Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce [2021 List]

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce [2021 List]

Building an online store and starting to venture into the booming e-commerce space indeed is enticing for entrepreneurs. If you have not yet started an e-commerce business venture, it is something to think about. 

After you have gotten your WordPress site up and running, the next thing you should be looking at is plugins. There are quite a lot of plugins out there that you can choose from. The biggest obstacle for most WordPress site owners is choosing the right plugins for their site.

With such a wide range of options, some might feel overwhelmed. That is why we created this curated list of the top 10 best WordPress plugins for e-commerce that you can use to improve your site performance and usability. 

Why Use WordPress for Your E-commerce Site?

For starters, WordPress is the world’s largest Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is versatile, reliable, and also very popular. WordPress is behind 1/3rd of all websites that you see today.  

A great reason why WordPress is so popular is the ease of use it offers. If you are very tech-savvy, you can do some pretty high-level web designing with WordPress. On the other hand, if you have little experience with developing a website, WordPress can still come in handy.

With a combination of robust infrastructure and a vast collection of plugins that increases your site’s functionality, WordPress remains one of the best choices for creating an e-commerce website. 

Why are Plugins Important?

In short, plugins are small additions you can make to your WordPress site to increase its functionality. Plugins are essential to make your site more useful. 

And if you are running an e-commerce site, you want to make your customers’ experience as seamless as possible with as many functionalities as you can. 

There are free and also premium plugins that you can choose from. Each plugin provides unique functionality improvements for your site.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for your E-commerce Store 

Let us get started with the list of the 10 best WordPress plugins for e-commerce!


WooCommerce plugin

As far as plugins go, you cannot have an article about the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce without mentioning WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the most essential plugins, especially if you are just starting off with a site.

The plugin is free and is useful if you are running an e-commerce site with WordPress. There are must-have features like payment gateways, calculation of taxes, expenses like shipping costs, and more. 

Some other great features are the customization options and the expansive knowledge base that it comes with. If you face any problems or come across a small issue, the support team should help you to get it sorted as quickly as possible.

Other than this, there are support documentations that you can look up by yourself if you are tech-savvy and want to find a solution yourself.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin to optimize website for seo

The Yoast SEO plugin optimizes your site’s content for proper SEO. It does it in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner, which gets the job done without you having to deal with much hassle.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for any site is important. If you are not focusing on SEO, you are simply doing it wrong. SEO helps your site become more discoverable, lets you rank higher on search results, increases traffic, and in turn, brings in more revenue for you. With features like SEO analysis, internal linking as well as insight tools, Yoast SEO is another must-have WordPress plugin.  


Optinmonster plugin to create popups

Conversions are key for a site to make money. The goal is always to make your site visitors take action and buy something. This is called a conversion. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the revenue – that is pretty straightforward.

OptinMonster plugins help you optimize your site for peak conversions. With the features it offers, you can design and implement successful campaigns that are intuitive and easy to make. 

The “easy to make” is quite important. You do not need any coding experience to use OptinMonster. The plugin’s stellar drag-and-drop features allow you to implement features like floating bars, welcome messages, pop-ups, and more seamlessly. 

It also works well with WooCommerce. You can create campaigns that are personalized to the customers and also the products that you sell. 

Easy Digital Downloads 

Easy digital downloads plugin to sell digital products

Some plugins can be a chore to install and use. They come with many features that not everyone needs, making the experience a bit clunky. Easy Digital Downloads solves that problem with a straightforward and light plugin that helps you sell more. 

The plugin has all the essential features that you would want in an e-commerce site, such as payment gateways, a host of useful extensions, and more. It is widely compatible with WordPress themes as well. As a bonus, there are themes built specifically for Easy Digital Downloads.

If you are selling digital services on the internet, this is one of the best plugins. 


If you are selling digital subscriptions or subscription-based digital products, like an online course, check out MemberPress. There are a ton of extensions that allow MemberPress to connect with third-party services and even WooCommerce. 

MemberPress is also one of the best WordPress Membership plugins in terms of usability. 


BigCommerce plugin to add eCommerce functionality to WordPress

Staying true to its name, BigCommerce is one of the best plugins that offer some superior scalability features. It is easy to maintain, and the seamless hosted e-commerce platform integrates with WordPress like an absolute dream.

Here is the best thing, though: there are no transaction charges. Many e-commerce platforms will charge you for each transaction. The process with BigCommerce is much easier.

 You can either choose from multiple top payment gateways or pay the payment service provider only – pretty convenient if you ask us. 

TH Variation Swatches

TH Variations Swatches is an advanced and user-friendly plugin that allows you to show selected attributes for variations of products. The plugin displays variations for selected options of the products under colors, buttons, and images. For each attribute, you can use rounded or square shape modes. Along with this, you can enable tool-tips on each product attribute, show the attribute title, and display styled swatches on shop and catalog pages.

It helps the customers observe the products they need more visually thus providing them with a whole new experience while shopping on your WooCommerce site.


SeedProd plugin to build coming soon pages

Taking the number 8 spot in our 10 best WordPress plugins for e-commerce roundup is SeedProd. This plugin is somewhat a do-it-all plugin. It is easy to use and has pretty cool features. And, of course, it is widely compatible. 

If you have a product launch or announcement coming up, SeedProd is the best plugin to get some leads even before you have your WordPress site live. You can create professional and beautifully designed ‘coming soon’ pages with email collection facilities and more. 

It also has pretty cool SEO features too. Gather mailing lists of thousands of potential clients and keep in touch with all of them throughout the process. SeedProd even features an email autoresponder and social features as well. 

Constant Contact

Constant contact plugin to build forms

Meet Constant Contact – an effective and feature-filled email marketing plugin with all the tools you need to kick off a killer marketing campaign. Create professional-looking email marketing campaigns that are sure to increase your open rates by quite a lot.  

Email marketing is still one of the best forms of e-commerce marketing in today’s digital world. If done the right way, email marketing can get your conversions rates through the roof and increase revenue. 

Its in-depth analytical tool helps you be on top of the data and make smart business decisions based on analytics. The A/B testing feature allows you to perfect the campaign by checking what works and what does not. All in all, Constant Contact does what it promises very well.

Cart Recovery 

Cart recovery plugin to recover carts

Cart Recovery for WordPress should make re-marketing a breeze. The plugin allows you to track what customers add to their carts and what they have abandoned. You can then use the data to send emails targeting those customers. There is even a feature that lets you do this automatically.

There are even more tracking options. Track customer data over the shopping period and even recover abandoned carts. Cart Recovery makes shopping on your site seamless for you and your customers both. 


Customers who are shopping online look for convenience and security. By using these WordPress plugins for e-commerce, you can ensure that your customers have a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Use the payment gateways to offer the convenience of secure payment options and data analytics to make smart business decisions to scale your e-commerce site.

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