How to Earn More Sales By Reducing Cart Abandonment

Every 8 out of 10 customers make it to the cart in e-commerce stores and just leave from there. This habit of shoppers to add items to the cart or begin with a transaction but never complete the purchase is termed as cart abandonment.

It is found in a study that the average cart abandonment rate is around 70 percent. Imagine this happening in real life, a customer goes to a store, put all the things they like in a cart, go on to the counter, then just get distracted by something outside and leave the cart abandoned in the store. Imagine the frustration of the store owner. As unlikely this real-life scenario seems, this is what happens with carts in e-commerce websites.

The abandonment of shopping carts is one of the most common problems faced by online stores. So why does this happen? Why do shoppers leave their cart in the middle of their purchase? Well, there could be a number of reasons, some are given below:

Surprise Addition of Costs

When a customer likes a product from your website and adds it to their cart, they have of course estimated the total cost along with the shipping price in their head according to what is basically is charged for the same. But when high shipping charges or extra charges are bestowed upon them only when the checkout process begins, they, of course, flee from there.

Cutting out on those extra charges might actually help earn you more sales, especially if they are unwanted and not what most websites out there charge.

No Return Policy

Customers often leave the cart to go back and find a return policy on your website. If they don’t find one or have trouble finding one they would of course leave and prefer a different website they can trust.

It is better to give a quick mention of the return policy in the final steps to prevent customers from abandoning cart to go search for it. This will boost customer confidence.

No customer support

One of the main advantages of offline shopping is that there will be a salesperson who can tell you more about the product and you can also try your product. But in online shopping such options are unavailable.

Providing live-chat support during the usual shopping hours is a good way to win the trust of customers.

Not Enough Details About The Products

Customers do a lot of research on the product before they decide to buy it. If your website does not include enough details about the product they are interested in, they are sure to trust one that has all the specification mentioned about the product.

Depending upon the product, it is important to provide details such as images, item specification, safety terms, instruction to use and reviews. This will make people trust the website more.

No Mobile Friendly Website

Many prefer mobile phones over desktop today. Most of the decision making and purchasing is done on mobile websites. If your website, especially your cart is not mobile optimized, the chances of customers abandoning your website are more.

Other than the above-mentioned cases there could be many more reasons that lead to cart abandonment. Here are a few ways to tackle it.

Speed Up The Checkout Process

Along lengthy checkout process to fill out the big form is what irritates most customers. A long checkout process turns away even the most potential customers. It is thereby advised to optimize the checkout process which will make customers complete their orders.

Build a seamless, simple and effortless checkout form, removing all unnecessary fields. Also, a progress bar can be added to inform the customer about how many steps are there and the checkout progress.

Sending Cart Abandonment Emails

This might help many customers as they might add items to the cart and drift away to some other website completely forgetting about the cart on your website. Sending them a reminder mail will help your website retain the abandoned cart.

Discounts can be offered along with a reminder, tempting the customer to come back and complete the purchase.

Offering More Payment Gateways

Many customers leave their cart when they don’t find their preferred payment method on the website. Websites should opt for multiple payment methods and give shoppers good alternatives.

Include Thumbnail Images and Number of Items in the Cart

Shoppers are not going to forget what they were shopping for unless they are in a shopping spree or something. Even so, it considered a good way to include thumbnail images and the number of items in the cart during the checkout.

When in an actual store, you can see how many items are there in your cart and what are you buying or missing out. While in an online store that is not the case. By including pictures and numbers, one is excluding the hesitation and distraction a customer might experience when they don’t remember exactly what or how much they added on to the cart.

Easier Navigation Between Cart and Store

No doubt the users will prefer the ease of movement within the website. The shoppers will like a real-life store experience in online shops, where they can easily go back to shopping to place back or add on more items from or to the cart.

The simpler the process of moving between the cart and the store is, the more likely customers are going to stick around for the actual checkout.

Providing Coupons and Discount Offers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? When shoppers are given a discount offer while they prepare to checkout or offered free coupons if their total price of the cart exceeds a particular amount set, this could highly boost the sales rate. The customers are less likely to abandon a cart when they are given special offers.

Make Your Page Load Faster

It is best to optimize the store webpage to be as fast as possible. The slower it is, the more impatient the customers will grow and the more carts they will abandon.

Reducing the use of network trackers, social media plugins, etc will help boost your load time. Also optimizing the images of your website to make a perfect balance between the speed and the quality is important.

These were some of the techniques to earn more sales by reducing cart abandonment. Hope these tips help you gain more sales and make fewer people abandon their shopping carts on your website.

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