Pricing Quote Template: 7+ Must-Have Elements for eCommerce

Pricing Quote Template: 7+ Must-Have Elements for eCommerce

As a store owner, it is important to provide offer details based on customer preferences.

Presenting your quotation in a visually appealing outline gives your customers a clear picture of what they are getting.

In this article, we have curated a list of 7+ must-have elements that you shouldn’t miss in your eCommerce pricing quote template.

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7+ Must-Have Price Quote Elements for eCommerce

A business price quote or quotation should include the following information:

1. Quote Reference Number

Generating a unique reference number for your quotation will help the store owner and customer to store documents. This number can be useful at the time of quote revision or provide a new one for customers.

2. Your Company Details

Adding your business information like logo, company name with a legal entity, and contact info will create brand awareness for customers. Also, it will let them know from which store they have made purchases and who to communicate with in the future.

  1. Contact Person Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Company Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. E-mail Address

3. Date of Quote Issued

Allocating the date for each quotation will let buyers know the exact date of purchase. It’s beneficial for them to identify the quote received to date and pay before the expiry date.

Using the date of the quote, the store admin can track certain documents without any hassle. A quote should be set as valid for a certain time, it can be extended for either 20 days or 60 days depending on your project requirements.

4. Buyer’s Details

You can add the customer’s basic details like name, company name, and contact information. Entering this information inside the quote shows how you focus on a specific buyer. Making a particular bid signifies that you are interested in doing further business.

  1. Billpayer Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Address
  4. Phone number
  5. E-mail

5. Breakdown of Products/Services Segments

You can build a table format to represent the list of product/service specifications, pricing & quantity, taxation, and description to define the quotation clearly to the customers.

Delivery of each piece of information explicitly to the purchaser will earn the confidence to proceed with the project. You can also insert additional information like spare tools or material usage but that varies based on the shopper you are handling.

6. Total Price or Subtotal

This section shows the total estimation of the complete project. It’s a sum of the pricing list & taxes. You might disclose your VAT number to prevent signing a deal with a company that is on the edge of liquidation.

If your store offers a discount for the client, you can mention the discounted price detail in the subtotal section.

7. Message Box

It can be used to create a customized message for the patron to remind supplementary information. For instance, greeting notes, packing process, final messages for personalized products, and more.

Here, you can also add other relevant information that doesn’t suit any column of quotes.

8. Payment Method

This method simplifies the payment process for customers. You can insert the payment button or link in the quotation. The link redirects purchasers to the credit, debit, or checkout page directly to complete the order. Saves time in sealing the deals.

9. Terms and Conditions

Each business quote has an individual condition to deliver products/services to buyers. It changes based on different countries. You need to examine the targeted country and generate terms & conditions for the eCommerce customer.

You can consult with a law entity to form those conditions. It helps to reduce the risk factor of subsequent legal issues or conflicts. To define complete terms & conditions, you can add a link to a specific page.

10. Authorized Signature

This is an optional section. It’s suitable for standard businesses to close the deal with an authorized signature. You can insert it in two ways: By signing the printed document or by inserting an e-sign to the quote.

Here’s a sample Quote template,

woocommerce quote template example

How To Create a Pricing Quote Template Instantly for an eCommerce Store?

Choose the design and layout of the quote template that reflects your brand. You can try to include the buyer’s essential field as much as possible.

There are numerous pricing quote templates available from free sources. But one big disadvantage is that you have to manually create each quote request layout and send this quote via email conversation. It takes more time to close a single deal. That’s an old story.

Presently, most online stores build with popular WordPress platforms. With the availability of plugins, you can easily create any quote instantly. You can integrate multiple functionalities into pricing quotations as per the store’s needs.

WooCommerce advanced requests a quote plugin allows you to create the best proposal for pricing requests.

One of the top-notch plugins is WebToffee’s WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin. It will let you create the following features,

  • An individual request a quote page for the online store.
  • A customizable quote form to add any necessary fields.
  • Using this plugin, you can hide the “add to cart” button & enable the “add to quote” button for all products on the shop page.
  • You can personalize the quote button appearance.
  • The automated quote emails can be generated based on the quote statuses for both customers and store admin and so on.

Sample WooCommerce pricing quote screenshots are shown below,

woocommerce quote status tracker
best woocommerce request a quote email
woocommerce request a quote form page
display add to quote button for all products on WooCommerce shop page


A well-written eCommerce quote provides professional, accurate, and comprehensive deals for customers. It is very important that you take the time to ensure that all the information you provide in your offer is correct. Follow the mentioned listed component to offer the best bid or quotation for customers.

To make eCommerce pricing requests, we have included a powerful WooCommerce quote plugin that allows you to create instant commerce bids.

You can refer to the complete guide for learning more about the quotation process to create an effective quote template for your customers.

Hope this article helps you out!

Happy selling!