How to reset WooCommerce order numbers

How to reset WooCommerce order numbers

Whenever a customer purchases from your store, WooCommerce generates order numbers automatically. You might have noticed that the WooCommerce auto-generated purchased order numbers are not in sequential orders. As of now, by default, WooCommerce does not have a method to reset or start order numbers with a specific number or even order sequentially. Using Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce gives you the option of using incremental order numbers rather than random ones.

Set to automatically reset order numbers on a daily, monthly, or annual basis to estimate how many orders were placed during a certain period of time. A custom increment counter can generate odd or even-numbered order sequences.

Let’s start!

Steps to reset order numbers in WooCommerce

Step 1: Install the plugin

Install Sequential Order number for woocommerce to rest woocommerce order number

First and foremost, purchase, install, and activate the plugin Sequential Order Numbers for Woocommerce, to use the function of resetting the Woocommerce order numbers.

Step 2: Navigate to the sequential order numbers tab

From WordPress dashboard, WooCommerce > Settings > Sequential Order Number Pro.

Woocommerce settings option to reset woocommerce order numbers
Sequential Order Number Pro tab

Step 3: General settings of the sequential order number

Sequential Order Number Pro tab consists of three sections:- Customize order number format, Separate sequence for free orders, and General Settings.

Below is the window where you can configure the sequential order number. To suit your preferences, you can change the settings.

General setting of sequential order number

Step 4: Customize order format settings

Order number format

Choose a format for your order numbers that combines a number, a prefix, or a date.

Order number format

From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate order number format. The plugin will fill in the following fields based on your decision.

Lets choose the [Prefix][Date][Number][Suffix] option,to fill in the fields below.

customize order number format

For more details on customizing the WooCommerce order number – Refer to this article.

Step 5: General settings for reset order numbers

Here are a few common configurations:

General settings to reset woocommerce order numbers

Increment Counter

This value will increment the order number sequence. For example, by giving the number 2, we will see the order as 2, 4, 6, etc.

Reset Sequential Order Number

Reset woocommerce order numbers

Depending on the selected interval, the order number sequence will be reset. Choosing daily will start a new order sequence after each new day’s start.

For example, if you set auto-reset every day, you will have your order numbers in the sequence 1JAN2021, 2JAN2021, 3JAN2021, and so on in January, and the plugin automatically resets this, to begin with, 1FEB2021 the next month.

It allows you to estimate the number of orders placed daily, monthly, and annually.

Apply for all orders

By enabling this option, all new and current orders in your store will have a new number. If unchecked, it will only apply to new orders.

Finally, click on the Save changes button. This will update the store’s order numbers.

Sample Screenshot

Below is a screenshot image of a page with sequential orders from an order.

Sample screenshot of reset woocommerce orders

Final Words

Managing your store’s orders efficiently, as well as any related matters contributes significantly to the productivity of your store. It is easy to calculate the number of orders placed within a given timeframe by resetting order numbers daily, monthly, or annually. When people in your store place lots of orders on a daily basis, resetting the sequential order numbers can save you a lot of time.