How to Create an Invoice in WooCommerce

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An invoice is the first document that is sent to the customers after an order is received. The whole transaction begins with customers accepting the invoice. Thus while creating an invoice one should pay utmost attention to avoid any kind of mistakes in it. Manual creation of invoice might increase the chances of errors and it is a very time-consuming process as well. The only way to overcome these shortcomings of manual invoicing is using an extension to create invoices.

WebToffee’s WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Plugin for WooCommerce provides you with this functionality. Installing it on your website will help you create invoices efficiently.

Creating an Invoice in WooCommerce

The whole process has been divided into two steps.

Step 1

Installation of the Plugin

  • Step 1: Go to My Account > “API Downloads” tab and download the plugin.
  • Note: If you have the basic/free version already installed, please Deactivate and Delete the Basic Version before installing Premium Version to avoid any conflict. Your plugin settings will be retained on your website.
  • Step 2: Install the downloaded plugin into your WordPress / WooCommerce Site.
  • Step 3: You will get an Activation Key and Activation Email at My Account -> “API Keys”.
  • Step 4: Go to your site admin and the Settings page of the plugin and activate it using email and key.

Step 2

Setting up and Configuration of the Invoice

Click on Invoice/ Pack List.

The screenshot of the opening page is given below.

invoice packing slip

Preliminary Invoice Settings

1. Enable invoice – Tick mark the checkbox in order to enable invoice in your store.

2. Template – Here you can choose a template and customize it to your preference.

3. New templates –  By clicking on the “+” sign you will see a pop-up of different templates for you to choose from.

4. Attach PDF in email – You can attach the PDF version of currently active invoice template with the order mail.

5. Order status to generate Invoice – In this field, you can enter the order status(es) for which an invoice should be generated.

6. Use order number as invoice number – You can choose whether you want order number as invoice number or not. If you leave the checkbox empty, you will have to give the information regarding invoice number. Here is the screenshot of the additional fields.

Invoice numbering

  • Invoice start number – Enter the starting number of the invoice in this field. It doesn’t have to be one. You can enter any number in this field as the starting number.
  • Invoice padding number – The number of digits invoice number should have.
  • Invoice number prefix –  Any letter combination preceding the invoice number.
  • Invoice number postfix – Any letter combination that follows the invoice number.

7. Add payment information in the invoice – If you want your invoice to include payment information you should tickmark the checkbox.

8. Add coupon information in the invoice – If there are any coupons, you can choose whether or not to add it.

9. Show print invoice option to customers – Tick mark it if you want to add print invoice button to the order email.

10. Signature in print invoice – Choose yes or no from the drop-down.

11. Tax type – Choose whether you want to exclude or include tax.

12. Custom logo – Enter a custom logo for your company or upload an image of the logo to add to the invoice. If you prefer neither, leave the field empty.

Advanced Invoice Settings

1. Additional fields on checkout page – If you prefer to add any additional information on the checkout page, you can enter them in the field.

2. Additional fields on Invoice – Add any additional fields if you prefer to display it on the invoice.

3. Product meta fields – Enter any additional information you wish to display on the product table of the invoice.

4. Custom footer – Enter the footer text to be printed on the invoice and dispatch label.

Now click Save Changes.

All-In-One - Generate PDF Invoice, Packing Slip, Labels & Delivery Note.

Used by 7,000+ WooCommerce Stores

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

WebToffee Guarantee: Get Your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied With The Product

Buy Now!

4 thoughts on “How to Create an Invoice in WooCommerce

  1. Giorgos says:

    Hi. A quick pre-sales question. Can I add conditional fields on checkout page? For example a checkbox to enable invoice and if checked, the VAT field and Company name appear.

  2. Lan says:

    This is a presale question.
    Can you add product image to the invoice?
    Is the invoice able to print the attributes and variables of the product?

    • Mark
      Mark says:


      The plugin does support both options you mentioned. You can add images and variation information to invoices and other label

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