coupon codes that are similar in nature. But these coupons can only be used by a limited number of people at a time. This can give you more control over the campaign.

  • You can run coupon campaigns in your store thereby earning more sales and brand awareness.

Running coupon campaigns will bring in a lot of new customers to your store and if you can make them happy with your campaign, they will choose your store for more purchases in the future. This will certainly bring up your brand value and credibility.

  • Share bulk generated coupons with deal sites so you can get the attention of people visiting such deal sites.

Deal sites are places where people often visit in search of discounts and offers to buy their favorite products. If you could share some of your bulk generated coupons with such sites it will certainly shoot your store’s sales up. This way you will be able to make a big profit with minimal effort.

  • Ensure maximum sales by bulk generating coupons during holiday seasons when people are eager to make purchases.

Holiday seasons are marked for the best number of sales in a year. Thus you have to make the most out of this season by offering great coupon deals. As you are able to create coupons in bulk you will not have to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on coupon creation.

  • Share coupons with your popular affiliate partners

Your affiliate partners are also a great way to bring sales to your store. You can choose the ones with great popularity among their audience and share with them your store’s bulk generated coupons.

  • Bulk email coupons to your loyal customers to ensure customer retention.

It is also possible to email coupons in bulk to your existing customers that contain great coupon deals so you can cement your relationship with them and make them come back to your store for more purchases in the future.

  • Bulk generate and schedule gift cards in your WooCommerce store.

Scheduling of gift cards is a feature offered by the above-mentioned plugin. By making use of this feature you can send out gift cards to a number of people on special occasions like during holidays, as a token of appreciation etc. This will be a great way to build customer loyalty.

What Else is Possible With the Smart Coupons Plugin?

Other than bulk generating coupons, you can create smart promotions campaigns with the advanced features that the plugin gives.

  • You can set up store credits and allow gift cards in your store.
  • Giveaways are a really popular and proven to be engaging users with your store. Create product giveaways using Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.
  • Create sign up coupons/ cart abandonment coupons, etc.
  • You can offer coupons based on user roles, country, payment method, shipping address, etc.
  • Easily plan and create seasonal coupons like end od season sales, Christmas sales, Black friday sales etc.
  • Convert more with a coupon banner displayed on the website.
  • And more… You can get really creative with coupons using this plugin to ensure that the campaigns brings the results that you want.

In short, Smart Coupon Plugin for WooCommerce is a great solution you can add to your store to keep your store’s sales always up.


The plugin will allow you to bulk generate coupons to your store, share to customers directly by mail or simply export into a CSV for a later import. For more details, please refer to the smart coupons product page.