How to Print Delivery Note in WooCommerce

How to Print Delivery Note in WooCommerce

A delivery note is a document enclosed within the shipment of goods that contains a list of the description, unit, and quantity of the goods delivered. It is not a document that is compulsory for transactions but it is appreciated if your store is able to print delivery note and send it along with the shipment because it is mutually beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

Buyers will have an overview of what they ordered and what has been sent to them since the delivery note describes if anything is missing from the original order due to lack of stock, unavailability, etc. Since a copy of the delivery note is signed and returned to the seller by the recipient, the copy serves as proof of the delivery for a seller.

Still, the most important question remains, how to print delivery notes in your WooCommerce store? As I have already mentioned, it is not an important document. Thus spending too much time on the delivery note would be unwise. So the simplest solution would be installing WebToffee’s Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Plugin for WooCommerce in your store.

Delivery Note Settings

delivery note settings

In order to set up a delivery note in your WooCommerce store install the delivery note printing plugin and go to the plugin page. Now click on the tab Delivery Note. The screenshot of the page is given below.

  1. Enable or disable Delivery Note – Enable delivery note by ticking the checkbox.
  2. Standard templates – You can choose a template for your delivery note and customize it.
  3. Include Item/Product image – You can Include or exclude item or product image on the delivery note.
  4. Include price – If you wish to include price column in packing list you can do so by enabling the checkbox.
  5. Remove total weight – Enable the checkbox if you wish to remove total weight column from the delivery note.
  6. Additional fields – If you wish to add any additional fields in the delivery note, you can enter them here.
  7. Product meta fields – Product meta fields can be used to add any additional information you want to display in the product table of the delivery note.
  8. Custom footer – Enter any custom footer for the delivery note print if you wish so.

Now click Save Changes.