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WooCommerce Address Labels Plugin – Setup Guide

Last updated on January 25, 2024

WebToffee’s WooCommerce Address Labels plugin allows you to print and generate address labels for multiple orders for your store very easily. This is a premium add-on plugin.

Sample address labels created by the plugin are shown below.

Sample WooCommerce Address Label
Sample WooCommerce Address Label


This plugin is a premium add-on to the WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Label (free) plugin.

Getting Started

  1. Firstly, install and activate the plugin, a new menu Invoice/Packing appears in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose Invoice/ Packing > Address Label from your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Go to General Settings > Documents tab > Address Label > Settings.

Customize Address Label

The plugin gives provisions to customize the labels with inbuilt templates, as well as design them with different sizes and properties.

Address Label - Customize tab
Address Label – Customize tab

To create a new address label template,

  • Select a template from the Create new template option from the layout dropdown.
  • From the inbuilt templates that pop up, choose a layout.
Address label - Layouts
Address label – Layouts
  • The template displays sample data for customization. Users can make the necessary changes to the layout using the toggle options.
  • Make the necessary modifications to the layout from the options provided in the properties drop-down and save it.
Layout properties
  • You can choose an Address type to appear on the label.
Address type Fields
  • After saving, activate the template to use it further for your address label.

Bulk print address label

You can print the address label for a specific order by clicking either the common print button or the dedicated print button (enable it from Invoice/Packing > General Settings > General) in the Actions column on the orders listing page. While using the common print button, select Address label. To print shipping documents for multiple orders, select the orders from the WooCommerce orders listing page and print documents via Bulk Actions.